Worst Things About Dora

The Top Ten Worst Things About Dora

1 She is a bad example for kids

She's ugly and annoying and stupid and mentally retarded and, and, and...

What kind of parents would let their child go exploring alone?
Let's face it your not going to see talking anything ok!?

Yeah, she walks out the door without her parents knowing... o-o

What parent would let their kid leave the house without permission?!?! - OhioStateBuckeyes

2 She is as blind as a bat

You have missed the point.
She is asking the little ones if they can see it.
Not you.

"Wheres the big red hill" Well obviously it's behind you yet every time I say that you seem to not notice or acknowledge what I say until three more attempts.

Where is the enormous mountain? Do you see the enormous mountain? (Starts staring at you) umm right there how can you not see a mountain (continues staring for 10 seconds) oh there it is! Now how do we get there?

There's literally the item you wanted us to find right in front of you. You're flipping staring at it, are you blind or something, Dora? This is just what I think whenever she asks when I was younger.

3 Her shirt is too small

I once saw a picture of Dora giving a high five to boots and I saw her belly button.

I mean we can see her stomach. Go home and change that shirt and get off my T.V.!

It's like she ate too much food or she is fat, she really needs to get a shirt her size.

It looks like she has been wearing it since she was 3 she is about 5

4 Dora asks for things when they are right in front of her

Where is the phone? (What Dora didn't know is that she was making a comment on this list). I said, where's the phone?

Maybe a song can represented her mental status. "Did you see my bag? Did you see my bag? "

She can't see, she needs to die.

Yeah she really can't

5 She's stupid

Yeah, like how do you not see a mountain that's like right behind you or a rover in front of you. Like HELLO it's right there turn around and look or just look then go across. Also if I were her at that age my mom and dad (they were married at that time) would have gotten really mad at me and I would have been in a lot of trouble. Also she does repeat the same Spanish words over and over again and I know people who speak Spanish and they sound nothing like Dora at all.

This should be crown king #1. She is blind as a bat. Can't hear. Is making kids scream too much. What a bad stupid example. She possibly is drunk by donuts...

I agree in Dora and Friends Dora doesn't even know how to multiply a 15 year old kid should already know how to multiply

She's like a damn parrot. How can she NOT see what is in-front of or behind her? Does she have a disease or something? - Stazemar000

6 She's an overrated character

That is what the o in her name!

She is too overrated

She's not really overrated... Everyone kinda hates her. - Oliveleaf

She is overhated to be honest. Not overrated. - TheFourthWorld

7 She's a girl

Really guys?! Nothing is wrong with her being a girl. Being a girl is just fine. There are much more terrible things about this fat little kid, such as she teaches children it's okay to eat too much junk food by creating her fat. Plus, on one episode she actually CHASED and ice cream truck. Kids that do that in real life get seriously hurt. So please, just remove this from the list.

What the hell? Being a girl doesn't make her bad! - EpicJake

What that should not be #1. ;( she is stupid should be first

This is just stupid! Gender doesn't prove if anything is good or bad. - Jake09

8 No GPS or iPhone

Come on this is the 21st century 2013 and she's out with a retarded map

Its 2019 And She Still Using A Stupid Paper Map
Smartphone Exists
Dora is A retarded 1956 Girl

Six-year-olds do not need an iPhone. When they are going out by themselves, however, a flip phone is definitely necessary. Back when the show first aired, iPhones did not even exist. - anonygirl

And why would a four year old need a phone?

9 Her parents are not good parents

Her parents are absolutely terrible. They let their child go off into the harsh wilderness where she could die. Also, her mother never even scolds her. I would like to see her get spanked hard by her mother until her bum is bright red

Who let's their ' kid wonder in the wilderness without being concerned of their child dying or getting badly hurt.

Dora's parents are such idiots. Dora starts off the episode already gone. Her parents didn't even know!

What kind of parents let their child go exploring alone with a monkey in the woods or in a forest where she could DIE?!

No1 cartoon parents they let their daughter go 100 miles from their house and they never get Dora to a eye doctor of hearing Doctor also put her in school so she can learn to look for things herself and they let her have a pet monkey

10 Football shaped head

Bang her head in the ground. Touchdown!

Stewie Griffin has one too but he's not annoying like this Latin girl.

It's not a football head, though the head shape changes nothing with the fact that she's still a super lame character.

Please, don't marry stewie form family guy! - darkfox808

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11 Everything is alive and has a face

The trees, grass, mountains everything has a face! Backpack and the Map are annoying with their stupid song WE GET IT! - EpicJake

If this show goes on, even AIR will have a face!

I know, it's creepy

The oven talks, the microwave talks, the stairs talk.

12 She never turns 8

In the show she's seven. But I still hate the show.

This show lasted 2000-2015 she should have gotten older - Mrsantaclaw33033

I thought she was four.

