Top Ten Worst Things About Boots from Dora the Explorer


The Top Ten

1 He's Annoying

Almost Appeared in EVERY Episodes!

2 He's Dumb
3 He's Ugly
4 He is Named After The Thing He Wears

Seriously, what kind of name is Boots? That's his name because he wears them? No wonder this is the worst show ever!

Monkeys Don't Wear Boots, Only Humans Wear Boots

5 He Appeared In Almost Every Episode

The Only Episode he Didn't Appear was "Kittens in Mittens". - ChroniclerMan5

6 He's Dora's Sidekick

I used to think he was Dora'a little brother or something. - cosmo

7 He has a Horrible Voice
8 He's Boring
9 He's Useless

Even More Useless Than Dora.

10 He Shouldn't Wear Boots

The Contenders

11 He's Not Funny

The Creators of Dora thinks He's Funny but He isn't. - ChroniclerMan5

12 He is a Ripoff of Miles "Tails" Prower

How did he Rip-Off Tails? by the way, That's Makes No Sense. - ChroniclerMan5

13 He's a Rip-off of George from Peppa Pig

How did he Rip-Off George? by the way, That's Makes No Sense. I Also Hate Peppa Pig too. - ChroniclerMan5

Guess I was wrong here. Dora came before PP (I hate both shows)

14 He's Retarded
15 He Cries If One of His Boots is Lost or Broken.

Remember The Episode "Big River" and A Episode where he got a Hole on his Boot? He Always Crys about it! - ChroniclerMan5

16 He's a Crybaby
17 Spanish is Horrible

If anyone thinks that Spanish is horrible, it's their own opinion.

That's such a racist thing to say.

18 He is Racist
19 He's stupid He's stupid
20 He is Sexist
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1. He Appeared In Almost Every Episode
2. He's Annoying
3. He's Dumb
1. He's Annoying
2. He's Dumb
3. He is Named After The Thing He Wears
1. He's Annoying
2. He's Ugly
3. He's Dumb


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