Top Ten Worst Things About Earthbound


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1 This List

Seriously, all of those reasons don't have any sense.

Whoever made this list must have not played Earthbound.

How is this not number 1

And this list should not even be considered part of EarthBound.

This list is a bucket of horse crap - the bucket

2 Bad Graphics

What? Come on. Graphics don't make a game. Sure, there's like 2 frames for each pose but seriously... I think it's just to save memory.

Its an old game get over it - Adventurur2


3 Bad Soundtrack

Earthbound had a great soundtrack. Listen to Onett and you can understand.

4 Ness Ness

What? Ness is one of my favorite characters ever!

How dare you hater

Really it's sucks because of one character really? 😑😑😑

5 Bad Name

Mother may not be the best name ever, but Earthbound is pretty catchy.

6 Cliche Plot

It's honestly not that cliche. Sure, aliens invading the world is generic but Buzz Buzz, a bug who came from 10 years in the future... Pokey, a brainwashed annoying 13 year old neighbor... it's really not that bad.

Well, I kinda agree. Aliens take over the world, hero saves the day blah blah blah. But the way it builds up is good - GreenPizza0511

Earthbound isn't bad. But the plot is cliche for the 80s/90s.
The year is 199X...
It's a story of apocalypse happening on year 2000 with aliens invading the world, it is pretty cliche.

7 Lucas

Lucas has great character development in mother 3, Also he makes no appearance in earthbound. I really don't like who ever made this list.

What's wrong with Lucas?

Lucas is not in Earthbound, he is in Mother 3. Get your facts straight.

Whoever hates Lucas should go play brawl

8 Ness Is In Brawl

Ness being in Smash Bros is one of the best things that's happened.

Irrelevant to Earthbound itself, this is about the game, not Ness the character.

9 Unrealistic

Who cares if it's unrealistic?

Just means being able to get away from a real world of discrimination, abuse, and violence. - Skullkid755

10 Rip Off of Dragon Quest

It's not a rip-off.

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11 A Characters Name Is Poo

Fun fact: You can change his name to something other than Poo. Somebody either hasn't played EarthBound or just disregards this.

So somebody's name is Poo. Does that bother you?

It's more weird than bad if a character's name is Poo. Why does it annoy you?

It's for one game. Is that we8rd

12 Critics

Just wot it sound like

13 The Fanbase

The fanbase is pretty smart and cool. Compare it to Call of Duty's fanbase...

I like the fan base. But undertake a cringe sans drawings have been slowly leaking in. Go on the miiverse stage in smash and play as ness. You'll see what I mean.

14 Rip Off of Zelda

How is it a Zelda rip-off?

I'm done

It's a copy!

15 Paula

Paula os overrated and I thing Lucas is a better couple forma ness

16 Claus and Hinawa Dying

SUPER SAD! WHICH MAKES IT SUCK! Not the game but that part sucks

That's why people have second thoughts about the game. I think the rest is funny and great.

Just because these characters died doesn't mean it's bad. It shaped the whole game. FYI we're talking about earthbound not mother 3 - GreenPizza0511

17 Blood

Blood is everywhere! Mondo Mole's arms and Kraken's teeth and lips are really blood! If I was editing the sprites in Earthbound, I remove the blood on Mondo mole and Kraken! They only did that letters to the purple insane painter man from happy village.

According to the average gamer, blood apparently makes games 100x better and games without it are 'kiddy'. 2 enemies with subtle blood references in a rated T game? Ahh!

18 Derpy Designs

YO MAMMA IS DERPY - GreenPizza0511

Of course, the only REAL problems in this part are the Crested Bookas (which are one of my favorite enemies), the Wetnosaur, and Trillionage Sprout. But what did you expect from a game with Ku Klux Kopies, Psi known as PK, and...wait, what the heck's with the Wooly Shambler?

19 The Ocarina of Hope

Believe it or not, in earthbound zero there is a ocarina. It is somehow the ocarina of time is a ripoff to the ocarina of hope. And that's majora's mask is way better then ocarina of time.

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