Worst Things About Boys

Yeah, they can be nice and sweet. But sometimes... !

The Top Ten Worst Things About Boys

1 Their 'cool' talking about the 'b****es' they can get.

First of all, you should correct your grammatical mistakes before making this a public list. And secondly, this list is very offensive! Not all guys are like this, only the foolish ones are. The stereotype boy has been twisted by society into a sex-driven drunkard. That is not true. The only ones who are like that are the ones who have bad parents. A good parent will keep their child away from those things. For a girl to think that all guys are the same, that defines that girl as a fool. We were all made to be unique, so nobody is the same. The girl who states that all guys are the same, is the same girl who will not get a good husband; she will be convinced that her husband is just like the rest.

Do even understand us boys? We aren't addicted to women that we want to sleep with. Don't make me start a champaign about women beating their husbands.

How some men act does not represent the entire male community. Get your facts straight.

Why does this list's creator think that us guys are just sex-driven polygamists?

Seriously, only guys who believe in this stereotype are the onss that do it!

2 Girl discrimination

True, so true. Boy tell girls they can't do stuff like, for instance, play football, wrestle, lift weights, be in professional sports, really many things anyone can do but typically boys do. Even my grandma and mom don't think I can do any of that stuff cause I'm a girl! Luckily though, my grandpa thinks I can get into the MLB

I am a boy and I am poor at sports and is kinda girly. And so I got discriminated! The feeling is certainly spartan torture and cancer. - MChkflaguard_Yt

3 That sagging pants.

My mom said that men in prision sag their pants in jail that implies that they want to have sex, With the same gender!

Sagging pants is sexy - andre56

4 They are too insensitive

Not true my 5 year old brother is

5 Their obsession with games.

I'm a girl, and I think this list is wrong! Both genders are created equal. Some boys make lists saying why girls are bad, so let's prove that we're better people than that by not trying to get back. He is a horrible person, yes, but that was only one boy out of a million!

Girls play video games too you know - bobbythebrony

I'm gonna take a wild guess that this list was made by a girl - Songsta41

Thank you everyone who believes the person under me

6 They laugh at every little thing

Not true - Randomator

7 They act different around you with friends.

Yeah ofcoarse

Yup. It makes you feel like he doesn't care about you.

Not me - Nateawesomeness

8 Brag about getting drunk and high all the time.

So? I'm an adult and call grown men "boys" same for women "girls".

I'm a boy.My gender are bragging with much things.I'm not like that

This list is about grown men

Boi I never took a drug in my life.this list is bs

9 They make lists on TheTopTens that hate on girls

I am taking a screen shot of this. This lost item is like the definition of hypocritical.

10 They tell us to be 'not so sexist', but they keep talking about who they want to sleep with.

Whoever put this is an idiot! Talking about who they want to sleep with is not sexist! - peaceswagtv

I say! Surely there was a more diplomatic way to put that, hmm? - Britgirl

How is this sexist? I mean, yeah, it's disturbing, but how is it sexist? - RockFashionista

Well then, explain what you said about all attractive boys being gay.

The Contenders

11 They rape
12 They can be really harsh.

Don't you mean honest? - AGK

13 They call everyone gay for no reason as an insult
14 They can treat women poorly

This is true in some circumstances but women treat them bad too and some guys are really sweet and kind once you get to know them. Never judge a book by its cover. (: (;

I'm a guy and I have two sisters so I would never treat a girl poorly - opinionated4

Spoiler alert cupcake, we DO! The guys who don't are just criminals or weed addicts. You should be grateful that we both go to school, let alone have privileges. P.S I'm not being mean, I'm just standing up for my gender.

15 They support Donald Trump

I hate donald trump lmao ima boy

I wish he never existed (and john lennon never got shot) - scoopoo

Why does it matter if they support Donald Trump? Does that make them rasict? Sexist?

Not all boys support Donald Trump. - railfan99

16 They go to jail
17 They can be really aggressive

What this girl was aggressive to another kid too

18 They are rude and offensive sometimes

Are saying that girls are never mean to boys? Answer: you're wrong. Girls can be just as jerks as men are. They insult you by your looks or clothes and crap like that.

