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1 He whines too much

Caillou's tantrums are so useless! It makes me wanna push him into "The Dip" from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"

I despise Caillou, he needs to go! I'm glad that his show got cancelled in 2010. Thank god!

There are a few more reasons why Caillou is the WORST character of all time!

1. He throws tantrums, just so he can get away with everything and NOT get disciplined for something he did wrong

2. He is a bully towards his little sister, Rosie. Like, he pinched her in The Big Brother Caillou episode, which got banned and made me relieved. He also told her that she is NOT allowed to go into his "Hiding Place" that his Grandpa made for him. Which made her cry

3. He only cares about himself and what he wants to do

4. He gets mad for literally no reason at all

5. He's bald... like seriously! People keep saying he might have cancer, but one person said "Caillou is bald, because he sucks! He doesn't deserve food or ...more

Literally the only thing the show teaches you is how to whine which most people already know how to do.

He is so spoiled. There is an episode on YouTube where he goes to Hawaii. I mean, this kid could be crazy rich by now and living in a mansion with a yacht and a Ferrari and a uncountable number of diamonds and other rich person things.

Caillou is not even trying to act like a human, he always seems to give up and constantly wines all the time! To add things up, Caillou is also a mean big brother, when he first met Rosie when she was an infant, he decided to pinch his poor little sister! It's a surprise that Boris and Doris never gives him punishments which is bull crap! Caillou should forgive his sins for his sick behaviour! Oh, and did you know that Caillou means shut up in French!

2 His parents

His parents are all Suzy Sunshine about everything. Oh and why is the Dad wearing a long sleeve shirt in SUMMER! - EpicJake

They are in Canada where it is cold in summer unless you live very close to the US border - DivaDirectioner

They are the most patient people on the planet

Actually, I think that SpongeBob is, but I respect your opinion. - Murvine_Taylor

They are way too nice. Let him get away with everything. Sure, he's only fine but at least tell him what he is doing is wrong.

3 Things have to go his way

Every time Caillou whines, he gets his way. - EpicJake

That's why I always regret it every time I complain. I feel like a total idiot whenever I complain. - Murvine_Taylor

Either it's Caillou's way or the highway. and I hate it! His parents ask him to wait and what happens? "I WANT MY TOY NOW! " Devil child gone wrong he is.

Well, isn't Caillou a good role model for his fellow toddlers. - alphadan12

So true. Caillou's parents let him get away with everything - MangoFruitJuice

4 Theme song

THE THEME SONG IS STUPID AND ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE! He keeps his name several times and people hate that! Even the way he sings it sucks! I swear if I had to hear this song I think I'm going to EXPLODE!

I'm just a kid who's four, each day I grow some more!
I like exploring, I'm Caillou.
So many things to do, each day is something new.
I'll share them with you. I'm Caillou.
My world is turning, changing each day!
With Mommy and daddy and finding my way!
Growing up is not so tough. except when I've have had enough
But there's lots of fun stuff.
I'm Caillou
I'm Caillou
That's me!
(and me! )
(and me! )
(and me! )

It goes a bit like this: Caillou, Caillou, I'm Caillou, Caillou, it's Caillou, and you repeat it 10,796 times until EVERYONE EXPLODES!

Ugh! The theme song is so annoying! Basically, it's just him repeating the same stuff over and over again until everything explodes! - Stazemar000

5 It is a bad example for kids

This show is nothing, but a piece of garbage!

Caillou is a bully towards his little sister, Rosie. He pinched her when she was a newborn baby, he kicked her out of his room, he refused to let Rosie go inside his new hiding place that his Grandpa made for him, etc.

Caillou is a bad example for kids, because he throws useless tantrums just to get his way. His mother doesn't give a crap about the bad things that he does. His father does the same thing

I think Rosie is kind of cute in my opinion and I understand that she cries a lot more than Caillou does, because she's just a little girl who is either 1 or 2 years of age.

His grandparents don't give a crap if he's bad or not. What's wrong about showing some discipline?

There were a few banned episodes and here are the reasons why:

1. Rosie Bothers Caillou

Reason: It involves him pushing Rosie out of his room

2. Caillou's Crossword

Reason: He & Leo say the word ...more

I thought this show would be educational for younger kids, but I was wrong.

All this crap ever shows is a 4-year old bald kid named Caillou. Who throws tantrums whenever things do NOT go his way.

