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21 She wears pink

Sure I hate the color with a passion, but how is that wrong to wear it if you like it?

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22 She asks where stuff is when it's behind her

How shes a girl on firsst place that is so sexist and is not even bad why would people vote that - simpsondude

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23 She talks to strangers

She talks to strangers like some random lion who tells them he wants to go to the circus. How do they know he's not gonna eat them?

She even teaches kids to talk to everyone even if they are not nice.

Animals don't even like the circus.

I hope her parents ground her.

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24 She Has Another Show
25 Terrible animation V 2 Comments
26 We used to like it

I can't believe we used to like this it sucks

Want to make us like it now bake her say bad words.

I used to watch it all the time when I was little but, then I grew up and every time I see dora I am like "what was I thinking" and lots of time my mom would bring up Dora at any giving time. It annoys me so much. - CartoonsGirl

I never liked it. Beloved it or not - TheKirbyCreeper999

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27 She never turns 8

In the show she's seven. But I still hate the show.

This show lasted 2000-2015 she should have gotten older - Mrsantaclaw33033

I thought she was four.

Actually in the show, she is 8

28 Dora is dumb

She ask where is everything and like I can't

29 She has no friends
30 Dora screams too loud

Agree. She could lose her voice. About time, man. If Dora loses her voice, we'd all be very proud.

She makes my eardrums pop out, makes TIE Fighters explode, and shatters glass with her loud voice!

She does I will fill up the rifle

She makes my head blow up she sounds like a screaming goat

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31 Pedophiliac fox

I see what you did there

I think it will take more than that satanic chant to scare away bootysnatchin swiper

This fox is pathetic.All you have to do is say a 3 letter sentence and he runs his ass away - Mrsantaclaw33033

PedoBear seal of approval! - darkfox808

32 She goes on failure adventures
33 She Crosses Over with Go Diego Go!
34 She's for 3 years olds

Your friend needs medical help

I have a friend named Yostin and he is 9 and likes Dora.

Rember ha ha ha dora she is a door

35 She has a football head

It would be cool if Arnold Shortman and Stewie Griffin would beat up Dora because they're better characters with football heads!

36 The songs V 1 Comment
37 Her voice makes our ears bleed

She is the loudest character ever, I can put the volume in the minus and I still hear her screaming, WHERE ISTHE BIG RED HILL?!

38 She likes everyone

Dora likes everyone I don't care about that because dora likening everyone yeah right

She keeps talking to loser people and things

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39 Her bum sticks out V 1 Comment
40 Boots is a bad name

It's true what kind of name is Boots!? That's his name just because he wears them!?! No wonder this show is #1 on the top 10worst Nick Jr shows

It's like naming Bowser Evil turtle, or naming Godzilla Cheesy farts or calling the G. I joe figures Army and Stuff, or calling Hot wheels... Ehh... Yaneh

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