Top Ten Worst Things About Dogs


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1 They chew things

They do this because of boredom. This is why when I get a dog I will buy plenty of toys for it to play with

Blight go eat dog crap you mutt lover

This is one of the worst lists i’ve ever seen on TTT.

2 They poop and pee on your yard

I bet whoever made this poops and pees his/her pants - Peppapigsucks

If I get one I will teach it to use the human toilet

How is that any different than a baby going in their diaper? You are sick and twisted if you think all dogs should spend their entire life in a shelter or rescue center until they either get put to sleep or starved! Can't we just accept each other's differences?

Where else will they go to use the bathroom?

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3 They drool

This list makes me :( Dogs love us anyways, and we probably do a lot of things that annoy them, too! Just put up with it and stop hating on dogs. The reward for putting up with your dog is that he/she loves you no matter what.

4 They bark and wake you up

This should be number 1. My neighbourhood has been pretty much always quiet until someone in our street had a dog a few weeks ago. This dog will sometimes just bark for an hour or more without ever stopping or slowing down. Of course the biggest blame is the owner(s) who just don't pay attention. Or they're deaf. I think this dog is also triggering the other dogs here, who are usually quiet, to constantly bark. It's extremely annoying and people who let their dog bark all day or don't teach them to not bark so loud and often should not have dogs at all - lol999

I like being woke up in the morning!

5 They smell bad

Only if you are an irresponsible owner and don't wash your dog.

Cats smell SO MUCH WORSE! Literally, there's this one Cat, peeing under my window every day... UGH! - Blight

6 They bite you

Yeah, because you have to bother a cat to get it to scratch your eyes out. Same thing with dogs. One time my friends little sister go nipped by their dog. But honestly she should have left the poor thing alone

If you did something so terribly terrible to them, they give you a little nip. Cats claw out your eyes. - Blight

7 They lick you

Hey dogs are so cute when they lick you! I have one who licks my face and I love it!

I love it when my dog licks me honestly


That's lovely when they lick you and it tickles.

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8 You have to walk them

If you have problems with these, you're just irresponsible. - PositronWildhawk

I'm not talking about all kinds of dogs - TheHabsFan

You're being lazy. - Blight

9 They jump on you

My aunt's yorkie did this

10 They're loud

Sure they may be louder than cats but most dogs are usually quiet

The sound of Cats fighting wakes me up every morning. Every morning. They make unnatural, screeching sounds. - Blight

One of my aunts has a yorkie that constantly barks at everything. It’s really annoying. It also hates me. It jumped on me and tried to bite me...twice! And I didn’t even do anything! What the heck did I even do?

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11 They dig holes in your yard

It's because they smell something. They have a good sense of smell. - Blight

12 They carry fleas

Cats do, too. And not all Dogs! In fact, Cats carry more fleas than Dogs. - Blight

13 They are stupid

They act like a retarded being who runs on dog food.

14 They bark for no reason
15 They eat way too fast

My mom just fed my dog and filled his bowl with chicken and he ate it faster than I though is actually possible. He ate in like 4 or 5 seconds. I am not exaggerating. It is totally the truth. Wow, I am think my dog has superpowers because I didn't know it was actually possible for a dog to eat that fast! - DrayTopTens

16 They pee
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