He NEVER gets disciplined by his parents for bad things that he has done. Such as pinching Rosie in the Big Brother Caillou episode. I'm glad that episode got banned

Caillou is the biggest crybaby in the world. His tantrums are so useless. And why the hell is he bald? Every 4-year old kid I have known has had hair. Even I had hair at that age

Caillou is nothing, but a Devil-Child in my perspective. There were 2 episodes where he lied. He lied to his Grandma about liking olives. And he lied when he made Rosie cry

The animation is just plain terrible. They do NOT color the frames in all the way. It just stays white

I don't know why kids love Caillou so much anyway

Thank god this show got cancelled in 2010. Thank God

Caillou... a 4-year old bald kid who teaches young children to be whiny and annoying brats. - MangoFruitJuice


6 He is bald

And his dad has a full scalp of hair. - Connor360

I know cancer is bad, but let's just hope dora gets it next.

You know there is a video on You Tube where Dora gets her head shaved completely bald. Check it out. - Murvine_Taylor

They said he is bald because he "represents all children". I had hair when I was four, and everyone I knew did too.

People can be bald without illness, buddy. - PositronWildhawk

7 They do not color in the frames all the way sometimes

It's as if the animators were thinking "Let's make this trash worse by giving it lazy animation."

Me (as one of the animators) coloring in the frame. There! Was that so hard?! - MangoFruitJuice

8 Temper tantrums

Easily the worst characteristic of the character, Caillou's temper tantrums and tendency to cry and whine when thins don't go his way make me want to stomp his face in.

Granted, he does get significantly less whiny as the show went on, but I still think this is an awful part of his personality. Do parents really want the character their children relate to on the show being a spoilt crybaby who throws temper tantrums at the drop of a hat? I don't think so.

One time when Rosie gets back from hospital, Caillou pinches her and bullies her and the parents just stand like dummies and don't punish him. I mean, what sort of parents are they? If Rosie was hurt and Caillou was hurting her more, why won't they stop him? Rosie would be better off in foster care than those parents. - TwilightKitsune

His tantrums make me want to feed him to Shere Khan the tiger from the 2016 Jungle Book movie. He'd tear him to shreds in seconds and leave the rest of his guts to the vultures.

Hey fanfiction Caillou sent to detention centre, he grows up and is angelic...ok no just normal and no more temper tantrums.

9 Leo

Okay, if when I was four years old and some boy bullied me, I wouldn't want to become friends with him. Caillou can be so corny sometimes.

Leo is so horny. He BULLIED Caillou when they 1st met. And they became friends. That's weird. - EpicJake

Leo is a jackass. He bullied Caillou when they first met, then they became friends. Pretty weird - Stazemar000

Leo is such a douchebag. He bullied Caillou when they first met, then they became friends. Pretty weird - MangoFruitJuice

10 He's still on the air

I cannot believe Caillou is still on the air - EpicJake

At least they stop making new episodes - Discord1

He was on air but I threw a stone at him now he isn't on air anymore - TwilightKitsune

I was the one who said he was cancelled but reruns continue to air

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11 He won't shut up

Caillou needs to shut up because he talks to muck just like donkey he never stops taking because donkey also needs to shut up.

Maybe Peter Griffin should tell him to shut up like he does to Meg. - Murvine_Taylor

I agree. Caillou talks too much. Maybe Peter Griffin should tell him to shut up and then fart on his butt-ugly face - MangoFruitJuice

I will shut him up using a tranquilizer - TwilightKitsune

12 It is annoying

I agree he is annoying - trains45

If I were his dad, I could kill that little son of a bitch!

13 Rosie is a whining moron

Give the little girl a break! For starters she is only like 1 and a half are 2. Also, little sibling always copy the behavior of their older siblings and unfortunately for Rosie, her older sibling is the whiniest moron on Earth so naturally she will try to be the whiniest moron on Earth. Another thing, people always complain about how Caullious parents are too nice and never punish him. I bet they never punish Rosie either so how is she supposed to know that whining makes her a moron especially since Caulliou does it all the?!

Oh, come on! Give the little girl a break! Besides, she's only 1 to 2 years old. Little siblings tend to imitate the behavior of their older siblings... and unfortunately, Rosie's older sibling is the WHINIEST MORON on Earth! I kind of feel bad for Rosie having to deal with an awful brother for the rest of her life - MangoFruitJuice

Just like Caillou, Rosie is a whiny beast also. - EpicJake

Rosie is at least better than Caillou, but she is still pretty bad. - anonygirl

14 Terrible animation

They don't even color in the frames

Please don't hate me but I kinda like the animation. This show still sucks though

They are so lazy they don't even color in the whole picture! WHY?!

Changed mind, the animation is stupid

15 He is such a tattle tale

He told on Jeffrey in one of the episodes. - EpicJake

Hey,Jeffrey is my name,but I spell with the word g,Geoffrey

16 Things have to go caillou's way


17 The characters are dumb

Caillou is a selfish whiny brat. Leo is our secondary brat. And Boris and Doris are some of the worst parents I've ever seen!

