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61 He cries too much

Dear caillou haters if you hate him so much then just don't watch it no one is forcing you to watch it

Because he's little not like he's 12 or something


62 He threw a tantrum in one episode
63 He got his own movie

The only movie was Caillou's Holiday movie. It got 3.8/10 stars on IMDB. That movie deserves that

64 Too many characters with long sleeve shirts
65 Lazy animation

I wouldn't have minded if it was made in the Sixties or Fifties, but this is in the 2010s.

66 He's boring
67 He's picky
68 He's loud
69 He never gets punished

His parents need to punish him - Discord1

Like Peppa Pig

70 His parents are too kind
71 He gets grounded a lot

That's the Go! Animate version. - Discord1

Wait? He gets grounded a lot? I've heard there is another version of Caulliou where his parents are actually kind of mean but in the Caulliou I unfortunately know and despise the problem is he never gets grounded or yelled at or anything. His parents in the show I know are way too nice and do not ever punish him.

72 He made Clementine cry in one episode

But it was a banned one. - mayamanga

73 He's bossy
74 He's selfish
75 He's greedy
76 He made Rosie cry
77 He's a spoiled brat

Constantly gets away with everything. I mean come on! Why does he need to be like this? - Stazemar000

78 The episodes didn't have titles until season 4
79 It is boring
80 Caillou acts like Robin from Teen Titans Go

I agree - Stazemar000

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1. Temper tantrums
2. He whines too much
3. It is a bad example for kids
1. Terrible animation
2. They do not color in the frames all the way sometimes
3. Theme song
1. He whines too much
2. He is bald
3. His parents

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