I thought she was four too - xXkillermachineXx

13 She's for babies

Exactly for BABIES so... why are we complaining about her again? - xXkillermachineXx

I know it's for little kids, but that's not why I hate her? I hate her because her show like I get how it's trying to get people to learn Spanish, but it's the same thing and she doesn't really have a Spanish accent, plus I don't understand how she can't see things that are right in front of her, and I don't understand her adventures. Just because a show is for little kids doesn't mean that they can't put any effort into it.

I feel sorry for them if I watch it I'll have projectile vomiting. Just kidding, but still I hate that fat retard!

Just because she's for babies doesn't make her bad! Babies need something to watch, too! - DoraAndFriendsFan

14 She asks for help too much

If you watch Dora and Friends: into the city she asks for help. Dora is a complete teenager she should know how to handle thing on her own

Shes a ugly weird and she has a fox and shes like. Swiper no swiping if she took over cartoon network I bet that she. Would take away regular show and put max and ruby bluhgh

Doras mom needs to spank. dora dora does not tell her mom were she is going

Backpack backpack I'm the map I'm the map

15 She is lazy

She won't look for a mountian Behind her in good weather AND she is too lazy to look at her map!

She can't even open her backpack dude just LEARN TO UNZIP YOUR BUSTED UGLY BACKPACK.

Amen. - Miauzer

16 She Has Another Show

No... not more Dora.

17 She interrupts conversations

One day,

My friend, Connie & I got kidnapped by a tall guy wearing a gray sweater, black pants, brown shoes, and a black eye-mask. He was wearing a black beanie as well---

He turned the speakers up to 20, and forced us to watch "Dora The Explorer"

We were both tied up onto a poll and I reminded Connie to tell Dora what her favorite part was

Connie got annoyed when The "We Did It! " Song came on

Then, I reminded her once again

Dora: What was your favorite part?

Connie: Well, I like the part where you go die in a---

Dora: I liked that part too!


(Connie does a special move to save us from the ropes)

Then, she grabs a baseball bat and slams the screen, making it glitch

The guy runs in and Connie knocks him out with the bat

We run out of his house and cheer

One day, me and my friend Angela were sitting in a McDonald's restaurant and somehow Dora The Explorer pops-up on the T.V. Screen. Parker and I are all confused, like "What the hell? "

The little kids noticed Dora on the screen and we're all like "WOW! "

At the ending, Dora is standing next to her monkey, Boots and asks this question...

(Here's a full transcript of how Me and Angela reacted when we heard her say that)

Dora: What was your favorite part?

Angela: Well, I like the part where you---

Dora: I like that part too!



Dora: what part did you like? Me: well I liked the part where pikachu used thunderbolt on y- Dora: me too! Me: but I wasn't done Dora you are a jerk

After reading these comments, I'm genuinely concerned for the lot of you. The show doesn't allow you a second to answer, so your response is "RAAARGH HOW DARE YOU THAT'S IT I'M WRITING FANFICTION WHERE YOU AND ANYONE WHO LIKES YOU ROTS IN HELL". - BlarchBlaces

18 Her Spanish

She pronounces Spanish words incorrectly. That makes the younger audience that doesn't know Spanish pronounce the words incorrectly. Imagine if the kids were suppose to speak Spanish correctly but doesn't say them correctly because of Dora. Or like if it was included to get into a job? Dora, just say them clearly and correctly already!

This proves us that it's a racist show, it offends other races.

I can't even understand her! IHola! Soy Dora. Boots doesn't even know Spanish. Why did you have to put in a monkey that doesn't even understand Spanish?!

Uno Dos Treis. It Is Tres!

19 Her head's too big

It is the shaped like a foot ball. Slam her head touchdown

No headism please - Ikura

That’s a dumb reason if you ask me. - MrCoolC


20 She cannot shut up

I don't like dora because she talks to much and needs to stop talking so much because she is so annoying

Yeah she screams a lot in the morning at 7am I even have to leave the volume at 10

Very talkative.

Its true what maniac would do that

21 The newer episodes aren't as good as the older ones.
22 She's on Nick Jr.

Dora is like the 2nd show I ever knew on nick jr.

Duh, ot's the targeted age group.

Why Does That Matter? 😐

23 She's deaf

She keeps screaming to the audience " Louder! " as if she didn't have a brain. She is so mentally retarded.

No, she's not deaf not literally.

Lmao, yes. - Miauzer

24 Pedophiliac fox

I see what you did there

I think it will take more than that satanic chant to scare away bootysnatchin swiper

This fox is pathetic.All you have to do is say a 3 letter sentence and he runs his ass away - Mrsantaclaw33033

PedoBear seal of approval! - darkfox808

25 She wears pink

Sure I hate the color with a passion, but how is that wrong to wear it if you like it?

Okay...why is that wrong?

She's a girl, it's ok.

Shes a girl... - xXkillermachineXx

26 She asks where stuff is when it's behind her

Diego sometimes does that too.

