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21 He is a bigot

So true in my opinion - Stazemar000

22 His foot size is bigger than his IQ

He has actually a high IQ. The thing is that he uses his intelligence to manipulate, to corrupt etc... A criminal IQ.


23 He tried to ban Muslims
24 We can't impeach him
25 He hired Ajit Pai as FCC chairman
26 He endorsed PETA and the Westboro Baptist Church
27 He hates Mexicans He hates Mexicans

When are people going to stop saying Trump hates Mexicans? He doesn't! He only hates the illegals. If you want to immigrate to a country you have to do it legally. The same rules apply to other countries other than the USA.

I have a friend who speaks Spanish and is part of the Mexican culture. Trump needs to DIE DIE DIE! - Stazemar000

28 He wants to cut Amtrak’s funding

If that happened, 220 cities would lose Amtrak train service, thanks to the worst president ever. - railfan99

29 He has funny hair

If he had better hair than there would be less reasons why people hate him - FerrariDude64

30 He is fat

This is very true, so he and all other fat people should be forcibly starved until they are the approved weight for their height.

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31 He is stupid
32 He's cocky
33 He called other countries “s***hole countries”

This man has no sense of human decency towards other countries internationally and I'm still appalled as to how people still think Trump isn't a racist. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

34 He supported the repeal of Net Neutrality
35 He cut funding for historically black colleges
36 He cut funding for childhood cancer research
37 He is a dumb blonde
38 He is ugly
39 His idea of import tariff

Import tariff is one of the fastest way to crash an economy. - SamuiNeko

40 Endorsement from David Duke and the KKK
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1. He's racist
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3. He could start World War III

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