Worst Things About a Computer

List of all thing that make you want to smash your computer.

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21 Pop-ups

Pop goes the annoying pop-ups - Neonco31

Get Linux and/or Chrome - Kaboom

Script errors for example.
Can't even go on mediafire.
With script errors every time you move the mouse a script error pops up.
Its it is a pop up.

22 When CD-ROM games don't work even though your computer fits the requirment

Who still uses CD-ROM games anyway? - Kaboom

It is the worst scenario. you buy a game you wanted for so long, update your computer to fit in the requirements, spend your all money on it and gosh it dosen't work. so frustrating. happened to me many times. always painfull. even more when the same game runs on a friend's pc.

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23 When it does not have sound

the one thing I really love about laptops is there's not a million speakers, it takes me forever sometimes to figure out why my desktop won't talk to me - I<3Queen

Get rid of windows - Kaboom

Especially if you have many mp3 songs in your PC and you just can't stop listening to them. It will be a disaster to have no sound - Neonco31

24 The internet connection speed depends on the performance of the computer

it also causes uncontinuable downloads and uploads - ronluna

esp when your computer is so slow

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25 Hackers

I'll hack them to pieces (Lol) - Neonco31

Lol I am a haker

26 It becomes so laggy when you open dozens of websites, videos etc

Your fault, not your computer's - Kaboom

27 Very limited storage capacity and it becames unusable once it is 100 percent filled

Get rid of windows, clear your cache, DELETE SOFTWARE YOU DON'T USE! - Kaboom

28 When the computer freezes on an awkward page

Get rid of windows - Kaboom

29 Malware

I'll kill the creators of the virus

So its basically computer poison? - aarond9010

This malware imputs a random toolbar and the toolbar and website will slowly kill your computer, it is very bad.

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30 Low Ram or Memory

Get rid of windows - Kaboom

Me:*loads up computer* Alright now *goes on Google*
Computer:Your memory is low!

31 Script Errors
32 Download failed at 99%

When you have to download a large file and then you get this, EPIC FAIL! - Neonco31

Especially when you download 100GB file. - njalabi63989

33 When you shut it down all the pictures are gone

Get rid of windows - Kaboom

You keep saying "Get rid of windows" again and again. It's annoying! - Neonco31

34 Faulty Components

Believe it or not, that is Microsoft's fault. So, Get rid of windows - Kaboom

35 Spyware
36 When it's too old and you need to make tons of downloads
37 Very expensive

Because the MacBook Pro 15 inch is very expensive then I have to get a MacBook Air. - njalabi63989

I hate it very much how things are getting expensive, the prices are need to be lowerd to save people money (and I'm not kidding, really, lower them).

I wouldn't even pay $1 for a PC or mac. I do all my computing on a cheapo Android tablet. Get a tablet, they are better than PCs and macs. - Kaboom

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38 When everyone [collectively] using a computer blames a perfectly legitimate game for a crappy network/computer.

Sorry, glitch - Kaboom

No - Kaboom

39 History

People can be nosey on your computer

40 Glitchy Software

Get rid of windows, and use highly rated software - Kaboom

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