Worst Things About "Cool" Kids

I made this list because from first grade onwards, I have had to deal with cool kids, who are not even cool or popular, they are fake and just mean. I try to be civil towards them, but sometimes I just wanna bang my head into my desk.

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1 They are bullies

Bullies are losers and vermin who should be removed from the earth - TwilightKitsune

Honestly this list just proves a stereotype that's getting overlooked. And I'm an outcast at school... - ProPanda

They think hurting other people is cool. Me, it's not! - Neonco31

Super duper mean

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2 They call you "weird"

It's weird how they are breathing... - EliHbk

3 They don't watch cartoons

All they watch is Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Spongebob Squarepants. - DynastiSugarPop

The cartoons they do watch are bad ones like Breadlosers and Pickle and Peanut.

4 They try to be popular but really aren't

I don't care about popularity in my place - Neonco31

These are called wannabes!

5 They laugh at people who are not "cool"

When I was in 5th grade, a 2nd grader and her sister laughed at me. - DynastiSugarPop

Only of they act retarded or are retarded - EpicJake

Only if they're being a spazmoid to us. Or if they are a spazmoid. - Puga

6 They trick people into liking them

In 4th grade, the mean kids there forced other kids to work for them, and thus every kid idolized them. Also, the mean kids just pretend to be nice to people, so more people like them and they can get more popularity and thus more authority. Also, they trick the teachers into liking them. Our teacher lets the Gossip Kids get away with basically whatever. Swearing, sex jokes, yelling, etc. - cartoonfan101

Cartoonfan101 I can relate to what you're saying - TwilightKitsune

That's their fault for being weak enough to bandwagon. Pathetic spazmoids. - Puga

7 They are annoying

As opposed to Martin and William telling canc Star Wars jokes - Puga

8 They only wear Adidas and Nike

How is this a bad thing? That's like saying someone's the worst person in the world because they eat too much junk food. - EpicJake

9 They obsess over their crushes

All I see is teenagers going on relationships just to hang out with their love interests. There's a kid at my school who tells a secret about my boyfriend. - DynastiSugarPop

Never been to a boys school.

Also it's fun to talk about other crushes. Did you know that Colin squeezed Alannah's knee? - Puga

10 They are disgusting

When why do girls always want to be around us? - EpicJake

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11 They are foolish

I know a lot of nerds with gpas below a 3.0, while a lot cool kids have gpas of a 3.5 and above. - Therandom

12 They only care about their looks

Of course, they despise the school lunch, but while the lunches in my 2 previous schools were far worse, this lunch is actually decent. some of them buy the school lunch, and they're very careful only to buy salads. nothing against salads by the way, but the popular kids sometimes don't even eat anything for lunch, like this kid Jeremy doesn't even buy the school lunch or brings stuff from home at times. the popular kids' goal is to be skinny as a toothpick, basically being anorexic or however you spell it. and they always dress like supermodels, always wearing expensive jewelry and designer dresses, and highlights in their hair. they spend all their time in the bathroom putting on makeup, trust me I've seen it before once. they probably think that anyone who doesn't dress like a supermodel is ugly. plus, they make fun of people with acne. I have acne all over my forehead. well EXCUSE ME, there is a thing called p u b e r t y, and everyone gets it, and acne is part of puberty. so ...more - cartoonfan101

13 They spend their lives on social media

I love the toptens, but I don't spend my life there...but the gossip kids (which is my new name for them) spend all of their life outside school on social media. they always have group chats on instagram and they always use vine, instagram, snapchat, and musically. - cartoonfan101

I have a Twitter account and a YouTube account which I spend about 2 hours on daily. Much betterthan spending hours daily branding groups of people as singular entitys with the same emotions. Try again. - Puga

14 They are disrespectful to everyone

Its fun. - Therandom

Because it's funny. Bald people should be eradicated off the Earth. - Puga

15 They don't follow the school rules

And face punishment for it? What's your point? - Puga

16 They hate anime

This is a good thing actually - EpicJake

Respect opinions! >:(

This is pretty cool in my opinion. - Therandom

Thus making them cool automatically.

Wow I literally debunked the entire list - Puga

17 They bully you for liking things they think are childish

I have an anger issue, and once when I watched Gravity Falls during break time(recess), one of them came to me and called me childish, and I got angry about it that I instantly paused it, turned off my phone and I had a rage, and it was all of my defense and I still got into trouble, and he didn't, my true friends who hate those popular kids and my parents gave me support and defended me though, but I still would only watch animation with my friends or when there's none or just a few of them at my school.

It's kinda fun actually - EpicJake

Nobody in my school ever bullied me for liking MLP, which may sound childish to them - Neonco31

18 They talk way too much

All they talk about is everything. - DynastiSugarPop

@DnastiSugarPop Are you racist or something?! - NikBrusk

19 They bully you for your taste in music

Listen to your Kanye, but beware of karate in the pit! - EliHbk

If they force me to listen to bad Pop music (I do like Pop but not all of it), I'd bring out my mp3 and play Metallica. If they try to attack me? I'll punch them first! - Neonco31

Me: My favorite band is Pink Floyd (not really, just an example)
Them: You are stupid, go listen to Miley Cyrus, she is way better
Me: You mean Hannah Montana? NO!
Them: (pushes me off cliff)(just an exaggeration)

20 They ALL have iPhones

They are SO spoiled! Every kid in my youth group (except me) has a phone. And not a cheap phone either!

21 They walk around like they are the kings of the school
22 They call you names
23 They don't care about how well they do in school

All the other items are the reasons why. - EpicJake

This is just a lie. - Puga

24 They only wear Northface and Uggs

Never heard of either in my life. - Puga

It's American. And they're for girls, so you'd probably like them lol. - Therandom

25 They're popular kids

No shbfuiebviefbit, sherlock - EliHbk

26 They are plastics wannabes
27 They are hypocrites

The Kids At My Hebrew School Say Rock And Metal Are Horrible When They Haven't Even Listened To It - Du

28 They're idiots
29 They have poor taste in music

Yeah, tell me about it - EliHbk

30 They have Supreme stickers on everything they own
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