Worst Things About "Born in the Wrong Generation" Kids

The Top Ten Worst Things About "Born in the Wrong Generation" Kids

1 They are unaware of the bad stuff that happened in those generations.

Yeah. It's like hearimg someone say, "I want to go to Medieval Europe, because I like to see documentaries of castles and jousting! " without realizing that there's the Plague, almost nobody can read, slavery, poverty, having to hunt for your food everyday, etc.

You want to be born in 70's or other year so do you want to be see the martial law in the philippines, do you want to see terrible things happend in that year I love 90's but I wouldn't want to wish that I was born on 90's

Oi your just bashing the pop music.

"2010s Rre w0rse tHen thE 1940s! 1

2 They blame most of it being bad on the music.

I'm guessing they have never heard of King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard

I hate a lot of today's music but I don't hate all of it. Just calm down people.

Music isn't everything! Donald Trump is running for president and that is bad!

Not everything is about music I love music but life isn't about music

3 They're everywhere

I know. Probably because of the issues of today. And there were issues back then too but those kids don't know about it. What the heck.

I'm one of those "born in the wrong generation" kids and I'll admit most of these things apply to me.

Of course they're everywhere, this is what you deserve for making global warming, crappy music everywhere, 2016 election being crappy, and crappy society.

They just want EVERYONE else to like old music, not everyone will!

4 There has always been bad music.

Man, I wish all the songs on the radio nowadays weren't about love, partying, and drugs! Why don't we go back to the good ol' days when music with REAL MEANING was at the top of the charts! Take for instance, the masterful piece of artwork that was "Barbie Girl" by Aqua. Man, SUCH DEEP MEANING. And seriously, who can forget "Fat Bottomed Girls" by Queen and "Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye which were so clean and didn't write about dirty sex at all! And god, screw all these people who sing about partying nowadays! In my day, we had artists like Bon Jovi and AC/DC who sung about ROCKING OUT BRUH! Which is totally different because rocking is for groovy dudes like me and partying is for nerds!

True, it's just that the bad music from back then got forgotten.

Yes, there always has been bad music, but the bad music now goes #1 for weeks, while the bad music from then isn't remembered anymore.

Always bash pop music and no it has never been the other way around. I do not bash rock or metal music.

5 They refuse to find some good modern music.

If you "born in the wrong generation" kids wanna listen to some good modern music, check out Steven Wilson.

Go underground! You can find rock music there. Duh

That's not true! I'm looking everywhere, I found a few rock!

I'm hating on this new generation and I found a few good music that's current

6 Baby Boomers are internet bullies they bully millennials over everything.
7 They're not thankful that they're living in a time where the technology is way better than it was back then.

They should also be thankful that they live in a time of less poverty

Huh. I didn't think of this one. Good job!

Music wasn't fed to people on television or radio, we just enjoyed it because we wanted too get over it.

That's very true

8 Just want to meet John Lennon & George Harrison.

Build a time machine to the 60s, take yourself and all of The Beatles in the time machine and return to this year. Shock everyone.

9 They don't like the present, and just stuck in the past.
10 They are usually rock elitists.

Although I like this genre, Rock is not a perfect genre. We Built This City is a perfect example of that.

There are very few rock bands left and some people felt that it's the end of the world cause of that!

As much as I like rock music, no genre can be perfect, and it isn't the only good genre either.

Moreso Metalhead Elitists. And they're dumb. "Waaah, Metal should be popular, Pop sucks because I'm so edgy! "

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11 They think they are special for liking old bands that were popular back then

They can't seem to comprehend that the Beatles, Queen, etc were popular back then.

12 They think there is nothing worse than Justin Bieber.

Oh, there's worse things, but most of them are illegal, disfiguring, or fatal.

Sure Bieber's a complete douche, but there are more terrible people

If you hate Justin so much put the blame on his mother, she posted videos of him singing on Youtube.

You just hate him for breathing.

13 It can cause hypocrisy.

2010sTards causes hypocrisy!

Wrecking Ball has a dirty music video and is hated although the lyrics aren't that bad.
I Cvm Blood is about rape dead people and anal sex, it's praised. Need I say more?

14 They want to go back to when everyone was posh. (Dresses and suits, no slang the Queens English, music with violins in theatres.)
15 They are not thankful for the generation they are in

I'm proud to be a 2010s kid but I feel sorry for people who think the world is ruined all because of MUSIC!

I am 13 and proud to be a 2010's kid. Why can't these kids be grateful for the era you grew up in?

Before you complain about your generation, remember you could have been born in 1939

What if you was born when kids had to chimney sweep? Workhouses?

16 They severely overhate pop music.

Pop is great, pop is great, pop is great. Lol I can do this forever. Wait...

Pop is great, yet people make up lies just to hate it

Pop is great. It's worth defending and is just as good as Rap music. You guys shouldn't hate on it so much.

