Ten Worst Things About Being a Woman

Ladies, what do you hate most about being the "weaker" sex? Overall I mean what are your pet peeves about being female? Men what do you think?

The Top Ten

1 Sexism

I know I am 19

2 Stereotypes
3 No Respect When We Do More Work
4 Girl Pockets
5 More Self-Conscious
6 Child Birth Pain

Yes I had 5 kids and I am pregnant 3girls 2boys I HATE THE PAIN:(

7 Shaving Your Legs, Armpits
8 Menstruation

Come on there's nothing good about having period and it's disgusting as well.

Ever woken up in a pool of your own blood? Periods are its own horror story. - keycha1n

Makes me feel really gross! And I hate it when you don't change it starts to smell, and people notice! So embarassing!

I hate this so discussing and I am a girl and boys have it way better I know they got to deal with other stuff but the period is the worst it smelled bad and we girls get EVER Y MONTH for 7 days with blood coming out of your " area " and you got to ware a uncomfortable pad it smells bad and it's in baresing when you are in the public bathroom and other people can here the riping of you taking off the pad to get a
A new one and it's feels like every every one knows you are having it, boys are stupid and when me and my class were lerning about sex in science class some boys stupid questions like " what does a period feel like? " it's like bro you do not what to know and we girls are not weak I come from a famliy that has a knight in it some people say I am weak even girls but they don't know because I am not trying my best to hurt them if I was mad yes I will go fall out fighting mode but at my school you get suspense for a few days if you do that I am very strong ...more

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9 Being Pregnant
10 Watching Your Weight

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11 Having to Carry a Purse

Do you really HAVE to? - keyson

12 Wearing a Bra

So uncomfortable. Sometimes I wish I could burn mine. After I've taken it off of course! - Britgirl

I've seen fat men with bigger breasts than me, but they don't need to wear a bra! Why expect us Women to wear them?

It is annoying Boys are Lucky Girls are BETTER!

On hot days, whenever I'm wearing a bra. My chest area is all sweaty

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13 Never Enough Public Toilets
14 Personal Safety at Night
15 Having Breasts

Man I hate them!

16 Shopping for a Bathing Suit

I am only 18 and I hate it

17 Periods

Number 13 you should mean 1! And I'm 10:/

18 Sex
19 Cramps
20 Everyone Thinks We Are Weak
21 Nobody Remembers We Have Feelings
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