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21 Goku being a midget
22 Uub's Power Level

Personally, this is what ticks me off the most. Goku basically ditched his family and friends to train Uub for ten years. Uub doesn't even really fight until about episode 30, and even then, after all of the training he did with Goku, who, as said earlier, ditched everyone he knew specifically to train Uub, and, after merging with Majin Buu, he is still pathetic. They used Uub terribly, when really, they could've made him be the one to defeat Baby or give him a more important place in GT then this.

23 Goku transformed into a kid V 2 Comments
24 Giru

He is a robot who has a crush on Pan. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Danger! Pan! Danger! Pan! This is the most
Annoying thing in all of dbz... Made the first half unbearable

25 Vegeta's Easily Gotten Power

In the show Vegeta easily gains super saiyan 4 unlike Goku.with the help of Bulma she even states that she could help him turn into a super saiyan 5!

26 Everyone except Goku is useless

For about 3/4 of the series the only one who was actually relevant and could actually take on the main bad guy was Goku until Vegeta came in the last few episodes to be slightly relevant only to get his ass kicked by Omega.

27 Character design V 1 Comment
28 Goku Becomes Small In First Episode Without Any Reason
29 General Rildo is stronger than Majin Buu

Stronger than Buu and Goku fights hin in the base and ssj 1 form and Mystic Gohan who is way stronger than ssj 3 and Buu gets defeated and the is saved by trunks and gotten who are way weaker than him

If this robot guy general Rildo is stronger than Majin buu, why didn't supreme Kai send goku after him instead, and NOBODY is stronger than Majin buu people Hajahwaga

Goku is too overpowered. General Rildo is stronge rthan Buu yet Goku can fgith him as a base Super Saiyan? I know he was training but... logic, please? - HeavyDonkeyKong

30 Modern animation

Compare to dbz the animation of db gt is bad... There is the yellowish effect of colour.. Pretty bad to watch..

31 The ParaPara Brothers

Frieza was a tyrant with ridiculous power, Cell was the combination of several powerful fighters (Frieza included), Majiin/Kid/Super Buu was a raging force of destruction, and the ParaPara Brothers... Did a little dance. What?!

32 The fighting quality is horrible
33 Goku can turn into a god before he can go super saiyan 4

This makes no sense

34 Everyone is weak
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