Top Ten Worst Things About Captain Planet

Made by the creator of "Top Ten Ways the Big Hero 6 Movie is better than the Big Hero 6 comic"

The Top Ten

1 His dumb mullet

Cut out the hairdo.

2 His theme song makes me nauseated

"Earth! …Fire! …Wind! …Water! …Heart! …Go Planet!

With your powers combined, I AM CAPTAIN PLANET! "

…wow, just wow.

3 His outfit

Red underpants, red baby bib (haha, yeah I know its like a cloak or something…), dumb green mullet, nauseating blue skin…

…okay, his HORRENDOUS outfit gave me a huge, loud and painful HICCUP. (Ya I used it, I'm an HTTYD, ROTG and BH6 fangirl)

4 His weakness

Frank Zhang's weakness is a piece of wood. Fine by me.

Captain EnviroSucker's weakness is pollution. Honestly? I'm not saying I love pollution (trust me, u guys get rid of the gas fumes) BUT it just makes him sorta weak because US HUMANS CAN LIVE WITH IT!

5 He makes kids nature-loving hippies

There's this dude in our elementary school (the creator of this is sixth grade) and whenever we throw trash anywhere, he and his friends pull out fake rings and scream "Captain Planet! Save us! "


That's a lame comment, whoever you are.

6 He makes kids ruin their TVs

I understand why you did this, sis.

7 His planeteers are lame

Honestly, what kind of guy has a power called heart?

epic facepalm

8 Lame animation

Thank god I didn't watch this crap in the 90s.
A better American cartoon is being rebooted Animaniacs.
Now everyone say "Narf"

I hope the T.V. show gets banned.

Um, I mean uh…(turns to envirohippies) I hope this T.V. show is aired on T.V. everyday! (Nervous, awkward chuckle)

(Whispers) I hope yall hippies and your lame superhero idol die.

9 His existence

Gaia, do me a favor and send your Lastrygonians and Earthborn children to kill him. (PJO reference)

10 His lame puns

"Looks like you guys are all tied up! "

Wow. So funny. (Sarcasm alert! DEFCON 2! )

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11 He’s overrated
12 He's full of propaganda
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