My Terrible Disneyland Experience!

MegaSoulhero Hey, guys! I just recently went to Disneyland on Saturday of Labor Day weekend. This shouldn't really be that much of a surprise since I have an annual pass and I go there a lot. I was looking forward to this particular Disney trip because I just started my third year of college so I needed something enjoyable to happen to me over the weekend. So I went and I'm here to tell you IT SUCKED!!!!!!!!

Out of all the times that I have been to Disneyland, this is one of the worst times! I have some pretty big things to rant about as well as some very minor things. First off, when my sister and I got inside Disney California Adventure, we went to get fastpasses for Mission Breakout and then we went to Carsland. And then when we got to Carsland, my sister realized she left her spray bottle at the Mission Breakout fastpass distribution area! Seriously! How do you forget something as big and heavy as a spray bottle!? So I had to wait for her in Carsland for a few minutes so she could get it back! Which she did because a cast member found it. Still, this is the third Disney trip in a row in which she forgot something and I had to wait for her! AND IT WON'T BE THE LAST TIME!!!! And yeah. She had a spray bottle. Which leads to another problem. IT WAS HOT!!!! I knew it would be hot, but so did my sister and she still decided to come! And throughout the day, she kept complaining! If you choose to go to Disneyland, you gotta at least try to not complain! I agree with her that it was hot, but at least I wasn't complaining out loud! On the bright side, the parks were practically empty. By the way, we went on Radiator Springs Racers which had a surprisingly short line. In case you don't know, RSR is a Cars themed ride in which you race other guests. AND OUR CAR LOST!!! Not only that, but I looked terrible in the picture!

We went on the Little Mermaid ride to get out of the heat. I took a few little videos to post in my Instagram stories, but I lost one of them. It was the video I took of Ursula! One of my favorite animatronics! I was so angry! And then we went on California Screamin' the roller coaster. When I got on,y restraint wouldn't go all the way down! It went down far enough to keep me safe, but I was really annoyed that I could still kind of make it move up slightly. It didn't fully go down until the launch at the beginning because physics. And during the actual ride, I forgot to remove my ear buds from around my neck. So that kind of bothered me. And when we got lunch, we had to sit OUTSIDE! In the heat! And it got even hotter! And there was this annoying kid! I'll get to that later. After that we went on Mission Breakout. There's a totally of 6 songs in the ride and I've gotten 5 of them. The only one I haven't gotten is Born to be Wild. I was really hoping today would be the day! But instead, we got Hit Me With Your Best Shot! A song I really enjoy, but I've gotten that variation before! Oh, and Grizzly River Run was closed. I normally hate that ride, but I was very desperate to cool off. So I was very upset that it was closed on such a hot day!

Over in Disneyland park, things didn't get any better. In Pirates of the Caribbean, okay admittedly, nothing bad happened during that ride. Except for one of the animatronics not working. But other than that, the ride went well. And after, we went on Big Thunder Mountain for its 38th anniversary. And we got front row on the ride! Ugh! You're probably thinking "But isn't front row good?" NOT ON BIG THUNDER MOUNTAIN! It's an obstructed view! The locomotive in the front makes it hard to see things in front of us! I know that shouldn't matter on a roller coaster, but it still bothered me. And we went on Peter Pan's Flight. That pretty much speaks for itself. Because that ride always has long lines despite being such a very short ride. We went to go watch the Soundsational parade and oh boy! This was infuriating!

While we were waiting for the parade, the kids near us were atrocious! There was this one Asian kid next to us, no surprise there, who kept on misbehaving! He kept on running away from his father! He went over to another family and tried to steal their balloon! He tried to steal our spray bottle! And when the parade started, he attempted to run in the street while it was going on! I'm just glad his dad did a decent job of controlling him. And there was this couple sitting across from us with a two year old girl. They kept letting their child walk away! Even though she had a chance of getting hurt! She managed to walk FAR away from them! And the parents weren't even doing anything! They were just watching her! Wow! The mother eventually got her, and then a few minutes later the kid ran away again. And this time the father got her. If the kid got hurt, it would be their fault! That is child endangerment! And there were these other kids sitting next to us during the parade and one of them kept grabbing onto me! It hurt! It seems like there were a lot more annoying kids than usual! And I blame the parents! Even while I was eating lunch, this one kid was using a bubble wand and the bubbles kept floating in my direction! I don't want bubble juice in my food!

I haven't even gotten to the worst part yet! I rode It's a Small World! Yep! It was so hot that I needed air conditioning! So I decided to ride It's a Small World and it was torture! Another great way of cooling off is riding Splash Mountain. Which we tried to do, BUT IT BROKE DOWN RIGHT WHEN WE GOT TO THE FRONT OF THE LINE!!!! We tried waiting to see if they would fix it, but they said it would take an hour. We had dinner and then my sister and I decided to split up for a little bit and do our own things. I went on Indiana Jones Adventure. Nothing bad happened there. And then I went on Jungle Cruise. At one point, the Jungle Cruise skipper accidentally hit my hand and almost made me drop my phone. Also, the the jokes were even worse than usual. Practically everything he says during the ride is a pun! Then I went on Star Tours. While waiting in line, a cast member was asking if there were any single riders in line. I raised my hand but someone else raised their hand before me so he got to go ahead. Plus, I'm pretty sure he wasn't alone! He was talking to someone in line as if he's known him for a while! So I think he lied about being the only one in his group! I could be wrong though. After that, I went on Matterhorn and I hurt my back. Yeah. That ride is painful. Also, when I got off the ride, I ALMOST lost a small but important part of my camera! Luckily, I found it on the seat. Still, I have no idea how it fell off! It has never fallen off in the two years that I had the camera!

