Top 10 Worst Things About Crush 40

Classic Sonic games mainly are rad.
Saturn Era Sonic games are generally good, but the controls have issues and gameplay is more weirder.
Dreamcast Era Sonic games had an awful start (because they introduced Crush 40, a repetitive-sounding English cast and new character designs that are too skinny and unfair), even if they are considerately classic.
You can't sing, Tony Harnell, and neither can Jun Senoue, who sings even worse than Justin Bieber & Ariana Grande. Bowling for Soup sang a Sonic song, too! Auggh, these rock bands where the lead singer is over-obsessed with teen stereotypes. Now, let's find out why Crush 40 is truly an extremely pathetic, overrated (despite little attention and the fact that multiple non-Sonic fans actually would dislike Crush 40) and annoying band (possibly the worst band of all time) whom even One Direction and a Justin Bieber band (where Selena Gomez plays drums and eventually voices MeeMee from Super Monkey Ball and Baby Pac-Man in her teen/adult years), Justin Bieber plays guitar (no member of the band sings because they cannot sing) and Miley Cyrus plays the turntables. Even Blood & the Dance Floor & the Jonas Bros. Are better than Crush 40.

The sole decent Crush 40 song is "We Can", because it actually teaches you a perfect lesson - to be able to do anything masterful. Linkin Park, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Guns n' Roses and Fall Out Boy are the greatest rock bands ever, they seriously are very talented and the tunes of their music are creative and really mind-blowing.

Princess Peach & Daisy from Mario have such annoying voices that make them sound like miscast teen girls and they think Peach & Daisy have radical, godly voices (when Princess Peach is voiced by Jen Taylor/Nicole Mills/Sam Kelly and Princess Daisy is voiced by Deanna Mustard) and Rosalina has an annoying voice (that would be wrong, you ungrateful Princess Peach fanfags! )

The Top Ten

1 Tony Harnell/Jun Senoue's singing voice makes him sound like a male teen with an annoying heavy metal voice

Not really in my opinion... have you heard some of their newer music? It's a lot better than the older music. (2 Nights 2 Remember is amazing ) plus its Johnny Gioeli and not Tony Hardell

2 Their annoying, overdosed heavy metal/rock music/tunes
3 Live & Learn
4 Jun Senoue's/Tony Harnell's singing voice sounds like fake singing and like a bratty teen boy's

Ok first off, it isn't Tony Harnell. It's Johnny Gioeli. Jun rarely sings second off, he's mainly guitar, so this argument is irrelevant and if you want to critique id perfer you do your research first.

5 It's an all-male rock band that is over-obsessed with Modern Sonic
6 Every song except for We Can and Escape from the City Classic Remix is terrible and underwhelming

Cash Cash is so much better than Crush 40 musically and mainly.

7 Teens are overly obsessed with them
8 The Sonic Adventure series has an annoying soundtrack because of Crush 40

Actually, I hate Nikki Gregoroff's My Sweet Passion way more! Sonic is too good for Amy Rose, which is why Blaze the Cat, members of Team Sonic and Team Dark is underrated as hell. I HATE SONAMY!

9 The Fanbase
10 Sonic the Hedgehog's theme songs!

The Contenders

11 They love every publication/series of Archie Comics
12 It ruined Jun Senoue's way of composing gaming music
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