Top Ten Worst Things About Christians


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1 They hate gays

I love people of the lgbtq community - Luckys

I don't. - RoseWeasley

This list was made by an atheist.
An offended Christian is posting here

Adolf Hitler also hated gays did you know. So why don't you stop being homophobic or you are as bad as him.

2 They are judgemental

Says the person who created this list. Pot calling the kettle black. - clusium

No, you failed to accomplish your mission. You only exposed yourself as bad as those same Christians which you so criticize. - clusium

3 They push you into believing the Bible

Because the bible is good. - 23windomt

The bible is good why are people hating your comments...I heard myself when I said that this a list full of people who hate Christians - AwesomeJawson

4 They are so quick to judge others​

You're the one to talk, buddy - SpectralOwl

5 They always quoting Bible verses

No, I'm always quoting Mean Girls. - RoseWeasley

"They always quoting Bible verses"

Where are you from, the projects? - Mcgillacuddy

6 They act like they don't sin

Wrong! We know we sin. That is why many mainline Christian denominations include Confession as a Sacrament. - clusium

We do sin. We go to the offering and make god forgive us for our sins. - 23windomt

7 They make fun of others

Look who's talking. - RoseWeasley

Everyone does if we are generalizing like this list does - EliHbk

8 They always try to pray for someone

Praying for others is a beautiful thing. I pray for others; I wish that others would pray for me. - Crwth

Yeah but usually in a way as praying for someone who disagrees with them or doesn't believe in Christian God.

Praying for someone is technically trying to help them. Even if you don't believe it works, most people who pray, pray with good intentions. - Skullkid755

While praying and sending out messages such as "thoughts and prayers" wouldn't change anything; it is still done with the best of intentions and I can respect that. - Bolshoy_Brat

9 They're bullies

Just what is it? I thought christianity is about kindness! Just what is it with some christians being bullies? Is there any?... I du no

Is that why you do not know your grammar? Because you were bullied in school, & had to drop out...? It is "They're," not "There" (& you used it twice in this list). - clusium

10 They're mean

Glad to see you were able to fix your original typos (The creator originally wrote "There," not 'They're,' TWICE, on this same list). - clusium

Ironic how you are racist to Koreans so you're mean too. - TeamRocket747

You played too much Far Cry 5, buddy - Mcgillacuddy

The Contenders

11 Most of them don't even read the Bible or question it
12 They're against abortion

It doesn't pay to generalize. Not every Christian is against abortion.

You don't know a thing about the foetus.

How is this bad? - Stalin

13 Not enough Gods

Pondering what was the first ever religion. No Christians it was not Christianity where do you think the Easter Egg came from? Its not in the Bible. Could another religion had celebrated Easter but with a different name before Christianity.

What’s the deal?!

Polytheism much? - Kevinsidis

14 They think earth is flat and only 10000 or something years old

We know it's a circle I'm a Christian I've had enough this is stupid you have a belief or no belief BUT GODS NOT DEAD he knows who made this list and he will forgive you if ask him to. - AwesomeJawson

Christian fundamentalists are stupid

15 They don't let anyone say "oh my God" or "Holy..." something

I do. - RoseWeasley

Ffs no we don't - Iamcool

16 They believe that some TV shows are a sin
17 They believe violent video games are sin

I'm christian and I don't think so. - TeamRocket747

what no - Iamcool

18 They're fanatical
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