Top 10 Worst Things About Going to Church

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1 Takes a long time

I would perfer all of these but this is the worst of all bad stuff about church

With how ever long it takes, your Sunday is better spent watching NASCAR.

When I went to church it was LONG. Now I only go at Christmas

My church's worship is WAY TO LONG for a worship

2 Really boring

I love church! My sunday school teacher, Brother Robin, past away today. Please keep his family in your prayers. RIP Brother Robin.

So boring that I wanna see paint dry. I went to church like 1 or 2 times.

If you care about God & listen, IT ISN'T

An hour seems like 5

3 People automatically think you're a demon child

I'm no pretty boy, I don't fit in with the church's "cool" crowd and I don't dress up on Sundays. Many avoid me and marginalize me like I might be a child of the devil. I wish these people who talk about unconditional love would actually practice what they preach.

I play very violent video games,
listen to Heavy Metal and Rap,
and I'm STILL a christian.

I listen to heavy metal and dubstep,I play violent video games,I hate the color white,and yet I'm still Christian

What do you...


you mean the ones who aren't listening. Well... there an exeption.Jesus LOVES the youth

4 You can't leave until the end of the service

I wait for 10 minutes,if it doesn't get boring by that 10 minutes,I stay,if it does get boring by that 10 minutes,I sneak out

Even if you need to pee. God wants you to pee.

5 Members make you do stuff you don't want to do

This is true, it sucks to be forced to do something

True one made me join something I didn't want to

I don't wanna sing. I don't know the words.


6 Pastor prays too long

Everyone prays too long. What if you are starving but have to say grace so an hour later you die of starvation.

Reverency is a MUST God Never rests

7 Old people

I don't like them. Though some old people are fine.

Very old

8 Gets too hot
9 The music is horrible

Play a Nirvana song or Linkin Park, guns n roses, I love those. The only thing Christan music ever says is how they found God it's in every song.

If you are Catholic then have fun singing the same medieval songs over and over again

I hate singing worship singing worship songs because they're bland and have no beat

And repetitive as hell,I prefer dubstep

10 Sitting by annoying people

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11 You have to do this and you have to do that
12 The music is boring
13 You cannot talk about Harry Potter

I wonder why, wait I already know why.

14 Bathrooms are small and untidy
15 Grandmas rub your hair

I hate it when they do that

16 You have to dress up

Can I just go in my Nirvana jacket PLEASE

I just dress how I want

17 Being with annoying kids
18 The weird bathroom smells
19 Bathroom toilets that are too small for big kids to sit on
20 You have to wake up early
21 The priests like kids too much
22 The strict nuns
23 If you have to kneel, kneeling is hard on your knees.
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