Rap is worse, and besides, at least half of pop isn't bad at all.

17 They severely overrate some bands.

Led Zeppelin, Cannibal Corpse, Black Veil Brides...

They want to shove everything of them down people's faces!

18 They want to go back in time purely for the music of the generation

Have fun travelling to the 1960s just to see The Beatles perform a concert of their song. If you can manage to escape the problems with racism, the political system, the wars, and the liberals going around supporting unnecessary methods of peace that can't happen, then you're less likely to make it back to the modern era.

That's just dumb...today there is much less racism, more freedom, better music, more equality and Internet. Do you really prefer racism over modern pop because it's very immature?

I especially felt that this was absurd when I first got into The Beatles fandom. Little did these 15 year old "hippies" know is that the 60s was a pretty bad year regarding racisim, equality, and the government, which I doubt they would like

The 2010s is mostly known for having iPhones, HD games, epic movies, stuff like that. No word for great music. What about just worry about the technology here. Duh

19 Just want to meet every famous person that died when they were a kid.
20 They only like entertainment that is over 30+ years old or no one has ever heard of it.

The truth hurts painfully doesn't it, you can't comment because of it.

How is that bad?

The oldest known melody Hurrian Hymn no.6 - c.1400 B.C.

21 Insane enough want to be in WW2
22 They want to go on the Titanic.

Time travel - You need all of the lifeboats, all ships can sink, iceberg we need to stop the ship from sinking we need to get to New York we can't sink.

Totally this one

Sure you could have fun from 10th of April 1912, but then 14 April 1912 11:39pm, you won't be smiling anymore. Unless you want to try to stop the Titanic from sinking.

23 They only wish that to be "different" from other kids


24 They don't realize that there was still some bad movies, music, shows, games, etc. back then

Batman and Robin, Rage Against The Machine, Angela Anaconda, Superman 64, Aqua.

2000s/2010/2020 kids do you wanna be a 90s kid then. Well ever heard of Star Wars the Phantom Menace? You know the band Hanson well ever heard their first song mmmbop? A cartoon called 3 friends and Jerry, you know Mario well in the 90s they had a game called Hotel Mario, other games called Mario is missing, Mario teaches Typing with a giant head.

Rubik The Amazing Cube.

25 They're all over the Youtube Comments Section

Can it, please. I don't need your un-detailed essay on how Stairway to Heaven is better than Baby. I'd obviously agree with it, but it gets annoying seeing it everywhere.

(insert name of rock/metal band) is better than (insert name of Popular artist) and repeat that everywhere, you will only get hate

Whose listening in 2017 - Random YouTube commenter

Me, but that doesn't mean anything.

26 They fail to see that music is more accessible and listenable than it was years ago

If you wanted a new album, you had to wait 6 hours in a line at your local record store, praying that people didn't buy all the cassettes/records. Add that to the wait time for the music to actually be shipped to the store, and that's a LOT of time. I imagine concerts must be way more packed than they are today, since there wasn't much entertainment with the lack of Internet.
That's much harder than downloading a song on iTunes, am I right?

27 They worship MTV

It's not like MTV was even good back then. It was just as bad as it is now.

It's the original MTV

28 Just want to meet every famous person that died before they were born.
29 They wished they could go to Woodstock
30 Ancient Egypt obsession.

See how the pyramids where built.

31 All over Tumblr

Mainly use "Born in the Wrong Era"

32 Because they wish they could've seen all of the original Star Wars movies on the big screen
33 Moan about Toys R Us closing

Even though I've never been there (Hey I've never even been to America.) Toys R Us in New York looked really fun for kids. Shame it couldn't have changed to another toy store before Toys R Us closed and kept the Ferris Wheel, arcade machines.

34 They're not thankful that it's much easier to access information now

Fine except for social media insults.

35 Most of them miss the 90s despite being born in the late 90s
36 Most of them only listen to popular classic music
37 They go on the VEVO YouTube channel for the singer they hate

Don't like, don't watch.

38 They don't have the passion anymore to change things for the better
39 They hate television shows.
40 They are living in the past ignoring the present and future which is life now.
41 Blokes want to meet Queen Cleopatra.
42 To be a hippie
43 To go to the discos.
44 They style their room like 1960s, wear the fashion.
45 Also called "Born in Wrong Era"
46 They probably don't know about John Lennon's joke about Jesus and that everyone in America hated The Beatles after in the 60s.
47 2000s kids obsessed with the 90s just because 90s entertainment was still around (Spongebob & Ed Edd n Eddy started at the end of the 90s)
48 2000s & 2010s kids had to grow up with Kidz Bop. So they are jealous because Kidz Bop started in 2001 (USA) and 2017 (UK)
49 They want to be in the mtv generation.
50 They want to go back to when video games was just "Pong" or arcade machines.
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