How shes a girl on firsst place that is so sexist and is not even bad why would people vote that - simpsondude

27 She talks to strangers

She talks to strangers like some random lion who tells them he wants to go to the circus. How do they know he's not gonna eat them?

She even teaches kids to talk to everyone even if they are not nice.

I hope her parents ground her.

Animals don't even like the circus.

28 We used to like it

I cannot believe I used to like this show when I was little to about grade 2 or 3, it sucks - trains45

I can't believe we used to like this it sucks

Want to make us like it now bake her say bad words.

I used to watch it all the time when I was little but, then I grew up and every time I see dora I am like "what was I thinking" and lots of time my mom would bring up Dora at any giving time. It annoys me so much. - CartoonsGirl

29 Terrible animation

I've seen worse.

It's never in 3d

I was viewing this list with Ryu once. I saw this opinion and Ryu said:

Ryu: Terrible animation? More like horrible animation! "
Me: I have to agree with you.

I've seen much, much, much, worse. - xXkillermachineXx

30 The songs

Yeah the back pack and we did it song sucks and always gets stuck in my head - trains45

I was in Spanish class and we were talking about coquis, because we were learning about Puerto Rico, and kids kept blasting the coqui coqui song on their phones. No wonder it sounds like cocaine cocain

Don't get me started about her songs they are torturous to my ears.

:destroys T.V.:

31 Dora is dumb

She ask where is everything and like I can't

32 Dora screams too loud

Agree. She could lose her voice. About time, man. If Dora loses her voice, we'd all be very proud.

She makes my eardrums pop out, makes TIE Fighters explode, and shatters glass with her loud voice!

She does I will fill up the rifle

She makes my head blow up she sounds like a screaming goat

33 She's boring

Dora is so boring 😪

34 She has a football head

It would be cool if Arnold Shortman and Stewie Griffin would beat up Dora because they're better characters with football heads!

35 She goes on failure adventures
36 She Crosses Over with Go Diego Go!

I liked diego more than dora when I was little - xXkillermachineXx

37 She's Mexican

That is super racist right there I can't believe you said that

That's racist

That is SO racist whoever put that on here is a racist

That's SO rude and racist - xXkillermachineXx

38 She's for 3 years olds

Your friend needs medical help

I have a friend named Yostin and he is 9 and likes Dora.

Rember ha ha ha dora she is a door

39 She gets all the credit

DORA! Don't take the credit to your own damn self. You made us help you because YOU WERE BLIND! WHY DO YOU TAKE THE CREDIT, YOU NEVER DID ANYTHING!

You should watch this episode of drake and josh when crazy steve is watching dora and she asks where the map is and he says, Dora, you're the one with the map, don't ask me.

"Thank you Dora" "What do we do Dora? " "Thanks for saving me Dora." "You should rule the world Dora."

Where is my "Thank you"?! She does'nt do anything but tell us what to do!

40 Her voice makes our ears bleed

She is the loudest character ever, I can put the volume in the minus and I still hear her screaming, WHERE ISTHE BIG RED HILL?!

41 She likes everyone

Dora likes everyone I don't care about that because dora likening everyone yeah right

She keeps talking to loser people and things

She is a stupid airhead

42 Her bum sticks out

So dissirbing and weird dora you are a dumb ass

43 Boots is a bad name

It's true what kind of name is Boots!? That's his name just because he wears them!?! No wonder this show is #1 on the top 10worst Nick Jr shows

It's like naming Bowser Evil turtle, or naming Godzilla Cheesy farts or calling the G. I joe figures Army and Stuff, or calling Hot wheels... Ehh... Yaneh

Its like naming toad "mushroom", or patrick "sea star'', or jake ''dog"

44 She eats with here mouth wide open

When I was about 5 years old, I liked Dora. And I always ate food with my mouth closed. Dora thinks eating with her mouth open is good manners, so I ate like Dora. however, Guile told me that eating with my mouth open is bad table manners, so I went back to eating with my mouth closed and helped Guile smash all of my Dora DVD's at the age of 6.

45 Spongebob is associated with her

Made by the same company? Well I know SpongeBob has more fans. Well the ages for the shows are different obviously. But now I understand the Dora hate. SpongeBob is a dumb show for older kids since season one. Oh and remember when the captain said I can't hear you? What does that remind you of Dora asking you whatever.

They're just made by the same company.

46 She's getting a spin off show

At least that annoying monkey, Boots is not on that show and her other annoying animal friends too!

It's basically a prettier, more grown-up version of her doing the exact same thing only now she actually has human friends

Yes. It's called Dora And Friends. Why Nick, WHY?!?! - DoraAndFriendsFan

At least is better than the actual show but I Still Hate Dora

47 She is a Disgrace to the 2000s
48 She has no friends

so true

49 The merchandising
50 The interactive parts
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