Ten Worst Things About Being a Woman

Ladies, what do you hate most about being the "weaker" sex? Overall I mean what are your pet peeves about being female? Men what do you think?

The Top Ten

1 Sexism

I know I am 19

2 Stereotypes
3 No Respect When We Do More Work
4 Girl Pockets
5 More Self-Conscious
6 Child Birth Pain

Yes I had 5 kids and I am pregnant 3girls 2boys I HATE THE PAIN:(

7 Shaving Your Legs, Armpits
8 Menstruation

Come on there's nothing good about having period and it's disgusting as well.

Ever woken up in a pool of your own blood? Periods are its own horror story. - keycha1n

Makes me feel really gross! And I hate it when you don't change it starts to smell, and people notice! So embarassing!

You are in a bathroom stall. You get it. Unexpected. You ask your neighbor,
"Excuse me, do possibly have a crammit or a pad? "


9 Being Pregnant
10 Watching Your Weight

The Contenders

11 Having to Carry a Purse

Do you really HAVE to? - keyson

12 Wearing a Bra

So uncomfortable. Sometimes I wish I could burn mine. After I've taken it off of course! - Britgirl

I've seen fat men with bigger breasts than me, but they don't need to wear a bra! Why expect us Women to wear them?

It is annoying Boys are Lucky Girls are BETTER!

On hot days, whenever I'm wearing a bra. My chest area is all sweaty

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13 Never Enough Public Toilets
14 Personal Safety at Night
15 Having Breasts

Man I hate them!

16 Shopping for a Bathing Suit

I am only 18 and I hate it

17 Periods

Number 13 you should mean 1! And I'm 10:/

18 Sex
19 Cramps
20 Everyone Thinks We Are Weak
21 Nobody Remembers We Have Feelings
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