Worst Things About Cinderella

Not trying to hate on Cindy, but the truth needs to prevail.

The Top Ten

1 She's not kind, she's a doormat

What a great life lessons, I'll try it! - Poptropica

2 She barely knows the Prince, but decides to marry him

The prince's name is Charming.

Wait a second, what's the prince's name again?

She doesn't even know his name! - Poptropica

3 She lives in the past

We do know that her family grew up here, but she would have to leave somehow. The funny thing is, she left for the castle without batting an eye. - Poptropica

4 She talks to animals even though she isn't Dr. Dolittle

Okay, this one was kind of a joke, (a bad one) but talking to animals is just... we. Why doesn't she go out and find some friends. - Poptropica

5 She waited for her Prince

Year 1: Princey will come!
Year 2: I KNOW he will come!
Year 3: I'm 63, but I know he'll come!

Heaven: I KNOW he will come!

Yikes - Poptropica

6 She had no life goals

Maybe sweep some floors, do some chores, but other than that? - Poptropica

7 She's kind of stupid

If the Prince truly loved her (magically) why would it matter what she wears? What happened to "don't judge a book by its cover? " - Poptropica

8 She didn't try to improve her situation

She just swept and swept and then got married. She didn't try to do nothing. Didn't make side cash to get her nice things, just went to slave mode. - Poptropica

9 She never stood up for herself

So I should just wait for Prince somebody to stop it all? - Poptropica

10 She wasn't the least bit upset about how her step-family treated her

Not even a resentful glance, NOTHING! - Poptropica

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