Worst Things About Captain Marvel (2019)


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1 Mary Sue Characters

I thought the movie was alright. But there are some problems with the movie. - RadioHead03

This movie was alright. - B1ueNew

The only way she solve her problems if she gets stronger. No...just no. - MarvelJoe

She didn't even have any focus in Endgame! She's boring to be honest. If you want to see a good marvel cinematic character, see Black Widow, Gamora, or Nebula, not this boring cardboard cutout - TheDarkOne_221b

Technically all those characters were bad guys, so the only way to make a good female character is to have them be bad then turn good - germshep24

2 Retcons and Inconsistencies

She is so OP. Every other hero worked so hard, and she is most powerful instantly. Bruh moment. - Aimers

The retconned the avengers - Dvafan2

Man,this movie went out of its way to retcon so many things in MCU just to make Captain Marvel seem important. It's so forced and absurd. Steve,I'm afraid you're no longer the first Avenger.

So Captain Marvel,as a puny human, can not only survive a blast from an Infinty Stone but also gets superpowers. Remember when the same Infinty Stone exiled Red Skull to Vormir or when it destroyed a SHIELD base in Avengers 1?
Also poor Scarlet Witch,she had to try so hard to control her powers and it took her so many years to become this powerful while Captain Marvel unlocks her full potential within seconds. Mary Sue!

Captain Marvel's message goes against res of MCU as well. It's basically opposite of Thor 1: Don't listen to critsism and be unapologetically yourself and you don't to overcome your shortcomings. It's not a coincidence that the only person who criticizes Captain Marvel is ultimately presented as villain. - Tia-Harribel

Captain Marvel wasn't the first Avenger though, she just "helped developed" the Avengers initiative, she wasn't made an Avengers since the Avengers was still just a concept - germshep24

3 Underdeveloped/Unexplored Relationships

I've never really thought of this. You've made a good point. - Misfire

Carol/Vers has Yon-Rogg (her mentor and commander),Mar-Vell (also mentor),Maria (best pal) and some other emotional ties. And all of her relationships are underdeveloped. She spends very little time with each of them.

If your protagonist spends more time with a CGI cat and her comedic sidekick than she does with all of her emotional ties combined,there is something wrong with your script. - Tia-Harribel

4 Ugly-looking Visuals and Make-Up and Poor Special Effects

Skrulls are meant to look like that though. - B1ueNew

so ugly. - RW700

You would think a billion-dollar franchise would have proper CGI in its 21st instalments. No such luck! The space battle looks bland and short with bad CGI,Coulson looks like plastic and Hala is basically poor man's Sakaar from Thor Ragnarok. The CGI cat is terrible.

The Earth locations look small-scale and bland as well. Bodenand Fleck did a terrible job as directors. They don't have the keen visual style of James Gunn and Taika Waititi.
The color grading is awful,everything looks gray. Some battle scenes were so dark that I couldn't make out the details.
The skrull's make-up looks like a Halloween mask and the actors sometimes struggle to speak properly through the make-up. Lee Pace,Jude Law and Djimon Hounsou have to wear some fake-looking contacts.
The only visual effects that looks good is Samuel Jackson's de-aging. That was spot-on. - Tia-Harribel

5 Too Much Focus on Pointless Characters

The only good character on there was Nick Fury but they ended up ruining his character by making a cat scratch his eye and make him a little goofy; which ruins Captain America: The Winter Soldier for me. - MarvelJoe

Actually disagree Fury was a huge part of the story - germshep24

As Captain Marvel origin story no, but central to making Captain Marvel a part of the bigger plan and setting up the Avengers and bringing Captain Marvel into the Universe. It seems your main argument is that they shouldn't have even made a Captain Marvel movie in the first place, which is fair since her part in endgame wasn't even important - germshep24

Let's face it,Fury's presence and his excessive screentime in this movie are mere fan-service. He doesn't need to be there and the precious screentime is wasted on him and a stupid cat. Not to mention,this movie completely undermines the character. He's reduced to a mere comic relief and sometimes,a sentient plot device. Don't get me started on how he loses his eye... I can't take "Last time I trusted someone,I lost an eye." line seriously. - Tia-Harribel

6 Lack of Emotional Arc

Yes she is boring - Dvafan2

Captain Marvel starts the movie as Vers,a stoic,cocky lady warrior and ends the movie as Carol,a soic,cocky lady warrior. Basically, her only development is that she remembers her birth name. There is no distinction between Vers and Carol as characters and it makes the entirety of amnesia 'arc' pointless. She has no arc. - Tia-Harribel

7 Plot Holes

So that Aussie Skrull played by Krennic,who has been shooting,zapping and attacking Carol and Fury,ends up being an innocent angel after more than half of the movie has passed. How does this even work? Moreover, how does Carol believe his story so easily and within two minutes?

