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1 He whines too much

He is so spoiled. There is an episode on YouTube where he goes to Hawaii. I mean, this kid could be crazy rich by now and living in a mansion with a yacht and a Ferrari and a uncountable number of diamonds and other rich person things.

He is a whiny beast. One episode when Rosie wanted to play with him and Leo, he says "No Rosie". He was forced to let her play with them. - EpicJake

He deserves to get the electric chair in public at the hugest it can go, and until his eyes pop out and blood is coming from his mouth and throwing him into a pit of starving sharks.

Remember the episode when Caillou wanted to go to the circus The worst part started when he was in the bathroom and said this (Caillou)
Makes car noises silly old car silly silly waaah wah Caillou what's the mater my toy car broke a wheel well that's ok we can get a new car after
Breakfast then will go to the circus
(Caillou dad) 😃😌

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2 His parents

His parents are all Suzy Sunshine about everything. Oh and why is the Dad wearing a long sleeve shirt in SUMMER! - EpicJake

They are in Canada where it is cold in summer unless you live very close to the US border - DivaDirectioner

They are the most patient people on the planet

Actually, I think that SpongeBob is, but I respect your opinion. - Murvine_Taylor

Stop spoiling your kid guys

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3 He is bald

And his dad has a full scalp of hair. - Connor360

They said he is bald because he "represents all children". I had hair when I was four, and everyone I knew did too.

I know cancer is bad, but let's just hope dora gets it next.

You know there is a video on You Tube where Dora gets her head shaved completely bald. Check it out. - Murvine_Taylor

No wonder he is bald he has been the same age for 10 YEARS

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4 Things have to go his way

Every time Caillou whines, he gets his way. - EpicJake

That's why I always regret it every time I complain. I feel like a total idiot whenever I complain. - Murvine_Taylor

Well, isn't Caillou a good role model for his fellow toddlers. - alphadan12

Either it's Caillou's way or the highway. and I hate it! His parents ask him to wait and what happens? "I WANT MY TOY NOW! " Devil child gone wrong he is.

I just do NOT understand why things have to go Caillou's way! He threw a tantrum in the Circus episode, because the circus was NOT that day.

I regret it now whenever I complain. I feel like an idiot

This Devil Child needs to know that things may not go his way all the time

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5 Leo

Leo is so horny. He BULLIED Caillou when they 1st met. And they became friends. That's weird. - EpicJake

There was this one episode when Caillou went to daycare for the 1st time. He noticed a pile of toy blocks. He picked one up and decided to build something. That was until, Leo gets mad and snatches it from Caillou.

Then, while Caillou and another girl named Clementine were using scissors to cut paper into shapes. Leo wants to be friends with him. That's queer!

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6 He's still on the air

I cannot believe Caillou is still on the air - EpicJake

I was the one who said he was cancelled but reruns continue to air

At least they stop making new episodes - Discord1

He was on air but I threw a stone at him now he isn't on air anymore - TwilightKitsune

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7 Rosie is a whining moron

Give the little girl a break! For starters she is only like 1 and a half are 2. Also, little sibling always copy the behavior of their older siblings and unfortunately for Rosie, her older sibling is the whiniest moron on Earth so naturally she will try to be the whiniest moron on Earth. Another thing, people always complain about how Caullious parents are too nice and never punish him. I bet they never punish Rosie either so how is she supposed to know that whining makes her a moron especially since Caulliou does it all the?!

Just like Caillou, Rosie is a whiny beast also. - EpicJake

I actually feel quite sorry that Rosie has an awful brother. - mayamanga

Come on you guys, Rosie is only 0-2 years old and that's understandable.

It's just that, Rosie does not understand a lot like adults do, because she's just a toddler. Kids like her do not understand that much, because their brains function differently than kids that are 4 years old or older

I agree with MayaManga on this one though, I actually feel bad that Rosie has to be stuck with an awful sibling who is the whiniest bastard on Earth

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8 Theme song

THE THEME SONG IS STUPID AND ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE! He keeps his name several times and people hate that! Even the way he sings it sucks! I swear if I had to hear this song I think I'm going to EXPLODE!

It goes a bit like this: Caillou, Caillou, I'm Caillou, Caillou, it's Caillou, and you repeat it 10,796 times until EVERYONE EXPLODES!

Oh my God, EVERYONE at school is singing the Caillou remix! Help! - Popsicles

Worse than. The Dora the explorer theme song HATE IT

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9 He won't shut up

Caillou needs to shut up because he talks to muck just like donkey he never stops taking because donkey also needs to shut up.

Maybe Peter Griffin should tell him to shut up like he does to Meg. - Murvine_Taylor

I will shut him up using a tranquilizer - TwilightKitsune

Caillou talks too much for no reason

He is a chatterbox who doesn't know how to tape his own mouth

Maybe Peter Griffin from Fanily Guy should tell him to shut up, then fart on him

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10 Terrible animation

They are so lazy they don't even color in the whole picture! WHY?!

They don't even color in the frames

Please don't hate me but I kinda like the animation. This show still sucks though

I always wondered why there were clouds around the borders.

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? Too many banned episodes
? Bad voice acting

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11 He is such a tattle tale

He told on Jeffrey in one of the episodes. - EpicJake

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12 It is annoying V 1 Comment
13 Caillou is ugly
14 Things have to go caillou's way
15 Rosie

Rosie isn't too bad. At least not as bad as Caillou. - Minecraftcrazy530

It's only really Caillou as a character I hate, everyone else in the show is OK to me. Rosie's only a toddler, and she's frequently bullied by Caillou, so I get why she behaves the same as him.

16 They do not color in the frames all the way sometimes
17 The characters are dumb
18 He sings annoying songs

The only song in this show is his theme song I think. Leave me a comment if you want me to sing it!

Probably more annoying than Peppa Pig!

Sing the theme in a funny way please

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19 He has an annoying voice

UGH his voice is annoying. This kid needs a punch in the face. - EpicJake

I would be more than happy than to have a Utahraptor tear him apart and rip his throat out in order to not here his stupid annoying voice anymore.

Thankyou EpicJake for adding this. It is one of the worst shows ever

No you a punch more like a BOOT

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20 Bad animation

Number nine was "Terrible Animation" and this one is "Bad Animation"! They are basically the same thing except that "Terrible Animation" probably suits Caulliou better! They don't even color in the whole frame!

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1. Terrible animation
2. They do not color in the frames all the way sometimes
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1. He whines too much
2. He is bald
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1. He's still on the air
2. He whines too much
3. He won't shut up

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