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41 She eats with here mouth wide open

When I was about 5 years old, I liked Dora. And I always ate food with my mouth closed. Dora thinks eating with her mouth open is good manners, so I ate like Dora. however, Guile told me that eating with my mouth open is bad table manners, so I went back to eating with my mouth closed and helped Guile smash all of my Dora DVD's at the age of 6.

42 She's getting a spin off show

It's basically a prettier, more grown-up version of her doing the exact same thing only now she actually has human friends

Yes. It's called Dora And Friends. Why Nick, WHY?!?! - DoraAndFriendsFan

At least that annoying monkey, Boots is not on that show and her other annoying animal friends too!

At least is better than the actual show but I Still Hate Dora

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43 She is a Disgrace to the 2000s
44 The merchandising
45 The interactive parts
46 She has a big belly

I saw some fanmade image with Dora's guts so big. Just type "Dora big gut" and the image I was just talking 'bout now is the first image on the list.

47 She is very annoying
48 She talks too much

Dora should stop talking because she talks to muck so annoying put duck tape on her mouth for gods shake

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49 Her voice is weird

It's not as bad as Fred's

And in the grounded series her voice is Kayla. - Murvine_Taylor

Are we seriously talking about GoAnimate again?


50 She says swiper no swiping V 1 Comment
51 She helps with nothing
52 She's boring V 1 Comment
53 She has a show
54 Her manners are atrocious!
55 She gets all the credit

You should watch this episode of drake and josh when crazy steve is watching dora and she asks where the map is and he says, Dora, you're the one with the map, don't ask me.

"Thank you Dora" "What do we do Dora? " "Thanks for saving me Dora." "You should rule the world Dora."

Where is my "Thank you"?! She does'nt do anything but tell us what to do!

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56 She is a Mary Sue V 1 Comment
57 They Made Dora's Pirate Adventure

Ugh. First of all, this thing sucks for a lot of reasons. The plot makes no sense, Dora wants to have a play and wants to get it back, even when it's too late, They got John Leguizamo to voice the Pirate Pig who acted as Sid the sloth from Ice Age, They don't bother to go around all the obstacles, Diego is a differ voice actor, Baby Jaguar doesn't bother to speak English, Swiper dramatically sings "Oh, man" and runs away, she gets all the applause at the end of the play, who puts clothes in a treasure box anyway?! And just saying give us back our treasure will give Dora's play costumes back

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58 She got another show
59 She knows nothing
60 Spongebob is associated with her

They're just made by the same company.

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1. She is a bad example for kids
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3. Her Spanish
1. Terrible animation
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1. She is very annoying
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