Top 10 Worst Things About Breaking Benjamin

I don't like this band and here's 10 reasons why. I know I`ll probably get a lot of hate for this... but oh well I hate this band.

The Top Ten

1 Bland songs

True. - Brobusky

2 Rarely any emotion showed in songs other than anger

I got nothing against a bit of screaming and I'm glad this band isn't an entire screamo band but it still lacks emotion in their songs. 98% of it's rage. Rarely anything else.

Tis Wrong

Excuse me, then what is 'polyamorous', 'close to heaven, 'ashes of Eden', 'so cold, 'anthem of angels', 'failure', 'rain' and 'the great divide' about? Have you only heard the songs from the album 'Ember'?

3 Lack of creativity
4 Boring music videos
5 Formulaic songs
6 Decent sound, but not a good song in the process
7 Songs with dull titles and choruses
8 Bland singer
9 Overplayed songs

I'm gonna go ahead and disagree with this mainly since my radio almost never plays Breaking Benjamin. The only song they ever play by them is The Diary of Jane, and only recently have they decided to play Angels Fall and Failure (from Dark Before Dawn, they usually like playing new songs off of popular bands anyways). But they never play any of the other famous songs (not even Blow Me Away).

On the other hand, my preferred radio station plays more Three Days Grace than Breaking Benjamin. They love to play Animal I Have Become, I Hate Everything About You, Never Too Late, Just Like You (my personal favorite but overplayed nonetheless), World So Cold, Painkiller, Human Race, Misery Loves My Company, Break, The Good Life, and I Am Machine (yet somehow they completely avoid Riot, Home, even Chalk Outline). So Breaking Benjamin isn't very overplayed in comparison to Three Days Grace, but they're not the most overplayed band on my station (that would actually go to Guns N' Roses for ...more - NuMetalManiak

Songs like "Diary of Jane", "Water", "So Cold" and etc. are more overplayed than something like "Riot", "Just Like You", "Break" etc. and I don't see how this is a good thing.

10 Stale lyrics
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