Worst Things About Donald Trump Haters

I hate Donald Trump myself, too, but his hatedom is ridiculously insane to the point people will do absurd things to prevent him from winning.
(NOTE - This list is from my views. If you're going to insult me, let alone attempt to get the list deleted, then please go away)

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1 They only help his campaign

Why do there have to be so many violent protesters? They don't realize violence is just going to make more people side with Donald Trump out of sympathy for him and hatred for the way they're abusing their freedom of speech by endangering other people who don't have the same opinion as them. If I were a protester, I definitely wouldn't be the one throwing rocks at police officers. I hate Donald Trump, but I don't believe violence is necessary to protest against him. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Violence and threats only make people sympathetic for the person being threatened, and since people do that, people who didn't care about Donald at first might start to vote for him because of sympathy. - Swellow

I agree with this list. There are very few people who hate trump for legitimate reasons. - Therandom

Trust me, I've campaigned against Duterte, and it never worked against him; it just made his campaign stronger. The same would happen with Trump, since the issue in the Philippines and in America's elections are very similar.

2 They take the wall, an idea that probably won't happen, way too seriously

Sorry, but it's very unlikely a wall is going to be built, suggesting it would most likely end up like Berlin Wall. However, people take this so seriously that they ignore his even worse goals. - Swellow

The wall isn't impossible but it doesn't look like it will be built soon.

The Congress would immediately reject it - RedAce66

It's just like taking Rodrigo Duterte's jokes too seriously.

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3 They waste their time focusing on an already terrible election

Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, and John McCain are corrupt establishment candidates as well. Get someone like Ron/Rand Paul or Bernie Sanders even if they have there flaws but they will always be better than Trump or Hillary. Better yet pick someone who isn't funded by the wealthy elite to win. These elections have always been a puppet show for the Zionist corporate elites and the 2016 election is nothing more than a reflection of that.

The general public mostly has very unfavorable views of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The 2016 presidential election could potentially become the most controversial presidential election in U.S. history. Back when Barack Obama and Mitt Romney were running against each other, it was just a fierce political competition for the White House. But with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, it could possibly disturb the peace... if you know what I mean. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

4 They are all over the internet

I hate Donald Trump a lot too! But your right. People take it too far with the hate. It's getting old and should stop. And this is coming from someone who doesn't like him or support him. - cosmo

He's practically the new Justin Beiber now. But on the bright side, it's better to have them on the Internet rather than let them be violent protesters beating up Donald Trump supporters. Again, I don't favor violence in these kinds of political situations. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

5 They think hating anime is a reason to hate him, when it is simply just an opinion

Anyone who doesn't like anime is not very smart - Jada

I think this has something to do with me adding "He hates anime" on the list of Top 10 Reasons Why Donald Trump Shouldn't Win the 2016 Presidential Election... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

What? I don't think he even knows what anime is, at all. That was just a joke. He does not hate anime.

To Swellow: You are taking things far too seriously.

When did he say he hates anime? And even if he hates it, so what? Not everyone can like the same thing.

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6 They judge his campaign by his horrid looks instead of his absurd goals

Why judge him on his looks? What about his narcissism and arrogance? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

7 They think moving to another country will solve their problems

If you're going to move from country to country every time you hate the president, you're going to lead a nomadic life eventually. - Swellow

8 Their massive ego is much bigger than his

This list is true. - RiverClanRocks

9 They think he's gonna deport every Muslim and immigrant, which he isn't. He's gonna deport those that are in the country illegally

This has to be #1. I'm tired of seeing idiots having this kind of mentality against Trump.

If you came to this country legally, then stay, I have no problem. If you are here illegally- GET_OUT!. Its not racist people, people that come over here illegally often can't speak english ( if your going to another country to live there, learn the main language), take our jobs cause they can be paid less, and bring all types of drugs into the country.. this will help the country - RustyNail

Enough saying he hates all Muslims when he was great friends with Muhammad Ali. In fact he endorsed Trump days before he mysteriously died, which makes me think Obama had him murdered - bobbythebrony

Obama didn't have him murdered, he died of septic shock. Seriously?! - WonkeyDude98

This is a good point, Trump is not racist to the point he'd ban legal immigrants America is a melting pot, but illegal ingredients will cause it to boil over. - WitheredBonnie

10 They keep comparing him to Adolf Hitler

Let's get real people. Trump's not a racist psychopath. He's just dumb as a rock.

I know I used to compare Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler a lot, I admit that. Like come on, Donald Trump is just an egotistical narcissist, not someone who is going to make concentration camps for illegal immigrants, Mexicans, and Muslims. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

You can't compare Trump to Hitler.

Donald Trump would have concentration camps with muslims in them if he could.


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11 They'll come up with terrible solutions to stop him from winning
12 They overly worship Bernie Sanders like a messiah

Probably because they like him more than Hillary Clinton. But I do have to admit we kinda overrate him too much. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Ugh, these people annoy me. Not the same Sanders fans who just like him, the crazy ones. - RiverClanRocks

He's not perfect either, he's just some grandpa who wants everyone to have everything...by taking out retirement money from the same people. - WitheredBonnie

13 They Worship Obama and Hilary
14 They don't see the good he's actually doing

He's doing great day things for USA

15 They only read the MSM and opinions that support only their viewpoint
16 When they protest they don't pick any reasons that are grounded on reality
17 They won't let the election go
18 They believe CNN
19 They label every Trump-voter as racist, and refuse to listen to their point of view.

A lot of Trump-haters, especially those who worship Clinton and Obama, will never even so much as entertain the idea of hearing why people voted for Trump - even those who voted two times for Obama. They smear these people and label them as racists and sexists. Trump-haters are so obsessed with identity politics that they can't even fathom the idea that for some people, with real problems to worry about (such as poverty, homelessness and unemployment), identity politics is not exactly their #1 priority.
In retrospect, they absolutely refuses to see anything wrong with their Goddess Hillary and her prophet Barry. If you so much as dare to criticize either one of them they will label you a "sexist" and "racist" to silence you, because they have no actual counter argument.
And most of these people are upper middle class kids who has gotten everything handed to them from their rich parents, who thrive under the current system. Similarly, they use their gender, skin color, sexuality ...more

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1. They only help his campaign
2. They take the wall, an idea that probably won't happen, way too seriously
3. They waste their time focusing on an already terrible election


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