Worst Things About Cartoons

I am strictly talking as a cartoon fan and nothing else, As a kid I grew up on cartoons they were the best however over time cartoons have had their share of problems a fair share of controversy, and horrendous stereotypes.

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21 Meaningless Cartoon Deaths

Okay seriously your annoying everyone with the anime thing, anime has nothing to do with this list so enough, and secondly a lot of cartoon shows have characters and extras who solely exist just to die it happens in Family Guy where a whole bunch of people die yet nobody cares I remember watching the American dad episode where they go to family land and then there's this whole turf war between the other lands everyone except the Smiths die and they completely ignore all the deaths that happened, in South Park Kenny is a character in the earlier seasons dies in almost every episode the Trey Parker and Matt Stone even said that Kenny was created just so they can kill him off in every episode.

It actually does have something to do with this list because an anime is a cartoon. Anything that is animated is a cartoon and an anime. They are the same thing. So anime is also involved in this

By Meaningless deaths it means the characters who aren't part of the main series who exist just to die who's deaths have little or no meaning. - egnomac

What do you mean by meaningless. In their last cartoon made by the original people, tom and jerry die and get killed.

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22 Cliches
23 Mean-Spirited Humor

Its all right if it slapstick humar but jokes that make fun of someones character or ethnic that's pushing the line

24 Lazy Animations
25 Careless Characterization
26 Decrease in Episode/Story Quality in Newer Seasons

SpongeBob, Family Guy, Fairly Oddparents, and more have fallen to this. Once the writers stop caring about a show, it gets boring with overused plot lines, pointless filler, characters becoming increasingly stereotypical (and usually annoying), and random nonsense thrown in for the heck of it.

Even the almighty Star Wars: The Clone Wars wasn't safe from this, so Cartoon Network packed its bags and forced it out the door.

27 They Have Bad Behavior
28 Awful Character Designs

Lots of 2D cartoons share this flaw. Johnny Test, Fairly Oddparents, etc.

29 Annoying Sidekicks
30 Love-Hate Relationships
31 Unlikable Characters
32 Annoying Siblings
33 Vitriolic Friendship
34 Rushing to Make Reboots
35 No Life Lessons
36 The Character(s) Is/are Trapped in a Cage with Bars Wide Enough for Them to Walk Through, and Yet They Just Sit There and Wait.
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