Top Ten Worst Things About the Cartoon Fan Community

Hey guys, this is your boy, Mucho Autismo, and I'll be talking about you guys. A lot of you make up a big part of the Top Tens community, unfortunately you guys make up some of the most cancerous parts. I know MarsReviews did this already, but I want to share my own opinion on it :P

I'm mostly talking about the "TheTopTens" Cartoon community btw.

The Top Ten

1 No One Respects Each Others Opinions

Most Cartoon Fanbases Make The Sonic Fanbase Look Like a Nice Fanbase

Seriously guys, like just because someone says they like Teen Titans Go!, it doesn't mean they are a bad person, and it doesn't give you the right to say " kill yourself for having a unique opinion." Unless the kid was being really negative.

You guys also waste your time by making lists like "Why the "Top Ten Reasons Adventure Time Sucks" is wrong", because you as a over sensitive 9-12 year old can't handle an opinion. - poopmckenzie

2 Most of the Community are Most Likely 12 Year Old Mr Enter Fanboys

I bet the people that hates Modern Spongebob never watched a single episode and only relies on Mr Enter's review on it. - poopmckenzie

3 The Community Overreacts

That really has to stop in the cartoon community. - ShadowHawk18

Oh no, Family Guy made a suicide joke, better write a 6 page essay of why that's offensive even though cartoons way before my time did the same thing. - poopmckenzie

4 All They Talk About is Modern Spongebob, Teen Titans Go!, Frozen, etc.

Yeah it's completely annoying they keep calling them the worst, I mean I like all of these but I respect your opinion, so stop treat them like they are garbage! - LionsHeart100

I get it guys, they are mediocre shows, but why can't we like actually stop and move on? Oh, it's the only way to gain relevance in this awful community. - poopmckenzie

5 The Community Is So Negative

RedheadXilamGuy and the other Mr. Enterbots are the center of the cartoon community's mental illness - ShadowHawk18

6 Good Users Are Rare

Puga is a good and funny user even though he's not really in the cartoon community, but the majority of the users in this community really suck. Everyone always makes "why modern SpongeBob sucks", everyone gets butt hurt when they criticized, it's really disappointing. - poopmckenzie

7 The People in the Community

I'm a cartoon fan but I don't like the YouTube and Tumblr cartoon community much. There is little to no variety and it's like they have installed rules to join the community: you must love Steven Universe, Star Vs. The Forces of Evil, Rick and Morty, and Gravity Falls and you must hate Teen Titans Go, Modern Spongebob, Disney and Nick sitcoms (even the good ones), and anything Mr. Enter hates (Flapjack, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, and Totally Spies are exceptions since everyone likes those shows)

I don't hate you guys as people, but users like "ModernSpongebobSucks" or that Liv and Maddie fan really need to stop. - poopmckenzie

8 No Variety

No one ever seems to talk about obscure cartoons like "Super President" or "Clutch Cargo"
Like would it kill you to talk about something like Wander Over Yonder? - poopmckenzie

9 Most Of The People In The Cartoon Community Are 90s Kids And Nostalgia Junkies That Never Wanted To Embrace The Future And Keep Sticking To The Past

They want the old shows back, I mean come on the stupid fans allways hate on channels
just because they cancelled the old shows, if you want to bring back the old shows then
go travel the future,oh wait, you can't there is no time machine, so accept what we have these day and enjoy it.

10 They're Too Repetitive

I don't care how much you love The Loud House, how much you ship Hiccup x Astrid, how much you want Invader Zim back on air, how much you thought Code Lyoko Evolution was crap, or how much you hate sitcoms. These people basically say the same thing. Another reason why Deviantart is autist cancer

The Contenders

11 The Retarded, Generic Lists

The worst cartoons list has got to be the epitome of genericness this community can get. - poopmckenzie

12 Mediocre Criticism

Who cares how cartoons look like - LionsHeart100

Criticisms such as "ugh this cartoon has bad animation, it's AUTOMATICALLY BAD." Can't you guys at least go the effort to actually watch the cartoon. - poopmckenzie

13 They Use MS Paint
14 They Have No Respect for Writers

They send them death threats every time they don’t get their way. They complain about characters being immature, and behave ten times worse. They hate everything they don’t worship like a god.

15 Perverts

There's a ton of cartoon perverts on DeviantArt.

People who make fetish art are the worst.

What sick people besides them would want to make that anyway. That's a step down version of child porn (because most cartoon characters there are teens or kids), which is totally NOT OKAY! - Thelistmaker

I can understand making porn out of something like "Kim Possible." Heck even I wack off to it
But when you make fetish art of a underage cartoon character like Lucy Loud, you need to stop. - poopmckenzie

16 They Say Teen Titans Go is the Worst Thing Ever

I like that show - LionsHeart100

No it isn't

17 Too Many Lion King and Lion Guard Fans
18 Too many Lion King and Lion Guard Haters
19 Boring

Yeah, too many Lion King butt-kissers and not enough Lion King haters.

Most of the people here pretty much has the same opinion. - poopmckenzie

20 The Community Is So Small
21 They Hate Live Action Shows

Two-word phrases to trigger a cartoon fan:
Disney Channel
Nickelodeon Sitcoms
Live Action
Henry Danger
The Thundermans
Game Shakers

...I could go on

22 They Keep Nagging About the Same Thing

Cartoon fan: "Teen titans go sucks, and modern spongebob is garbage lololollololollo and uncle grandpa sucks along with johnny test blaalablablala there aren't enough jokes blablablablabala" - LionsHeart100

Invader Zim is coming back. So is Code Lyoko. All is good in the world.

23 They Take Them Way Too Seriously

true - LionsHeart100

24 Crossover Shipping

The absolute worst. Many cartoon fans have RUINED the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise with this, which is a shame because I'm one of the very few sane Sonic fans on the planet who is looking forward to playing Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces later this year.

Honestly, Sonic is not Rainbow Dash's love interest, people...

I, too, am not a fan of seeing people ship Sonic with Rainbow Dash, but it definitely didn't ruin Sonic's franchise. Well, at least to me. It's kinda ridiculous that you're saying that the Sonic series is destroyed because of a crossover ship made by fans, since the ship itself isn't (and will never be) affecting the franchise.
And I can't really be mad at them for doing that anyway because I remember shipping myself (and some fictional characters) to other fictional characters in the past. So... yeah. - Jasmine21064

25 Not Enough Lion King and Lion Guard Haters
26 It's Overrated
27 They Treat Teen Titans Go! Like It's the Worst Thing to Even Exist
28 They Hate Sony Pictures Animation

Why does people say that AniMat has a terrible Bias on Sony Pictures Animation? Please stop!

29 They are Biased
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