Worst Things About the Ben 10 Reboot

The 2016 (it was released last year in other countries) Ben 10 reboot is just another crappy reboot of an awesome Cartoon Network show. It's one of the worst CN shows of this year, and here's why.

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1 No one asked for it.

Seriously, Man of Action? Season 3 of Alien Force, Ultimate Alien, and Omniverse were terrible! Do you think after all those terrible spinoffs, we would want ANOTHER Ben 10 show! Heck no! Especially in this day and age, where Cartoon Network has fallen into another deep, downward spiral since at least late 2015, would we really need another crappy reboot of an awesome show? - Cartoonfan202

2 It only exists to sell toys

All Man of Action wants to do is milk the hell out of their cash cow. Does any kid in this day and age that was not born when the original Ben 10 was around know what it is anymore? Hopefully if toy sales go bad, it'll get cancelled. - Cartoonfan202

3 It is aired way too much, just like teen titans go

The difference between TTG and Ben 10 is that TTG got good ratings and that's why it gets marathoned. Meanwhile, Ben 10 didn't even become a huge hit with audiences and CN still marathons it anyway. Heck, if you turn on Cartoon Network right now, there is a likely chance that Ben 10 is showing right now. - Cartoonfan202

4 It takes inspiration from teen titans go! And the powerpuff girls (2016)

Why would you take inspiration from two of Cartoon Network's most reviled programs in recent years?
For starters, the Ben 10 reboot puts more emphasis on comedy than action like the other two shows. Like PPG 2016, they changed the voice actors for no reason, and it tries too hard to be hip. And all three of them have lazy animation and sell tons of toys. Plus, the Ben 10 reboot is 11 minutes instead of 22 minutes, just like the other shows. - Cartoonfan202

5 They changed the voice actors

Tara Strong still voices Ben, but all of the other voice actors have been replaced. They didn't even call the original voice actors to reprise their roles. What in the world? It's clear that this is following in the footsteps of the PPG reboot, since they changed the voice actors in that show too. At least in TTG, they got the original voice actors back. - Cartoonfan202

6 Gwen is too nice

I know people hate Gwen in the 2005 series for being rude to Ben, but here's the thing. Gwen was specifically designed to be a foil to Ben, because of how dumb Ben can be sometimes. But in the reboot, Gwen became nice. TOO nice. She only exists in the show to be a follower and to agree with everything Ben says. - Cartoonfan202

7 Grandpa max used to be cool, now he is lame

In the original 2005 series, Grandpa Max was my favorite character because of how cool he was. He was an interesting, alien vanquishing hero. He was also skilled in combat, and had an odd taste in food. He was also there to break up the arguments between Ben and Gwen.

Now, he is completely useless. The show would actually still be the same if he wasn't in it. Just like Ben and Gwen, they completely destroyed his character. Destroyed it, like in the other Cartoon Network reboots. - Cartoonfan202

8 It's too silly and childish

I usually don't have a problem with silly T.V. shows, but the fact that this is yet another Cartoon Network reboot that focuses more on comedy than action does nothing more than add insult to injury. The 2005 Ben 10 had great action and cool aliens. The Ben 10 reboot is now 3% action and 97% comedy, like TTG and PPG 2016. - Cartoonfan202

9 The animation is generic and lazy

Why do so many Cartoon Network Originals nowadays use almost the exact same art style? The trend started with Adventure Time in 2010, and now every CN Original show has gone on to feature the same art style: noodle legs and arms, jellybean teeth, and thick outlines. Heck, when I first saw a promo for We Bare Bears, I thought it was Adventure Time at first.

Ben 10 (2016) has shinier hair, and the skin isn't just one flat color. But if you make the characters less detailed then they look exactly like characters from other modern CN shows. I also kind of think the art style is babyish. The art style looks like it could be from a Nick Jr. show. And the backgrounds look very unfinished. Also, in scenes where there are crowds, the crowds look like multicolored circles rather than actual people. It's true. - Cartoonfan202

10 They didn't even try with the theme song

I like the original theme song because of how memorable and iconic it was. "It started when an alien device did what it did..." It was so catchy, it had cool sci-fi effects and I think its one of the greatest cartoon theme songs of all time.

In the 2016 theme song, all it does is count off Ben's aliens while repeatedly screaming "Ben 10! " over and over. How are today's kids supposed to now WHY Ben can turn into aliens? In the original 2005 theme song, it explains how the Omnitrix got onto Ben's wrist and that it allows him to turn into different aliens. The reboot's theme song doesn't explain any of that. - Cartoonfan202

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11 They redesigned Stinkfly for profit
12 It's aired too much
13 It's boring
14 Lame new villains
15 They Made Ben More Immature
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