Top Ten Worst Things About Culture After 2009


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1 We Rely Way Too Much On Technology

All terrorist have to do is knock out our electricity and we are toast - RustyNail

Born in 2009 or later?
You DO realize you're talking about children 6 years old and younger?
"They rely too much on technology"?
"Many still smoke"?
And on, and on, et cetera.
Seriously, is anybody thinking out there?

2 Many Still Smoke
3 They Mess With Their Phones Too Much

Walking down the streets looking down. - RustyNail

4 We Overreact In Extreme Ways If It Involves African Americans
5 Texting / Calling / Messing With the Phone While Driving
6 Music Artist Are Famous Because of Looks, Not Talent

Beaver and one direction. All they are is a way that record companies use to get money, no joke. - RustyNail

7 Girls Wearing Clothes That Makes Them Like Like a Slut

I personally have no problem with it. But is like 11-25 year olds wear tight outfits or stuff that exposes a lot of skin. - RustyNail

8 Many Still Don't Like Gays

I'm really happy that the government allowed gays / Lesbos get married in all states. Hell I have a Bisexual friend. He and I are damn great friends. It what about that military man who was almost killed by his comrades because of this. And it was when they had to do a series job/ mission - RustyNail

9 Teenage Pregnancy

How hard is it to control your urges. Here's a list of advice. Don't be alone with another person of opposite sex. Don't get drunk. Or at least where a condom or take a pill. - RustyNail

10 Underage Drinking

Many teenagers are becoming hipsters

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11 Parents Letting Their Children Consume Inappropriate Media
12 Pointless Challenges
13 Teenage girls being dainty and racist in favor of Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, anti-feminism, Miley Cyrus, Jacob Sartorius and Nickelodeon
14 People Obsessed with My Little Pony
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