Worst Things About California


The Top Ten

1 High Taxes

One of the highest in the country. - ethanmeinster


2 Earthquakes

Major ones barely happen, but when they do, they cause lots of damage. You can't predict them, like you can with a hurricane. - ethanmeinster

3 Drought

Many cities in Central California have gone dry. - ethanmeinster

You have to control your water usage or else you have to pay a fine!

When will the drought end?!

4 Pollution

California ranks as the most polluted state. - ethanmeinster

5 Crime

Especially in South Central LA, Stockton, and Oakland. - ethanmeinster

And Bakersfield

6 Traffic
7 Expensive Property
8 The First McDonald's Was Opened Here

Mcdonalds kills people with their unhealthiness

At least we invented In-N-Out too. - ethanmeinster


9 Women Dying Young
10 Liberals Liberals

The Contenders

11 Illegal Immigrants
12 The Weather

I like the weather. It's better than freezing up like you guys in the Northeast. However, there's the bad drought. - ethanmeinster

The weather hear is overrated you horrid, diseased stupid people! Why?!?!?! I will change the world when I am older.

It’s too hot at Disneyland

13 The Crowds
14 Racism

Racism is the life blood of the USA

15 Strict Gun Laws

Most strict in the country, and just banned Ar 15'so this year.

16 The 405 Freeway
17 Smog
18 High Foreclosure Rate
19 Anaheim Ducks Anaheim Ducks

They got 4-0 sweeped by san jose that's really sad

20 All of the tourists
21 Last in Quality of Life
22 Fires
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