Top 10 Worst Things About Chowder

This is my 400th list now. Which is quite a accomplishment. Anyways I DESPISE Chowder and will be looking on things that I consider to be the worst about it. If you like Chowder that's fine and this is just my opinion

The Top Ten

1 Chowder himself is a unlikable protagonist

Nah, I say Jimmy Neutron is worse. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

He's annoying and obnoxious as well.

2 The only likable characters are Truffles and Gazpacho

Truffles is NOT likeable. She's a bratty old woman who constantly yells at people (especially Schnitzel). Mung shouldn't have married her.

Which really isn't saying much.

3 Panini is a terrible love interest

She's like Helga from Hey Arnold if she was not interesting, had no motivation or anything remotely unique about her.

4 It's not creative at all

Even Clarence a already bad show seems more creative then this rubbish.

It’s about a bear trying to cook that’s it - TeenTitansGoRocks

5 The dialogue is cringe inducing

I agree! There was a whole entire episode based around him tryna go pee. I’m just like, no thank you. - TeenTitansGoRocks

And I've heard how bad Flapjack dialogue... could get but Chowder dialogue is far worse.

6 Chowder's voice is irritating

Even more irriating then Steven from SU which is saying something...

7 It's cliche

Very cliche I'll add.

8 It's boring

So boring that watching Flapjack would be more entertaining.

9 None of the characters are interesting

Except maybe Truffels who is somewhat ok.

10 Panini rips off Anais from The Amazing World of Gumball

That show can four years after Chowder.

Fact check: Chowder came out in 2007 and TAWOG came out in 2011. So it's not possible that Panini rips off Anais considering how she came first.

The Contenders

11 It killed C. H. Greenblatt's talent

Trolling much? - kcianciulli

12 Every story/ plotline is the same thing

And people have the balls to claim that P & F reuses plotlines...

13 It’s overrated

Not a good reason can people stop using the overrated= BAD Mentality?

14 Too many fourth wall breaks

So? It's better than Rugrats. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

15 Fart jokes

So? Fart jokes are aweomse! - TeenTitansGoRocks

16 It’s on Cartoon Network

This reason is invalid...

17 They eat toejam

I was forced to watch an episode when I was younger, and it was f'ing disgusting.

18 It came out during the time when Cartoon Network went downhill in the late 2000s
19 It failed to save Cartoon Network
20 It's just another SpongeBob clone
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