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21 It makes Breadwinners look genius

Wait really? Is it true? - GenoKenneth

22 It's An Ed Edd n Eddy Ripoff

Ed Edd n Eddy is way worse than Clarence. Clarence is the best show! - Pixtol

It's a terrible Ed Edd n Eddy ripoff.

23 Bad plots

Yeah I Know Right, Goddammit! Cartoon Network Just Please Cancel This Show Already!

The old ones were the gemstones of that show, but now it's like BLLPPHHTTT!

24 There's no good action
25 It is not funny

It's so dumb it makes me want to punch his face throw him in a sack and feed him to the tigers in a zoo

He's funny - Pixtol

26 Bad voice acting

Sumo sounds like a smoker, Clarence's voice is too deep for a kid, Percy sounds whinny, there's a girl that sounds like a man. Jeff is the only one with a decent voice

Actually Jeff's voice would have been more appropriate for that one girl who sounds like a man

27 It's a bad influence on children
28 He is stupid

I mean who puts bees in a piƱata who sees a mountain lion and says oh no a bear who becomes best friends with raccoons and finaly I'm gonna drop a bomb on his house

29 Jeff's head is weird
30 He has a stupid imagination
31 Even though Clarence is one of the least watched shows, Cartoon Network still airs it
32 Sumo sounds like he's 90 V 1 Comment
33 Jeff is too young to date
34 His mom is weird
35 His cheeks are huge

He always looks like he's eating something

Hey drunk clarance hater maybe he ate your buttcheeks and he likes it so much that he can't stop chewing them

36 Terrible attempt to mimic an 80's cartoon
37 Having gay characters on a kids show.

Cartoon Network isn't the place to teach kids about homosexuality. Parents should be the ones to do that. This subject would be more appropriate on an Adult Swim show.

There are only 2 characters
1.jeffs parents:seriously there both female Jeff has no dad
2.unnamed characters

V 1 Comment
38 Teaches kids to not follow the rules

You people are completely retarded kids aren't that stupid unless your a stupid parent

So apparently, you watch a show that supports rule breaking, homosexuality, and makes fun of the mentally challenged? - aarond9010

V 2 Comments
39 The show is getting worse. V 1 Comment
40 The morality is all over the place

There is a character named Joshua who gets punished for just doing his job or because of Clarence, usually rather grusumely

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1. It's stupid
2. It's weird
3. It's boring
1. It makes no sense
2. He looks like a walrus
3. The characters are ugly
1. The characters aren't likable
2. It's annoying
3. Boring plots

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