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41 Terrible narrator

I once thought his grandmother was the narrator

42 He said stupid in one episode

At least PBS Kids banned that episode. - Discord1

And in the Goanimate series of him, Boris the Teeth Guy peels of a bunch of cuss words. (I know I've cussed before, but I'm not that much of a cusser.)

It's not a bad word but they banned the episode. They said that in Dragontales (I think) and it wasn't banned - mayamanga

If he and Leo kept calling me stupid and laughed about it I'd threaten them by feeding them to Indominus Rex. They'd run away crying like babies.

43 He is lame
44 He used the bathroom with the door wide open in one episode

! What if someone saw his "wiener"!

Tell me what episode it was OnO - mayamanga

45 He's a Gary Stu

I'd hardly call him a Gary Stu, at least in the earlier episodes. Maybe he got a bit too perfect in the newer ones but I think that's just the creators trying to make him less whiny so parents will stop (ironically) whining about him whining.

46 He gets mad for small reasons

Caillou is such a whiny-ass prick. He throws tantrums, especially for minor reasons. He threw a tantrum in the Circus episode when his Dad told him that the Circus was NOT that day

I regret it whenever I complain. I feel like such an idiot right now

47 The Caillou's Crossword Episode
48 It's low budget
49 He is not cool enough for me

He watches the green mile in one of the episodes, which is like the goriest prison movie ever made.

Would you REALLY expect a four year old play rated m games he's a baby but yeah he's stupid - simpsondude

In one episode he watches Dragon Ball Z

Really? Which one? I want to see so he gets beaten up by all the characters there - TwilightKitsune

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50 He is for babies

When my sister and I were younger, she was watching Caillou, but I wanted her to change the channel, but I just had to suck it up and deal with it. - Murvine_Taylor

This show needs to get cancelled - EpicJake

And even they don't like it. - Money1208

I get why the show is so hated amongst parents, but its target demographic is no reason to hate it.

51 His friends
52 He's a bully towards Rosie

In a grounded video, Caillou grilled Rosie into a meal and he, along with Dora the Explorer, ate her. I have also seen a video where Caillou injured Rosie with a wasp nest and in the next video, he wrote a mean letter to her. - Murvine_Taylor

Murvine_Taylor, yes he sounds really mean. Probably a kiddie Hitler!

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53 He back talks to his parents

And in the grounded series of him, he would ask his parents to engage him whenever he didn't get what he wanted and would destroy either the store or restaurant that they are at. - Murvine_Taylor

Sorry to say but please stop it with the grounded videos

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54 Cailou Swag by Lil B
55 Clementine

What's wrong with her? She may be bossy but she is really nice too

56 He pinched Rosie in one episode

And his parents let him HOLD Rosie.

57 Babysitters think it is "educational"

Even Dora and Barney (also poop) are more educational.

If I ever babysit and the child wants to watch Caillou, I will tell them no, and no matter how many times they scream and cry, I'll still say no. - mayamanga

58 Caillou's dumb
59 His clothing

I HATE it. I would rather spend 30 minutes reading Dork Diaries than look at those clothes - mayamanga

60 He can't sing
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