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21 Friendly fire will not be tolerated

If there is a character that I really hate in the campain and I just wanna kill. I shoot them and then it just says that message and I die. I know it's related to the plot but it should be gone in ghosts. Instead just make them tell you to stop because it is so annoying.

This is really good when you like to troll people - kosdff

22 Christmas noobs

Mann they need to chill! All these little kids getting Call of Duty for Christmas lmao

23 Soap dies

Okay look, Soap was a great character and all and we loved him, but I think the death was fine. We saw a character that supposedly could not die, die right in front of us. It wasn't like it was sudden either. It gave us a reason to push forward and that's why it was so good. BLACK OPS DID THE SAME DAMN THING WITH DIMITRI, YOU ALL LOVE IT SO MUCH.

Probably I will been die for say this, but the game turns better if price will death, I don't know, I only think that is better kill other character than the protagonist of the main saga

That was so dramatic! The MW3 needed to make a huge bang at the and Soap's death, but it was very sad and I can cry all over again if I see his death again. If there could be anyway, to revive him...
R.I.P. cpt. Soap macTavish, my favourite character FOREVER!

Activision killed a good characters, also kill a good villains

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24 Boost Jumps

Its WAY too stupid. Its not Even fun anymore. Its annyoing, cowardly and gamebreaking. People can just jump and shoot you. They can Get to camping spots and glitches with this stupid feature

25 Activision is reusing the same game engine

I get they are getting a new one for ghosts, but come on. You should use the same engine for 1, 2 titles max, not for SIX YEARS. Anyway, I really do like the franchise, but this is annoying considering how much they get from the series.

This applies between MW2 and MW3 as no improvement of graphics between bothof them

26 Anti Campers

Real snipers sit in the same spot for hours waiting for their target to come, but when I try doing this in Call of Duty I get call a noob and some cheap camper well deal with it quick scoping is for rambo not "realistic" based games!

Sniping takes skill, quick scoping does not.

27 It's gross V 1 Comment
28 Killstreaks are annoying

Streaks are what make the game unike.

29 Probation

Why do I have to finish every game I play so I don't go on "probation"? What if I have to dump?

30 Unfair Matchmaking

Have you ever started a game with your mates? You've all just bought the game on the day it came out and all level ones, you start playing matchmaking, and you are placed in a game with PRESTIGED LEVEL 50s! I mean come on, why Activision? What happened? Why must you force us to compete with people who have high powered sniper rifles? This happened to me and my mates, and, seriously, why are there prestiged people already? Have they seriously got nothing better to do? I play for like six hours a week, they play for 6 weeks straight! Why isn't there a thing which places level ones with level ones? Why?

31 It make kids violent

The kids learn swears from the frequent 12 year olds who seem to have a relationship with my mother.

32 Maps are horrible

People who puts this on this list was actually never play BO, MW, and WaW

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33 Last Stand
34 Noobs hiding in buildings

All they do is camp with a shotgun and a riot shield, its annoying

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35 Your parents won't get you the game

This is right

36 K-9 V 1 Comment
37 One hit knife kills

You get 5 rounds to the body and you alright, BUT a knife to the leg is an INSTANCE KILL!

Knife deals more damage because you stab enemy with your strength

38 There is no skill needed

If it was "Realistic" as it looks, 70% of players would become noob-level

Where is the bullet drop? Destructive cover? Ability to lean? Call of Duty developers need to team up with boyfriend/MoH developers and learn what it takes to make a realistic, skillful FPS game... I've noticed Call of Duty bears a lack of team work involved, also. They need a Squad or Buddy system.

Call of Duty makes people believe that they are really good at fps but suddenly when they find a game that needs skills like recoil compensation ammo consumption management (like in csgo) they suck and blame it on the game

39 It's a rip-off of Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake

I. Have that game no more it is not good

40 Campaign gets worse in each game

Well it turns out advanced warfare had finally have a good campaign

People who puts this on this list was actually never played AW, and BO

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1. Little kids play it
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2. It's the same game over and over again
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