Top 10 Worst Things About Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Screw this Call of Duty this was the biggest dissapointment in COD history so here are the worst things about it

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1 The Campaign Had Nothing To Do With The Previous Two Games

Other than the Nova Gas this campaign had ABSOLUTELY Nothing to do with two previous and far superior games that you should be playing instead of this garbage - christangrant

2 The Microtransactions

This game is one of the worst offenders for putting micro transactions in their game as they added loads of new weapons to the multiplayer but guess what they were ALL Micro transactions meaning you either have to play the game with the awful crappy weapons they give you at the start or pay actual money to get Call of Duty points to just get the weapons plus even worse the Micro transaction weapons ARE BETTER than the actual weapons in the game so that means people who pay always win matches because of the fact they payed to win without requiring any skill to get the weapons - christangrant

3 The Characters

All the characters are boring and forgettable I don't even remember one character from the campaign - christangrant

4 The Online Servers

If there's anything about Infinite warfare at least it servers worked Bo3 the servers were always laggy and sometimes it took forever to find one match however this differs for every person so you might not have experienced this - christangrant

5 The Weapons

Most of the weapons are absolute garbage people who play the game only use the same 3 overpowered Weapons because all the other ones suck - christangrant

6 The Unbalanced Multiplayer

They might have fixed this but the multiplayer for this game was just frustrating and unfair because people always use the same weapons and the multiplayer was the laggiest of all Call of Duty's and I have played them all but this one was the worst - christangrant

7 The Multiplayer Maps

Almost all of them are awful and forgettable - christangrant

8 The Campaign Progress Doesn't Save
9 The Story

The Story was just a confusing forgettable mess I don't remember anything form it because it was so bad and forgettable - christangrant

10 The Outdated Game Engine

The graphics look so outdated that when they realesed Infinate warfare they changed the engine which made that game a HELL of a lot better than this awful game engine - christangrant

The Contenders

11 Little kids play it
12 It's Overrated

It got a 9.2 on IGN enough said - christangrant

13 Zetsubou no Shima

This has to be the WORST zombie map ever made Tranzit was more fun than this frustrating mess with so many ways you could die and to get pack a punch you had to basically 70% of the Easter egg which that was hard to do and it takes forever as well - christangrant

14 It’s futuristic
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1. The Microtransactions
2. The Campaign Had Nothing To Do With The Previous Two Games
3. The Characters
1. The Campaign Progress Doesn't Save
2. The Unbalanced Multiplayer
3. The Online Servers


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