Top 10 Worst Things About DeviantART

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21 Core Membership
22 The Loud House Memes
23 People who create an account just to comment and favorite

This should be lower on the list. Some people just don't draw. Some people just want to be able to tell someone how amazing their art is and to be able to favorite their art and watch their favorite artists. What is wrong with that? - scourgeisdabest

24 Inflation Fetish

There's a girl on here called darkskylash who actually draws good art of gaming characters inflated/expanded.

Everyone else overdoes it.


25 Anti-Stamps

SO,so, so mean.

26 Crappy Crossovers
27 Ridiculously high amount of fetish art

Seriously, it's disgusting! No one wants to see Nicole Watterson inflated or Rainbow Dash in a dirty diaper!

I hate these! No one wants to see Dora the Explorer inflated, Manjimutt in a dirty diaper, or FNaF characters in hideous Sonic forms swallowing each other! It's just gross! - Powerfulgirl10

28 GirlsvoreBoys

I hate her! She even made vore of Planet Dolan (which is one of my favorite channels on Youtube) and Yandere Simulator.- Vestalis

I don't care about her but I do know that's she ruineds everything that I love like the amazing world of gumball,the loud house,gravity falls,pokemon,undertale,maybe bendy and the ink machine I'm not sure and star vs the forces of evil - TinyToonsGirl45

29 Old Style
30 "I Liek Mudkipz" Meme
31 Wannabes
32 Annoying Ads
33 Trojans and Intrusion Virus
34 Feminazis
35 Memes
36 Five Nights at Freddy's

I like fnaf but I agree - TinyToonsGirl45

37 Hate Art
38 Everyone Supporting Another's Horrible Art

Nothing on internet is more horrible than to see a lot of people supporting a shaming adventure time fan art!

Why do a lot of dimwits support porn, fetish, and that kind of stuff? - Powerfulgirl10

Deviantart is full of horrible adventure time fanart and unfortunately many people praise it although it's offensive to the show!

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39 OCs

Most OCs are good as long as you balance them. - Swellow

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40 Homestuck Fanbase
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