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1 He looks like a walrus

Really, Cartoon Network? You can do better than this. - nintendofan126

I may get napalmed more than Vietnam for saying this but I like Clarence - CerealGuy

It's rude to judge people by their looks. - Discord1

I am the walrus! - SammySpore

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2 The characters are ugly

What about Dustin? Jeff and Sumo are NOT ugly.

Characters ugly...NOT! There are not ugly, I'll tell you what's ugly: Belson "Dirtbag" Noles
Sumo's not ugly, Dustin's not ugly, your UGLY!

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3 It makes no sense

It's a show, about a stupid fat kid, that looks like a walrus. - nintendofan126

4 It's not funny

I find it stupid. Look up why you should never watch it on YouTube. I was the one who made the video!

I agree with all of this. Clarence should be called weird kid

I've never seen it, and I don't plan to. - nintendofan126

It I said very funny, better than the "power" puff girls

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5 It's brainwashing

I once heard, that this show is brainwashing, and when ever I look at it... I look away. - nintendofan126

I wouldn't trust a show created by a vengeful psychopathic rapist either!

6 Cartoon Network thinks kids like it, but they don't

SpongeBob SquarePants is better than this Crap

I like SpongeBob, but I like it and I'm a 11 year old kid.

I like it, too. Plus, I'm also 11. It's a good show. I just don't like Lil Buddy.

I love this show so stfu u jerk

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7 It's stupid

He is like he eats 20 drugs every day

8 The characters are gross
9 It's a bad show for kids

My reasons

1. Clarence is disgusting he's a floor eater and always likes gross things

2. Jeff is annoying all he cares about is safety

3. The red head girl is annoying

4. They have terrible voices

I agree with all of this, but this entry should be #1. It's a HORRIBLE influence. - aarond9010

Guess what? In my show, there are some Clarence characters that are going to be in it. They have "better voice actors".

Promotes stupidity, breaking rules, and making people who aren't happy miserable.

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10 It's weird

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11 Clarence is dumb
12 His voice

He sounds like, Lumpy space princess. - nintendofan126

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13 It's boring

Like who on earth would anyone want to see Clarence and his lame life? It should be based on Sumo because of the fact that it would be more interesting.

I agree. What was Cartoon Network thinking? What happened to all the good shows like ed edd n eddy or courage the cowardly dog?

No it's not

14 It's Inappropriate

Ryan/Sumo is an inbred hillbilly, that's pretty Inappropriate!

No it's not you drunk Clarence hater

They once made a joke about that bug going into Belson's eye. THAT COULD OF BEEN SERIOUS!

Sumo is a smoker
Clarence is fat and diluted
Jeff is a mental weirdo germaphobe who has lesbian parents

15 This show has no point

It is a bad show for a number of reasons:

1. It makes fun of mentally/socially challenged people (watch ANY episode and you will see)

2. It is an Ed Edd n Eddy rip-off that has not gone anywhere since day one (there has been ZERO character development and they never learn from their experiences)

3. It teaches bad morals (it teaches kids to run off with strangers [Ice Cream Hunt] and like TTG, that they can do anything they want with no consequences [Any Episode])

4. It has homosexual couples (even a hetero couple is inappropriate for a kids show, let alone a same-sex one. It is not Cartoon Network's job to expose kids to that, it is the parents')

5. Even though Clarence is one of the lowest rated (possibly do to the inane plots and its being created by a rapist, or both) cartoon network still airs it, and refreshes it's contract for new seasons.

16 It's not interesting

Not Intresting, Not Entertaining, Boring Is More Like It.

17 Ryan looks ugly

And he sounds like he's an 80 year old who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day

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18 His father is a lazy drunk person

He really is. And sumo's dad is an example of hillbilly white trash

19 It's still on the air

I know I wish It was of air

No let it stay on the air


20 Even though Belson hates him he still bothers him

If someone told me they hated me I wouldn't bother speaking to them. - aarond9010

This makes him even more annoying as he tries to corrupt a kid with his stupidity.

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1. It's stupid
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1. It makes no sense
2. He looks like a walrus
3. The characters are ugly
1. The characters aren't likable
2. It's annoying
3. Boring plots

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