Worst Things About Bunsen is a Beast

I tried to like this show. I really did. But...this show...it's...it's just so bad. Here are the reasons why Bunsen is a Beast is the worst cartoon Butch Hartman has ever made. (please respect my opinion).

The Top Ten

1 It's annoying

The voices irritate me. Especially Bunsen's. I'd rather listen to Sparky from FOP talk than him. - regularponyfan09

It has a cringy voice cast. - AinezoChan

2 It's not funny

Grojband and Loud House are funny. This show is not. None of the jokes are good. - regularponyfan09

MLP and The 7D are funnier. - AinezoChan

3 The animation is lazy

The Walk Cycles The Character Rigging The Designs The Colors The Backgrounds The Voice Acting The Plot The Theme Song The Jokes The Episodes The Lip-Sync The Dialogue It's All Trash

The Animation Of Bunsen Is A Beast Looks Like Made In GoAnimate With The Characters Who Looks The Body Parts Is Broken

All other Butch Hartman shows use his traditional style of animation. This just uses Flash like all the other cheap cartoons. - regularponyfan09

4 The theme song is awful

People think Corey Riffin sucks at writing lyrics? This song's lyrics are even worse! - regularponyfan09

5 All of the characters are idiots

But What The Species Of Bunsen? A Alien Wombat? A Hairy Deformed Lhama? A Crocodile?

Ikr and it is so clear that Amanda is always trying to get Bunsen and mikey is a idiot because he needs a big boy blanket

Especially Mikey. What kid in middle school can't spell "cat"?! - regularponyfan09

They look like aliens. - AinezoChan

6 The plots are uncreative and boring

The Name Of The Island Of The City Sets It's Called Muckledunk That's Is A Stupid Name For A Island.

There's a whole episode where Bunsen loses his head and the characters have to get it back. Uncle Grandpa has more substance than this. - regularponyfan09

7 It makes no sense

The Series Is Set In The 70's & Why It's Possible The Characters Uses Iphones?

Like in the spelling bee episode where Mikey got to skip a round because he "has red hair and his name starts with M". And also Bunsen broke out in lederhosen from eating Swiss fondue. WHAT?! - regularponyfan09

8 Amanda is a terrible villain

Amanda Don't Gets Defeated In The Final Episode!

Amanda Killman Is So Dumb Scary Ugly Hideous And Annoying

She's a Crocker rip-off, she even has his accent.

Absolutely. Amanda isn't really evil, but she is just a bit insane. I think that's why she is a bad villain. - Flamer310

9 Darcy is scary

Seriously, what is up with this girl? She creeps me out. - regularponyfan09

Darcy is more like an asylum convict than a student. - AinezoChan

I prefer Darcy from the Loud House. - regularponyfan09

10 It makes modern Fairly Oddparents look good

The newer seasons of Fairly Oddparents suck, but are gold compared to Bunsen is a Beast! - regularponyfan09

The Contenders

11 It gets more love than Grojband and Loud House

I can kinda understand why people praise this show, but I don't understand why it is praised more than Loud House and Grojband. These shows are at least trying to be ORIGINAL. All Bunsen is a Beast is is a bland, annoying comedy starring two "best buds" who annoy everyone around them which is the exact same concept of Fanboy and Chum Chum, Sanjay and Craig, and Breadwinners. What makes Bunsen is a Beast different from those shows? - regularponyfan09

Loud House is better than this trash by a mile.

I am not a fan of Grojband and Loud House, but still, BIAB deservess less fans. - AinezoChan

12 Mikey looks like a sausage

A Horned Alien Creature + A Blue Monster + A Human Elementary School Kid + A Hot Dog = Mikey & Bunsen

13 Bad Lessons
14 Bunsen looks like a goat
15 The words of the song sounds like it’s from a baby commercial
16 The theme song sounds like a preschool toy commercial
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