Worst Things About Creepypastas

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1 The Fantards

They force people to become creepypasta fans and start flame wars for not being a fan.

I get not liking people like this, but please don't use a form of the word retarded. It's offensive.

So annoying

2 Jeff the Killer Fangirls

They are idiots, annoying, saying things like: "He's so cute and hot"... What?! How is a deformed killer attractive in ANY way?

How is a physcopathic serial killer hot? Like, how is that even possible? - RiverClanRocks

Excuse me while I rant
1. Jeff the killer would not fall in love with some "kawaii desu" neko with a tragic backstory.

Jeff the killer fangirls are EVERYWHERE. They spam the internet saying things like "Jeffi is my husband! " and call you a faggot for not liking him.

3 Turning Everything Into a Creepypasta

It doesn't matter what it is. EVERYTHING gets a pasta story. We Bare Bears allready got a creepyoasta a few hours ago after airing on T.V..

4 They Aren't Even Scary

What's so scary about a photoshopped dog?

5 Music Videos

I don't call a slideshow a music video. They just take overused pictures from other videos and paste a different song.

6 Spamming Comments

And I thought the "Sonic99Rae sent me here" comments were a problem. Go to the jeffree star I'm in love with a killer song, scroll down to the comments and see what I mean.

7 The Fans Get Butthurt
8 Love Quizzes

No creepypasta would love you, they are KILLERS!

They make quizes about who's your creepypasta boyfriend and the faingirls freak out if they don't get who they wanted.

9 Porn

Who would make porn of horror characters? - RiverClanRocks

10 Roleplayers

If a fangirl sees her favorite pasta roleplayer this is what happens: *glomps jeff* *kisses on the mouth* *strips him naked* This roleplaying conversation is actually copied and pasted from a REAL roleplay game.

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11 The Snobbish Part of Fandom

I'm talking about those guys that have nothing else to do than whine about their most hated creepypasta stories (usually it's Jeff the KIller, Clockwork and Sonic.exe). And there's a whole lot of them, and every single one keeps repeating the same thing over and over again, making the same points and nitpicking the same things. Could you please stop rewriting the same thing and go do something that's actually useful?

12 Oc's
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