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1 You Waste Your Time Chatting With Your School Mates When You Can See Them Anytime Outdoors!

It really turns you to a computer addict who can't face people! - DJZeezo

It is true, teens waste their trashy time chatting on a social site when you've got the outdoors. Ugly, cracked up company.
To make matters worse, they won't even deactivate your account when you request it.
Crazy-rednecks they are. -_-

2 You Have Relationships With Unknown People

... And in the end they turn out to be someone who is making a prank! - DJZeezo

3 There Isn't a Dislike Button

But chuck norris can dislike

4 Many People Lie About There Status Just To Look Awesome
5 You Get Bored Easy
6 All You Have On Your Mind Is Editing Your Pictures And Status
7 You Play Silly Facebook Games When You Can Play Better Ones On The PC Itself
8 Girls who think they are hot
9 Duck Face
10 Many Youngsters Get Scammed Or Fooled Easy

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11 Most Members Hide Behind Photoshop, And You Never Get To See What They Really Look Like

Oh that is why it is called Facebook get it lol - venomouskillingmachine

12 What Does It Mean to Have 500 "Friends"?
13 People I Don't Really Like Want to Be My Friend, and It's Too Embarrassing to Say No
14 There Are Hundreds Of People Who Carry The Same Name
15 People Saying Like If You Hate Cancer Ignore If You Hope Your Mother Gets Cancer and Stuff Like That
16 Pointless Security Checks
17 Lots of Family Problems Occur Because of It
18 Too Many Pictures of What People Eat

I have an aunt who CONSTANTLY post pics of her cooking onto FB (we’re Asian)

19 Bullying

I was a victim f it for no parent reason and WAY too many racists to =/ - sammoyson

20 How Do The Owners Make Their Profit?

I'll answer that one for ya: advertisements, so yea that's about it

21 You Have to Read Pointless Statuses From People You Don't Like or Care About.
22 It Changes Practically Every Day
23 Chain messages every that they think it's going to happen but it doesn't happen
24 Hypersensitive People
25 Seen on Messages and Groups

This is so stupid on messages and groups ir felt like people were always ignoring my messages and my question in a school group

This seen on messages would drive me nuts and like when you try messaging someone say haven't for a while and it says seen 4:30pm and no reply, and sometimes their busy, but at the end of having my Facebook I always fwlt lije 90% of my friend's would ignore me when I did nothing, like I messaged someone something exciting that they would think they will say that's awesome, and you comeback 5 hours later they saw it no reply active now, or active 5 minutes ago, or didn't see it and active now, the group was the same I had a group at school I would ask a question and I would notice people would see it and not comment to answer my question, and I Would delete it because I would feel hated I glad k deleted my Facebook I don't miss this seen thing

26 Drama
27 "Friends" Keep On Inviting Me to Join Their Apps and Games
28 Too Many Posts From Just a Few, Ultimately Uninteresting, "friends"
29 I May Miss the Rare Good Post As Many Insipid Quotes Pile On Top of It Too Quickly
30 "Friends" Nobody Likes Post All Their Feelings Way Too Often
31 Makes People Think That Facebook Is High-technology, Totally Forgetting the Prospect of Constructing a Colony On Mars
32 Hard to Find "Friends" With Generic Names
33 Uses Schools to Find People, When Many of Us Do Not Want to Be Defined by Our Schools
34 ''Swag'' Pages
35 Rude People
36 Excessive Amounts of Clickbait
37 Death Threats

ISIS and BLM do it all the time on Facebook and of course Mark Zuckerberg is too PC so he doesn't care if anything bad is gonna happen like terrorist incidents.

38 "Like This or He/She Will Kill You Within Days" Pictures
39 It's Full of Perverts
40 Most of Your Facebook Friends are Irrelevant

To quote another user: "Is the guy you had a western civ class with you 10 years ago really that necessary to your life? Why not move on? "

41 Hidden Likes or Comments on a Post

At the end of my Facebook I felt like people kept blocking me I had someone have 1 hiden like on a photo and it always felt like people were blocking me, and one in a school group it had like 7 hiden comments and it made me feel really depressed because it felt like people were blocking me, and in the group it only seemed like 1 person blocked me and I also only had 1 blocked user on my account from that group, and it like almost every friends I looked always had a hidden comment or like, I deleted my account now I more happier and I an not blocked by anyone anymore

42 It's a Waste of Time
43 You Post Something Meaningful and It Gets Absolutely Zero Likes


44 It's Addicting
45 It's Distracting
46 People Hardly Ever Respond to Your Messages
47 Minion "Memes"
48 People Who Hate You Send You a Friend Request
49 When a Close Friend Unfriends You

This always seemed to happen to me, I had a good friend that was a friend that I got along with well and was really good friends, then they would unfriend me for no reason, it was disappointing, and I think, what did I do wrong, I deleted facebook in may 2017 and I don't miss it

50 Occupy Democrats
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1. There Isn't a Dislike Button
2. Duck Face
3. Girls who think they are hot
1. You Waste Your Time Chatting With Your School Mates When You Can See Them Anytime Outdoors!
2. You Have Relationships With Unknown People
3. You Get Bored Easy



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