Top Ten Worst Things About Donald Trump Being Elected President

America voted, and Donald Trump is set to become the 45th President of the United States of America. While the majority of the U.S. of A. is pleased with the results, there's are strongly-divided opinions towards the outcome. For those who view these historic results as negative, this list is for you. Please consider that this list does not necessarily reflect the opinions of myself, and that I have created a companion list that represents those of the opposite opinion, also.

The Top Ten

Trump's Opinion of Global Warming

And people try to justify this.

This kinda scares me. - LemonComputer

This is one major thing I'm concerned about. I heard he's also cutting environmental programs - Mcgillacuddy

As a conservative, I know that global warming is real, it's a fact.

The World's Opinion of the U.S.

In Europe we call Americans Trumpanzees now! I know that not every American is a Trump supporter ( thank for that ) but Trump has given America such a bad name now that most people in Europe thinks that Americans are plain stupid.

We're all going to be seen as racist now. - AnonymousChick

Worst President in the U.S. history... - Goku02

There were two types of voters this year:

The ones who took him literally, but not seriously.
The ones who took him seriously, but not literally. - AnonymousChick

The Great Wall of Mexico

Funny that the Trump haters still pretend that he did not explain how it would be paid for. A "tax" on cash remittances wired to Mexico, exactly like local sales taxes are added to pay for a variety of local projects. Besides, tech advances mean that the reality is that it will be an "electronic wall".

No idea how taxes work? You're maybe older than 10 years but you have no idea at all! It has nothing to do with taxes! When the FTA was signed in 1988 between Canada and the United States which eliminates barriers to trade in goods and services and in investments, the United States soon signed the same deal with Mexico in 1994 ( what became NAFTA ). The only problem for " his stupid " wall is NAFTA. Trump wants to renegotiate the deal. If Mexico and Canada ( and loose the deals with Canada also ) will not accept those renegotiations the only thing Trump can do is withdraw from it which will create problems at the World Trade Organisation. So, keep dreaming for the Mexican- paid wall.

Obviously, Trump is a big jerk for this one. He states to everyone that he wants to build a wall around Mexico, which I find to be stupid and dumb. My dad wouldn't stop complaining about the wall this one time (I don't remember when that happened) - Stazemar000

This would be a grand waste of American money. But I do believe he would do it. Maybe that trust in word says something. - keycha1n

The whole wall thing is so idiotic and mainly a political stunt to get votes in my opinion. Even after this, US and Mexico are still close friends like before, and why can't he build an electric fence? It's cheaper and easier to build and maintain - styLIShT

Trump's Islamophobia

He has too many good muslim friends that he can't be islamophobic, so he won't - styLIShT

Farewell to Marriage Equality

He has never threatened gay marriage. He has said he isn't for it, but there's nothing that proves he will put that to policy. Can you imagine how many potential votes that would cost him? Not to mention, both Clinton & Obama have previously stated they weren't for gay marriage, but neither of them put it in their policies. - Mrveteran

Trump is comfortable with gay marriage, but healthcare and income inequality are going to get much worse. - Caleb9000

I support LGBT rights - Neonco31

Suppression of the Media

The "peaceful" protesters last night in Los Angeles sexually assaulted a female police officer, not to mention destroyed property. Ironically, when they blocked the freeway and prevented people from going home for hours, virtually all of the people affected were Hillary voters.

Trump's Stand on Gun Regulation

Viva Las Vegas!

We Might See an Increase in Police Brutality
Instead of Fixing the Problems with Obamacare, He Will Repeal It Altogether
Trump's Against Immigrants

And what is a " legal " immigrant? Someone asking before a wall if there's work? Someone with a white skin? Someone like Ivana Trump? Someone with a Harvard degree ( corruption of classes )?

The Contenders

The EPA Will Be Ruined

When Richard Nixon originally set up the EPA back in the early 1970's, it was well constructed. It will be fine.

If this hppens I don't want to sealed in a dome - epictoonsfan1

Trump's Anti-Abortion

He's anti-abortion? Why is the birthcontrol pill not covered as medical need and spendings anymore then? Just because Obama had this in his Healthcare program? At the other hand, Viagra is still covered! Conservatives are making no sense.

The Protests Won't Come Close to Letting Up
He does nothing about mass shootings
Trump is Against Vaccines
Income Inequality is Going to Increase
Republicans Have Complete Control of the Government
He will go to war with China because of Taiwan
Trump is Anti-Gay Marriage
Trump "Motivating" America
Trump is involved with conspiracy theories

Added to that, he also has these right-wing conspiracy theorists, like Alex Jones of InfoWars fame supporting him. - AlexTopTens

He'll Rewrite Reality Using the Media
Travel Ban
His budget threatens to derail long distance Amtrak service
Trump removing laws that protect animals

This should be number one animals matter way more than people - ihatetrump

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