Top Ten Worst Things About Christmas

Christmas is a great holiday but damn, there are some weird/bad things about it.

The Top Ten

1 Santa isn't real

When I discovered Santa Claus isn't real, my childhood was done

Based on Saint Nicholas a real person. In ancient England man would dress up in green or blue cloak, he was called Father Christmas, he was not fat either he was a performer. He wasn't even for children until Victorian times.

2 He sees you when you're sleeping... he knows when you're awake...

Valid proof this guy is a stalker


3 People start preparing and talking about it loads in November
4 They play Christmas songs in November

I don't like this either. I like a little Bing Crosby, Perry Como or many others right before Christmas, maybe a week, is fine with me. But to play it for so long makes it a drag for me. A local classic rock radio channel starts playing Holiday music on Thanksgiving day, then plays only Holiday music all day, everyday until January 2. It's too much for me too.

Every time someone plays Christmas music before 22 December, an elf kills a baby reindeer.

This annoys my dad so much.

5 Greedy kids
6 Eating and buying fruitcake

I heard they can break your teeth

7 Christmas crackers
8 The fact you have to kill a tree

Not if it's artificial. Me and my family always used a factory-made Christmas tree ever since my childhood. Say what you want about it not feeling the same as getting a real tree, but hey, at least it saves trees and money and no having to clean up pine needles on the floor afterwards. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

People should rent trees just for the xmas and re plant them after that.

Why would you kill a tree. there is no point

9 Sometimes you don't get what you really want

My gifts were always junk
If my nother says the present is for me and my younger brother, only he benefits

10 You get presents

This is the worst things, not the best things

Who put this here? gifts are actually a blessing - Stazemar000

Htf put this here

The Contenders

11 Having to go to church with your school

HA! Not me we went singing carols outside a shop.

12 You can't escape from the Christmas music
13 You have to put up all those decorations that no one appreciates and take them back down
14 Christmas commercials


15 No school

Winter breaks are a Christmas miracle. Though, I have heard countries like Japan still have school during Christmas. Eh, I guess it means you have more time to give gifts to your teachers and best friends at school (though, the former only applies if you LIKE your teachers). - ModernSpongeBobSucks

It would be interesting to be at school on Christmas.

That's actually a good thing. School is so boring.

WHOEVER PUT THIS HERE! @@! DOESENT KNOW HOW BAD SCHOOL IS! @@ Who agrees with me! This is the best part about Christmas! - venomouskillingmachine

16 You have to spend loads of money
17 You see your relatives
18 Giving underwear as a legitimate gift Giving underwear as a legitimate gift

The only time you'll ever see anyone be happy about getting underwear as a legitimate gift on Christmas is Mac getting it in FHFIF's Christmas special to prove that Santa is real. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

19 All the best video games get released in November and late October
20 Forgetting it wasn't even a Christian holiday, it was originally called Yule and Catholics took it and made it Christian. Jesus wasn't born in December.

Christianity is not the first religion. Roman Paganism and Greek Gods are older. There is no Heaven, there is no Hell, There is No Christian God, There is No Jesus, The Bible is a myth. Its Saturnalia (Roman Pagan) and Yule (Celtic Pagan). Zeus is more likely to be real than Christian God and Jesus.

Wrong he was born on christmas and catholics did not steal it and it originated when santa gave money to the poor. so whoever wrote is wrong

21 People brag if they get something you really wanted that you didn't get
22 The fake Santas everywhere

Yeah I know it's no joke some people imitate him or dress up like him to. - Lordvader3500

23 Over-crowded stores
24 It can snow
25 Many don't focus on its basis as the birth of Jesus

Its not about Jesus its about Roman Pagan holiday Saturnalia and Celtic Pagan Yule. Christmas is not in the Bible, Christmas was made up to give Jesus a birth date.

26 Disney's Frozen

Not just Christmas. they talk about it ALL YEAR ROUND!

27 Toys R Us Has Closed So the Christmas Advert Won't Be on Anymore at Christmas.

There's a magical place
We're on our way there
With toys in their millions
All under one roof
It's called Toys 'R Us!
Soon after bedtime
When dark night-time falls
Geoffrey and his helpers stock up on the shelves
From ceiling to floor
Books, board games and bikes
Teddies, puppets and dolls
Bats, spaceships and trikes
"There's millions! " says Geoffrey
All under one roof
It's called Toys 'R Us! Toys 'R Us!
Toys 'R Us! Toys 'R Us!

28 School In December

It feels like the teachers are more strict and the whole of december should just be holiday. - Harri666

29 It isn't a regular day
30 After Christmas letdown
31 The music
32 Displaying Christmas decorations as early as August
33 Shops constantly brag about sales
34 Getting nothing at all
35 Waiting for it
36 Forgetting that santa claus was originally called father Christmas and wasn't fat, wore a green or blue cloak.
37 Christmas adverts starting in summer

This is the stupidest thing in history. Why does Christmas start in AUGUST now? August is five bloody months before bloody Christmas! Paul McCartney said 'It only comes this time of year' but that means nothing when the aforementioned time of year is almost half of the whole year! The only good part of this is that Christmas adverts take the time away from the funeral adverts! How I loathe them...

Lol that's never happened where I live. Oh did you know a man celebrates Christmas every single day.

38 Getting No Presents
39 Bullies throwing snowballs

Must u have to launch that snowball in my face?!

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1. People start preparing and talking about it loads in November
2. Santa isn't real
3. Eating and buying fruitcake
1. You get presents
2. You see your relatives
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