Top 10 Worst Things About Entertainment Weekly and Rolling Stone

The Top Ten

1 They give bad reviews to anything they can't understand

Especially The Rolling Stone. - BeaM456

They gave "Debut" a 2/5 simply because of the electronic production, yet "Sremmlife" got 5/5. Idiots... - Swellow

If it was someone else saying something the other way around you'd be all up in their face... - ProPanda

2 They pander to whatever is popular

I love this list! I agree they both suck. Thank you EvilNuggetCookie!

Seems like you do the same thing - Chumbi12

3 They think their opinions are facts
4 They never dare to go against the grind
5 They do the same things as tabloids but try to pretend they don't
6 They really don't know much about music
7 They both think "Sremmlife" is a good album
8 Their reviews are short and have no depth
9 They put no effort into their lists
10 Rolling Stones 500 greatest songs of all time

2010 Update

Bohemian Rhapsody isn't in the Top 100
Bunch of 50s - 60s bubblegum pop that wasn't that good in retrospect
Lose Yourself left the chart for no reason
Only 1 Fleetwood Mac song
Only 2 Radiohead songs
Lots of iconic Pink Floyd songs that didn't even make it
Lack of metal (the only songs I believe were on were Enter Sandman & 2 Black Sabbath songs)

Not bad, but still VERY flawed. - djpenquin999

The Contenders

11 They Overrate Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones
12 They are, in all honesty, useless
13 They rehash every issue
14 They don't understand experimental music

Pretty much everything Bjork has failed by Rolling Stone because they don't understand the electronic music in it. - Swellow

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