After meeting up with my sister, we went on Pinocchio. An animatronic was missing from the ride. Also, I've been wondering this for years but why doesn't Pinocchio turn into a real boy at the end of the ride? To end our night, we saw Fantasmic! The people around us were annoying! Especially this one girl who kept bumping into me! On the bright side, I switched places with my sister. During the actual show, first of all, the changed Elizabeth Swann's dialogue in the Pirates of the Caribbean segment which I will upload a video of on YouTube, second of all, during the dragon scene, THERE WAS BARELY ANY FIRE ON THE RIVER!!!! Only one side of the river was on fire! The rest of the fire wasn't working! And during the finale of the show, some guy in the fastpass viewing area thought it would be a good idea to stand up and dance. Not caring that he's obstructing people's view!

This was one of the worst Disneyland days of my entire life! There were some good things that happened such as the lines being short, but I had a lot of bad luck on this trip! I hope next time will be even better. I'm planning to go back on my birthday which is October 1st. I'll be 20 that day.


Ah man, sorry it didn't work out that well. - visitor

Man, that's got to suck. Sorry about your bad Disneyland trip. People must be really rude and have poor manners at these Disney theme parks. While I have yet to even go to a Disney theme park in my lifetime, I remember having a bad experience at a Wet n' Wild water park. It was actually my birthday that day when I went to Wet n' Wild. Everything was going smoothly until me and my dad were sliding down a water slide on a tube and then we slipped. As a result, I broke my collarbone and had to wear a shoulder strap along with an ice pack to treat my injury until it healed.

My personal life experiences aside, I hope when you go to Disneyland again for your birthday that your experience turns out much better than this time. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Oh god, that's awful. - TwilightKitsune

Woah... - PeeledBanana

I went to Disneyland in France when I was about 8 years old. It was fun there. - TwilightKitsune

So you're mad because your car lost - LarrytheFairy

Oh wow. Disneyland decided not to function when you were there. This is sad but also kind of funny cause you'll look back at this and laugh - DCfnaf

No offense, but you use to many explanation points. - Skullkid755

I don’t want to sound calm during a rant. - MegaSoulhero

Not using them much makes you sound pissed off but not like you're sitting across from someone at a table and shouting the rant to them. Like an angry tone in your voice that isn't to loud. - Skullkid755

Also are you a bit spoiled or something - LarrytheFairy

Yes, but I don’t see what that has to do with this. - MegaSoulhero

Because a lot of this stuff isn't worth ranting about like your sister forgetting a spray can. - Skullkid755

Yes he is - iliekpiez

At least you admit that you're a little spoiled. But that has everything to do with this. No offense, but this post is kind of whiny. I can get down with some of these reasons like Splash Mountain breaking down, but others are kind of ridiculous.
- You had a terrible time because your sister was complaining? First of all, you're complaining on this post. Second of all, there are users on here who have siblings that sexually assault them.
- You had a terrible time because your sister forgot something in the car and you had to wait? You said this happened tons of times before, so just chill out. It's not that big of a deal.
- You had a terrible time because you lost a car race and looked awful in the picture? The whole point was to have fun, not win the race.
- You had a terrible time because you lost a video for Instagram? Please.
- You had a terrible time because kids were misbehaving? You're in Disney Land. Were you expected to see civilized beings with suits on that talk about business matters?

I could go on, but you get my point. There are people that can't even afford to go here. You've been able to go plenty of times, and you act whiny about ridiculous little things. - DCfnaf

This really isn't worth complaining about. People are gonna think you're a spoiled brat. Maybe you are. Maybe not. - IronSabbathPriest

I am spoiled - MegaSoulhero

Obviously. - Skullkid755

MegaSoulhero and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. - ProPanda

Sorry about your experience at Disneyland.

Disneyland used to be a great place, but now it's out of control.
Screaming kids, frustrated parents, the heat, ride breakdowns, high prices, and really long lines.
There are high prices for everything there, they're too expensive, yet the whole place is expensive and it's just crazy losing their control on rides and merch.

Not everyone can afford a hundred dollars JUST to go to Disney.

Disney lost their reputation on magic and it's no fun to visit anymore.

And speaking of heat, the worst victims of heat are the character actors because they have to burn in their costumes and become dehydrated and have heatstroke, and they also have to suffer getting beaten up by guests.
Yet guests get beaten up too.

Yet as for the guests, they're exposed to the Sun and get sunburned badly and the worst cases happen when new rides open and they have to wait multiple hours to ride them, and often sometimes the long lines are outside and people get baked in the sun(Finding Nemo: Submarine Voyage, Radiator Springs Racers & GOTG: Mission Breakout).
So sunscreen is very important on a Disney trip, even in any kind of weather.

And rides break down especially if they're new or if they're wearing down, or the worst cases are if irresponsible people mess with loose items.

In fact, Disney has become so greedy and they want guests to give them their money, so they replace/retheme great classic attractions into movie-themed garbage (like Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout) yet the money-giving fans are crazy enough to have waited 7 hours in the sun for a 2 minute 10 second ride.
Cars Land was crazy enough too that they had to wait 6 hours to ride Radiator Springs Racers.

Once Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opens, it's gonna be crazy.
People are gonna wait a whole day(including all hours in the heat), lose control and stampede over it and the new rides.
It's gonna be the worst time at Disneyland for months and years.

I hope your bad experience is left behind and never happens again.
The magic is gone. - Gregory

These reasons do not make for a terrible day at all. I could only understand you getting angry if your phone fell into the river. But not nearly. - iliekpiez