So is this list.


19 Listening...? Nope...

Girls hardly listen either, unless you TEXT pit to them. Then they'll finally respond, even when you're standing right there!

Girls don't listen because they spends half their lives on the phone.

That is when they are 13-17 years old.

20 If a lot of girls like a boy, then he is gay.

What? Yes, some boys act this way, but just because a ton of girls like a boy doesn't mean he's gay. At my school, kids who have never been able to get a girlfriend (pretty much only me since all the girls are hogged by the popular boys, and no girl will give me a chance because the popular boys do all in their power to keep as many girls as possible to themselves) are the ones who are accused of gayness!

You know that's not true. You're list is terrible and so are your arguments. Plus this list basically portrays us as "sex-driven" which is ridiculous! The guy is not gay, he just doesn't like you because you make lists like this.

Could somebody explain this to me. How is it that many girls liking a boy somehow means that boy is gay? - StalkingHeads

Explaining that boys are sexist

Later says that all hot boys are gay

You're such a sexist loser.

21 They sexually abuse girls
22 Most of history's worst human beings are male

This is only because men were more involved for much of history. Most of the greatest heroes of history are also men

Catherine the great set her husband on fire while he was sleeping.and she apparently loved him.like the Jews saw it coming and had a chance against Hitler but they wernt caught offguard at least.

23 Men act really disgusting to women

Not true

Most men :(

24 They're sexist

I even voted on this list right after the Worst things about girls list not to be sexist. - Alkadikce

No they aren't, You are! - flagfan02

Girls can be too - Randomator

25 Too much toilet humor
26 They want their girlfriends to look like supermodels, but they don't care about their own looks

Only guys who are pigs and hypocrites are like this. Seriously a guy can be almost like a hairy beast, but when a female only has little hair on her legs, he becomes easily grossed out about that. Hello dude, she's not like you, at least she keeps hers clean and very short cut.

27 Horrible taste in music

I don't listen to at least 80%-90% of music today as they are terrible to an extent that popular teenagers would go crazy over it. I listen to mostly rap and R&B (mostly the old school or classics such as NWA, Eminem, 2Pac, Biggie, Aaliyah, TLC, Usher, R. Kelly, etc, but not much new school rap except Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, TI, Childish Gambino, etc), electronic dance music, especially 90s eurodance (such as, Eric Prydz, Avicii, Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Tiesto, etc), and maybe some alternative/rock songs (eg Take on Me, Viva La Vida, etc). In a nutshell, 80s and 90s music were the best, 2000s is okay, but pop music these days are terrible!

28 They smell like crap


29 They are cheap

I feed on foie gras. Problem? - MChkflaguard_Yt

30 They swear so much

Well, at school, the girls cuss too. Plus boys and girls are very friendly.

Some girls can swear too

Girls do too dumbass! - ps I'm a girl

31 They talk about gross and disgusting things in public
32 They never say anything

Szekler old men are famous for this. - Alkadikce

33 They burn toys

what? - Mesmerize

34 They think being a girl is an offense and that girls are good for nothing

Not all guys - Randomator

35 They only talk about sex
36 They think they are the official rulers of TheTopTens

You're acting like you think YOU run toptens >:(

37 They never stop making fun of girls

Not true - Randomator

38 They fart a lot

I can't do anything about it blame our digestion systems but laughing about it is gross. Even a boy can feel it. - MChkflaguard_Yt

And they laugh likes its funny but it's gross.

I don't find anything gross or funny about it. It's just a natural body function. Unless the fart stinks, then it isn't gross. - anonygirl

39 They pee their pants
40 They don't care about their looks or hygiene
41 They make girls do all the shopping
42 They yell at you for wearing make-up
43 Their cockiness
44 They blast rap music and dress like douche bags
45 They're loud
46 They only want to date hot girls even if the uglier ones are nicer
47 They have pals instead of friends

Male friends don't really talk about their emotions and they don't help each other in trouble. - Alkadikce

48 They try to manipulate you
49 They listen to idiot women
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