18 It is not educational

Anonygirl so toddlers can't watch entertainment like older kids or they will be stupid. No kid went dumb watching Teletubbies. Television is for entertainment but there isn't anything wrong with education but they can get that in books and schools.

Toddlers can't watch things just for entertainment like older kids, they can only watch things for education. Toddlers cannot have a laugh they will only become stupid.
Aka having a laugh watching Teletubbies, Boohbahs, and Peppa Pig.

Again, not everything needs a moral. Sometimes people just want entertainment, no matter how young. Note: I've never watched Caillou, so I'm not pro, but I'm not con to the show either. - LordDovahkiin

It was designed for toddlers, so it should be educational. - anonygirl

19 He sings annoying songs

The only song in this show is his theme song I think. Leave me a comment if you want me to sing it!

Probably more annoying than Peppa Pig!

The song sucks, he is a retard

Sing the theme in a funny way please

20 Bad animation

Number nine was "Terrible Animation" and this one is "Bad Animation"! They are basically the same thing except that "Terrible Animation" probably suits Caulliou better! They don't even color in the whole frame!

21 He has an annoying voice

UGH his voice is annoying. This kid needs a punch in the face. - EpicJake

Yeah! His voice sucks!

No you a punch more like a BOOT

Yeah his voice is annoying - trains45

22 It is a Ripoff of Calvin and Hobbes

Wait how? Oh because Calvin was a little whiney. But Caillou is so whiney that Calvin would let Hobbes pounce on Caillou. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

23 The Caillou Joins The Circus Episode

This episode was just so stupid and pathetic to even see! His tantrums are so useless and weak. This devil-child needs to know that NOT everything is gonna go his way

Caillou says that duckies are for babies Caillou was supposed to be grounded

He said duckies are for babies but he acted like a baby a few minutes ago. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

Oh god that episode was bull why couldn't his dad just kill Caillou I mean only a retard throws tantrums like he does

He needs to be spanked with a belt!

24 Dumb parents

His parents are dumb in many ways. First, when Rosie comes home from the hospital, Caillou pinches her and doesn't get disciplined for it by his father. His parents also let him go around the block by himself, and when he gets the chicken pox, Rosie gets it too because their parents don't tell Rosie to stay away from Caillou.

25 We used to like him

I remember watching caillou when I was little, now I hate the show, I used to like it when I was little - trains45

I can't believe I liked this show when I was young. - EpicJake

I cannot believe this used to be my favorite show of all time. - Discord1

My brother is completely obsessed with this show because of his mental disability and I can't handle it. - scampetrnd

26 His name

What sort of name is Caillou anyway I heard Caillou is from picture books that have been made since 1989.

According to a grounded video on GoAnimate where Caillou got grounded because of his stupid name, when Caillou was first born, his first word was Caillou, so that's why he has that stupid name.

His name actually means "pebble" in French, but nevertheless, it's still a very stupid name!

Caillou has to be the most stupidest name I've ever heard. It sounds like it's made up and it shouldn't exist.

27 Terrible writing
28 Caillou is Sexist
29 Bad parenting

There was this one episode where the Mom fell asleep on a bench in the house porch and Caillou went on the block on his own. His Mom didn't even know he was gone and did not discipline him for it!

What the hell is it with Caillou's parents nowadays?!

Caillou's parents are dumb

They didn't even know that Caillou went around the block unsupervised,

They're wearing the same damn clothes every damn day!

The Big Brother Caillou episode was the absolute worst!

Instead of being disciplined, they act like they don't even care about their child's behavior-issues

Caillou's parents are stupid. They don't discipline Caillou so often! WHAT?!

30 He has meltdowns

OH GLOB! HE WHINES NON-STOP! And if something just goes wrong for him, he throws one of his NON-STOP TANTRUMS! Like in one episode, he couldn't go to the circus, and he threw the world's BIGGEST tantrum! His parents wouldn't even punish or ground him, for doing this, or doing that! I can't believe this show is still on the air!

Watch the Go Animate version of it. It's pretty funny (except for how SpongeBob got jailed just for being a crybaby. Yeah he cries a lot but still). - Murvine_Taylor

He should be straight up smacked for this behavior.

Caillou whines too much. He's a crybaby in almost every episode, except for Season 4 and onwards. I cannot believe I used to like this show when I was little. - Stazemar000

Caillou must have pretty messed up behavioral problems - scampetrnd

31 The Big Brother Caillou Episode

Pinching Rosie was just wrong and too disturbing to watch but it's good thing they banned this episode along with 5 other episodes

And look a this dad's reaction instead of spanking him with a belt with a metal and spikes he just speaks calmly like if it was nothing and I mean nothing

He needs a spanking for that!

