Top Ten Worst Things About Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul Movie

The Top Ten Worst Things About Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul Movie

1 The new cast!

The acting is awful.

Pretty much why not as many people like this one as much as the other 3.

The original acting was 11/10 but this is -11/10

NoT mY RodRICk

2 Character development

The new cast makes another problem: Bad character development. Everyone in the movie is now boring and lame. - robertoiglesias271

3 Jokes

The movie's new jokes are just dumb and crappy. Don't get me started on this. - robertoiglesias271

The jokes were not even funny and were more disgusting than funny really😒 Diaper hands, there is no comedy in the movie whatsoever.

4 Skipping books 5-8

Didn't exactly start off great, either. - mattstat716

This reason really is a big problem. The stupid crew just rushed from the 3rd and 4th books to the 9th book. That's like the Harry Potter movie series skipping books 4-8 to make the cursed child movie. what?! - robertoiglesias271

5 So many changes

This movie is like the middle school movie. They both mess up the film and make too much changes. - robertoiglesias271

6 The trailer

The trailer makes this movie look like Planet of the Apes(2001) and makes the movie weaker. - robertoiglesias271

7 Rowley tags along

In the book, Rowley does not go on the trip, but in the movie he does. This just shows how bad Greg's family is and how Rowley had to go from a minor to a main character in the film. - robertoiglesias271

What?! He was in it for like 2 seconds._.

8 Rowley again

Rowley traveling sucks, but he does not do anything! What was the point of him if he is going to be like Greg's shadow that isn't noticed?! - robertoiglesias271

9 Rodrick

The heck he looks so emo

He doesn't even look like the book character.

Is this REALLY him? - mattstat716

10 Greg and Rowley Look 8 Years Old

The Contenders

11 The Pig

The pig looks stupid, is stupid as hell, and really is just so sad! The pig is either not making any action in the film or causes so much action it's horrible! Ugh! - robertoiglesias271

Hated it in both the book AND the movie.
Oh, *joy.* - mattstat716

12 The plot

The plot is boring, has no actual climax, rising action, or falling action, and sucks! This really doesn't do any good for the movie. - robertoiglesias271

13 The acting was bad

Very bad

14 It doesn't fit with the other movies

The other movies were actually pretty funny. This one was pretty bad, we all know that. Especially that they now look NOTHING like the book. And do you remember that scene where they were in the car, about to start the road trip, and Greg and Rodrick just pull out their PHONES- Which they never even had in the first place? In the other movies(and all the books), Greg never had a phone. Nope, never. His parents only got him some ladybug phone, which could only call either home, or 911(basically not an actual smart phone). So where did the phones come from? There was never a scene where they got those. Also, in Dog Days, Greg was practically already teenager. In the new cast, he looks young again(like 8 or something). And his mom is just more annoying.

Same with the guy below, Greg never had a phone! He only had a ladybug that calls home or 911! Also I get that they had to replace the old cast because y know it's been 5 years since the last one but they could've at least made them look like who they are! Greg looks like a 3rd grader even though he's suppose to be a teenager! And Rodrick looks like his old self+ an emo+squidward tentacles+a lesbian=this! Also the jokes are very unfunny like the "diaper hands joke". This movie sucks no wonder why it only grossed 40 mil whereas the 1st three movies grossed around 70mil!

15 Susan Heffley has a terrible role.
16 It relies on too much bathroom humour
17 Could’ve Brought Back the Old Cast for the Adults and Rodrick

If the old adult characters were back, at least it wouldn’t make it too awkward to watch.

18 The book is less boring
19 The diaper hands thing
20 Charlie Wright
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