Top 10 Worst Things About Big Mouth

Big Mouth is a Netflix series and a horrible one at that. It kind of feels like South Park but without any effort to be honest. Also this will be the last "Worst Things" list I make because I feel like the format's gotten old.

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1 The animation is completely horrid and disgusting

It's very ugly and off-putting. I only gave the show a chance because of the descriptions of the storylines, I wanted to see how they'd go.

This show is terrible as a whole. Kids shouldn't sexualize nor exploit themselves. That is just illegal.

It almost rivals Problem Solverz the animation's that bad.

While I like this show, I must agree that the animation is nothing short of garbage - kempokid

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2 Over-relies on shock humor too much

The shock humor only seemed to be a problem in the first few episodes. It got tame afterwards. - MegaSoulhero

Family Guy has this problem as well.

3 Most of the kids are voiced by adults and don't sound like actual kids

At least with South Park they sound like kids but with Big Mouth they sound like deep adults.

I feel like I’m the only one who likes this show. And this is coming from someone who wants Nick Kroll to die a horrible death. Literally. I’ve always hated the guy. I know it’s not right to wish death upon people, but it feels appropriate. - MegaSoulhero

4 The puberty monster's rules are inconsistent

Quite inconsistent and all over the place.

I love how most of these complaints are the same complaints that IHE had with the show - MegaSoulhero

Eh I guess so but let's be honest half of the users on here are running out of ideas.

5 It tries to be funny but it fails miserably

Most of the jokes either have bad punchlines or doesn't have a punchline at all.

6 Tries too hard to be edgy and angsty

A problem that is common with Family Guy and the Cleveland show to.

7 The main characters themselves are unlikable

None of the main characters seem interesting or even interesting at all in my opinion.

8 It can't tell if it wants to appeal to adults or teenagers

It's edgy but at the same time makes references to stuff most teenagers don't know.

9 The writing is lazy

Lazy but not horrific so I'll give that much credit.

10 It contains mature content that could be illegal

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11 There's too much fourth wall breaking

This, Chowder, Billy and Mandy, Gumball, and The Loud House all have a problem with 4th wall breaking - MegaSoulhero

This is the one issue that I have with a lot of the humour, exessive fourth wall breaking stopped being interesting years ago - kempokid

If it wasn't done too much then I wouldn't mind it but it kind of gets annoying when characters remind you that you're watching a T.V. Show.

12 It’s boring
13 It's got drug use

Containing too much of this

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