Spank that wild child!

32 Rosie

Rosie isn't too bad. At least not as bad as Caillou. - Minecraftcrazy530

It's only really Caillou as a character I hate, everyone else in the show is OK to me. Rosie's only a toddler, and she's frequently bullied by Caillou, so I get why she behaves the same as him.

Rosie is innocent though - DatBoiSquirtle

33 In one episode, he wandered out of his house unsupervised.

I would say that it's Caillou's parents fault. They refused to take him for a walk so his small child brain decided to walk around the block himself. While I do agree that Caillou's idea could have easily got him kidnapped, what I hate more is that his parents didn't even go searching for him when he left.

Why do you guys hate him? Its his parents fault that he's a little whiny having parents give you whatever you want will cause you to be selfish spoiled and whiny when you are older that's why its good to have strict parents but his aren't they let him do what he wants

Hey that wasn't his fault he tried to wake doris up but she didn't budge so that innocent boy just decided to walk on his own. His mom was irresponsible and she didn't even worry when she found out.All she did was that she told him to let her know the next time he wants to have a little walk doesn't she realized he could have been kidnapped,lost! Besides he did let her know only she was sleeping

Good thing that episode was BANNED!

34 Caillou is ugly
35 He is lame
36 He gets too giggly and happy

The way he gets all giggly and happy in a girly way makes me sick. Whenever something goes his way he always has to express by clapping his hands together or giggling like a little girl makes him look stupid. Jeez what I wouldn't give to have a polar bear smack his face and thrash him around like a chew toy until he gets eaten.

He deserves to have his hands and feet chopped off and be strapped into the electric chair and get 2000 volts for 5 minutes while being strangled with barbed wire.

If he wins, he would smile and say "YAY". He gets so happy it makes you want to punch him in the face. - EpicJake

That part of him makes me wanna punch him in the face while wearing boxing-gloves - Stazemar000

37 He lies

He lied about liking olives and making Rosie cry - Discord1

"I like olives! In fact, I love olives! " Later on when his grandma already made something with olives "NOOO OLIVES! "

I don't know why, but Caillou always lies! I cannot believe that this one sick "Son of a Bitch" would lie to his own parents.

He lied when his Grandma brought olive-treats. Caillou took a bite out of the olive bread, but made an unusual face. He did not even like the taste! He spent the whole entire episode lying to his Grandma that he LOVES olives. He just had to wait for something bad to happen, then tell her at the last minute! This episode was just too stupid to even watch!

He also lied about making Rosie cry, when she wouldn't stop bothering him. He even talked-back to his Mom when she was washing laundry!

38 Terrible narrator

I once thought his grandmother was the narrator

39 Tiny eyes

Every person in this entire episode has tiny eyes. Sometimes they are actually just 2 dots. Honestly, it looks really wired. Nobody has eyes that are 2 tiny dots!

That needs to be fixed

I Know.

40 The Caillou's Crossword Episode
41 The haters keep bashing on it even though it got cancelled in 2010
42 He never turns five

He should turn 5 in one of the episodes. - EpicJake

He should get a whip for his birthday so his parents can whoop him to heck and gone.

Shouldn't he be like 15 by now? - Money1208

Kinda like how Ash never turned 11?

43 He is not cool enough for me

He watches the green mile in one of the episodes, which is like the goriest prison movie ever made.

Would you REALLY expect a four year old play rated m games he's a baby but yeah he's stupid - simpsondude

In one episode he watches Dragon Ball Z

Really? Which one? I want to see so he gets beaten up by all the characters there - TwilightKitsune

He never plays metal gear solid and sonic the hedgehog and only plays with trucks just ilke the ufo guy from independence day - JeremyIsSuperCool

44 He has a cancer

That could actually offend someone with cancer and/or someone with a loved one that has cancer. You have no idea what cancer patients have to go through and we shouldn't hate someone if they have it. - Murvine_Taylor

It's "He has cancer"! Not "He has a cancer"!

He doesn't have cancer! Also this can be pretty offensive to someone with cancer.

Then why isn't he in hospital? Then there is no more Caillou!

45 His friends
46 He faked being blind in one episode so he can get glasses

And in a video of him getting grounded he faked being sick to miss school. - Murvine_Taylor

47 He said stupid in one episode

At least PBS Kids banned that episode. - Discord1

And in the Goanimate series of him, Boris the Teeth Guy peels of a bunch of cuss words. (I know I've cussed before, but I'm not that much of a cusser.)

If he and Leo kept calling me stupid and laughed about it I'd threaten them by feeding them to Indominus Rex. They'd run away crying like babies.

48 He's loud

too loud

49 It is boring
50 Caillou acts like Robin from Teen Titans Go

I agree - Stazemar000

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