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61 They Made Dora's Pirate Adventure

Ugh. First of all, this thing sucks for a lot of reasons. The plot makes no sense, Dora wants to have a play and wants to get it back, even when it's too late, They got John Leguizamo to voice the Pirate Pig who acted as Sid the sloth from Ice Age, They don't bother to go around all the obstacles, Diego is a differ voice actor, Baby Jaguar doesn't bother to speak English, Swiper dramatically sings "Oh, man" and runs away, she gets all the applause at the end of the play, who puts clothes in a treasure box anyway?! And just saying give us back our treasure will give Dora's play costumes back


62 She got another show
63 She knows nothing
64 Spongebob is associated with her

They're just made by the same company.

65 No crossovers

What about Go Diego Go! She had some crossovers with that show. (They're both not good in my opinion.)

66 Some Dora merchandise is sold for little girls
67 Dora is too mild mannered
68 Dora is repetitive

All shows have different plots, except for Dora. Dora has the same plot over and over, just like what M. Bison mentioned.

69 Dora is mental
70 She is stupid
71 She is blind as a bat
72 She yells
73 She has animal friends
74 She eats too much junk food

She eats candy sweets fries and other junk food

She teached me how to eat a lot of junk now I'm fat thanks to that $#*t@$$ b*t c#

75 She likes Boots

That Stupid Annoying Monkey

76 The Insect Band

I want to squish them with my foot

77 She is for babies

This Is On The List Already

78 Sleeping Boots
79 She only exists to sell toys
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1. She is a bad example for kids
2. She's stupid
3. Her Spanish
1. Terrible animation
2. Dora is dumb
3. She has no friends
1. She is a bad example for kids
2. She interrupts conversations
3. She is lazy

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