Earlier in the movie,Krennic probed into Carol's memories and saw his supposed friend Mar-Vell and he also saw Carol as a human,why didn't he try to reason with her then instead of antagonizing her?
He claims he's not after bloodshed but he's been threatening Carol before that point and he also tried to murder Fury (He even played with Fury and gave a speech like a cartoon villain). - Tia-Harribel

8 Brie Larson Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers, known professionally as Brie Larson, is an American actress and filmmaker.

Brie Larson shouldn't be part of the MCU. She's great at acting and put her in drama films instead. - BurnAux

Oh, God... she's very overhated... - Misfire

I agree, and the reason why she's hated is because of her comments in Captain Marvel. The internet gets a lot of attention nowadays. - BurnAux

Why is she so hated, I get she is boring sometimes and said some stupid feminist comments but really? - B1ueNew

Way overhated, not her fault that's all they could do in that case. - htoutlaws2012

9 Tell, Don't Show

This movie leaves a lot to the audience's imagination. So Carol was a "brave,funny,smart,elite pilot," in her human life. How about you actually show all of this to us in flashbacks instead of having Maria saying in a fangirl speech? And by flashback,I mean proper flashbacks,not a cringeworthy scene in which the protagonist repeats the movie's tagline (really,Marvel? ) and also show and develop the relarionship between these supposedly best friends.

Carol as Vers apparently had a life on Hala. Why not show this to us instead of skipping through it? She literally spends 15 minutes there and almost all of it is used for exposition. We never get the send who the Kree are and Vers is never properly set up as a character.

Mar-Vell is apparently Carol's idol. Why not showing some more interactions between them? They're onscreen together for,like what,2 minutes?

If the movie doesn't care enough to showcase and flesh out her emoriginal ties,why should ...more - Tia-Harribel

10 Trivializing Character Deaths

This happens often in many other Marvel movies. - B1ueNew

I know this trope is used very often in superhero movies but here it's just ridiculous.
Mar-vell's death is so unimportant and Carol reacts very weakly to it even though she's supposedly her idol.
By the end of the movie,Captain Marvel destroys a spaceship filled with Kree soldiers who could have been lied to and manipulated like she had been,Carol kills all of them in cold blood and laughs about it like a maniac. - Tia-Harribel

The Contenders

11 Overuse of 90s Pop Culture

Referencing pop culture is perfectly fine if it doesn't interrupt the plot
Was Just A Girl really necessary? It was on the nose. And it ruined what should have been an emotional battle scene between the protagonist and her former friends. - Tia-Harribel

This was actually a part of the movie they did right - germshep24

This wasn't bad. - B1ueNew

I liked the part when they put in the song by Nirvana. lol - Misfire

12 It Couldn't Top Infinity War

It wasn't supposed to. - B1ueNew

Seriously, like is like saying Infinity War and Avenger's was bad because it couldn't beat Avatar in the Box Office - germshep24

It supposed to? It's a spin-off film after all. - Bores

Was it supposed to? - Misfire

13 How Nick Fury lost his eye

It was dumb.
"Last time I trusted someone I lost an eye" So you trusted a cat? - B1ueNew

Honestly how he lost it wasn't bad, it is just that they didn't really develop this weird alien cat creauture, the only thing we get about this thing was one line about it being an extremely dangerous alien, honestly if your going to bring in an all powerful cat creature as an important plot then you better devote some time to this creature or rethink your story without an alien cat - germshep24

So pathetic.

14 Great Scenes Getting Deleted

There is this incredible scene in which Yon-Rogg (played by Jude Law) talks to Supreme Intelligence. That scene was deleted do for some reason. It was better than the entirety of the movie. - Tia-Harribel

15 Not enough focus on important characters

Why would they introduce a random alien cat thing and just pretend it is a regular cat until the final scene and then go oh by the way this random cat isn't actually a cat haha I'm totally a good screenwriter - germshep24

16 When she understood her full power

This is the point of the film where everything went down hill - germshep24

17 Talos

The dude is funny. - B1ueNew

18 Skrulls
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