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41 Annoying fanboys
42 Clans

This is why I hate FaZe and OpTic. FaZe Temperr, Faze Rain, and FaZe Apex are all white fat nerds with no life/job.

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43 Wall glitches

Why, in a game supposed to be perfect, are there wall glitches? In AW, there's a map, where people can go through walls and into inaccessible rooms. They can shoot back out, but we can't shoot in! If this happens in infection mode, no chance of winning!

44 Lousy melee mechanics

I mean seriously, I'm right behind this guy, melee him, he moves an inch to the right, I miss, he steps back and melees me, and he's like 1 foot away and I die! In other Call of Duty games, the melee mechanic was automatic, you'd move forward or auto aim them, successful melee kill achieved, no this doesn't exist, no wonder why I like the halo series better.

45 Lag switching

People only Lag switch to cheat at the game. I was on a 4 bar and I was still lagging. Very annoying

46 No dedicated servers
47 OpTic
48 Grown men who don't have a job play it
49 Trolls

Well how about you just stop feeding the troll and mute them you idiots!

Trolls are they worse especially when they record you - kosdff

There's always going to be trolls.

50 There is no skill needed

Where is the bullet drop? Destructive cover? Ability to lean? Call of Duty developers need to team up with boyfriend/MoH developers and learn what it takes to make a realistic, skillful FPS game... I've noticed Call of Duty bears a lack of team work involved, also. They need a Squad or Buddy system.

Call of Duty makes people believe that they are really good at fps but suddenly when they find a game that needs skills like recoil compensation ammo consumption management (like in csgo) they suck and blame it on the game

51 Not realistic

This game was great what the hell is this halo destiny crap with Call of Duty nowa days it's like playing a cartoon shooter with these graphics.

52 It has the worst fanbase ever
53 They use too many guns
54 Yearly Release
55 It lacks appeal
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1. It's overrated
2. It's the same game over and over again
3. Little kids play it
1. Annoying little brats
2. It's the same game over and over again
3. Campers
1. Hackers
2. Overpowered guns
3. Recycled scenes from past Call of Duty games



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