Top 10 Worst Things About Black Metal

I'm not saying all black metal is bad. Heck, there's some black metal that I actually like. It's just that this genre has a lot of things wrong with it. Things that I think do more harm than good to metal. And I have a list of 10 of them right here.

Please try not to get too offended by this list. This list isn't an attack on black metal. It's just filled with things that are wrong with the genre.

The Top Ten

1 Theistic Satanism Theistic Satanism

Isn't this symbol on Ritual Abuse by Cough? - Metalhead1997

Only SOME mainstream black metal bands do that for popularity...For example - Gorgoroth.
If you look for underground or non-mainstream black metal bands then you'll see that it doesn't focus on Satanism. - Ananya

2 Racism Racism
3 Homophobia Homophobia

Gaahl is a gimmick...Gorgoroth does that for popularity...So it actually makes the whole genre look bad - Ananya

4 Neo-Nazism Neo-Nazism
5 Murderers Murderers

Hm Euronymous is the main reason for this item here... - Ananya

6 Animal Abuse

Again... not all of them, Mayhem or Gorgoroth would do this shameless atrocity. - Ananya

Hurting the animals? Scums! - LordofL

7 Church Burnings Church Burnings

Again it's done for popularity by FEW mainstream bands, Damn those bands. - Ananya

8 Bad Messages

True, It's like a headache when you hear some good black metal melodies with useless lyrics. - Ananya

9 Musical Repetition
10 Fast tremolo picking

One of the reasons I don't like black metal. - zxm

The Contenders

11 Bad Fanbase
12 Incomprehensible Vocals
13 Poor Studio Production
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