Top Ten Worst Things About Crash Bandicoot I

I love the game, but it has its fair share of flaws, more so than the next two games.

The Top Ten Worst Things About Crash Bandicoot I

1 The save system

Thank god they fixed this feature in the remake. - egnomac

Indeed. I like the game perfectly fine, but the asinine saving system (where you have to either complete massive chunks of the game to save or collect bonus tokens to gain one) makes the game a drag to play through at points, and spoils the game a lot of the time. - Mrveteran

You have to collect 3 bonus tokens of a particular kind. Once you collect all three, you are transported to a bonus round. This is the only way you can save level progress; die and you can't reenter. Some levels have no bonus round, further making it hard to save. Gem saves and key saves only save their respective items.

The save system was much improved in the later games. - purpleyoshi98

2 Gem collecting

Good thing they fixed this in the remake where the box counter doesn't restart when you die its only the colored gems that are the ones you have to complete the level break every box without dying. - egnomac

Breaking every box without dying is harder than it seems. Some levels are very long, and if you die once after collecting a checkpoint you have to start over, a very frustrating feature. - purpleyoshi98

3 The stiff controls

Terrible when you're running from a boulder. - purpleyoshi98

4 How it suddenly gets so hard on the second island

Not good for first time players. - purpleyoshi98

5 Crash's model

Is it just me, or does Crash look a lot dumber and more clueless in this game? Not his worst model, but still not as good as some. - purpleyoshi98

6 It didn't really do that much different from other platformers

Granted it was a good game, but this game didn't do anything new in the way of platforming games. - purpleyoshi98

7 The easy bosses

These are some of the easiest bosses I've ever fought. Papu Papu and Pinstripe are simply dodging their attacks and then attacking them. Koala Kong and N Brio are attacking them indirectly (although Brio has a small segment where you jump on his head three times.)

Only Ripper Roo and Cortex were a bit tricky, and even then they were much easier than the levels. - purpleyoshi98

8 Fumbling in the dark

This level is unfairly hard, and that's all that needs to be said. Thankfully, you don't have to unlock it to beat the game, but it's a b*tch for 100% completion. - purpleyoshi98

9 Stormy Ascent almost being in the game

If this level was in the original it would be almost impossible to get the gem as the counter resets every time you died and this level is ridiculously difficult the level can be accessed in the original game via a game shark. - egnomac

10 The opening cutscene

It's alright, but kind of out of reach. When you leave it on the menu screen for about 15 seconds, a cutscenes appears. You might not know what's happening if it's your first time playing the game.

Regardless of that, the story is pretty good, although it leaves a lot of questions unanswered. - purpleyoshi98

The Contenders

11 How long some levels are

Such as Sunset Vista, Native Fortress, The Lab, Slippery Climb, Jaws of Darkness, and The Lost City. Remember, if you die while trying to get the gem, you have to start the whole thing over. - purpleyoshi98

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