Aragorn Rants: Facebook

Just to let you all know I used to have a Facebook, but I eventually deleted it because I realized that Facebook is nothing but an absolute waste of time, energy and space! Seriously I don't get what everyone sees in Facebook. It's just a godawful overrated social media site that's really nothing special. Everyone and their mom has a Facebook and I just don't get it. I just find it so stupid! There's a lot of things that p*ss me off about Facebook and I'm going to list them right now (keep in mind that I haven't experienced all the bad things about Facebook so I'm only gonna list things from personal experience. If there is something I've missed, feel free to add it in the comment section and tell me why you think it's bad). None of these are in any particular order.

•Porn Pictures and Videos.
I really don't get what people see in porn. As a heterosexual man myself, I don't find a naked man shoving his big long c*ck inside a woman attractive (unless if I was bisexual). But on Facebook I see people post pictures of naked girls or sex acts (I even remember one video of two black people doing it in the a**!). Now don't get me wrong, I as a hetero love women but you've literally got these heterosexual men posting pornographic pictures and videos on Facebook. Like dudes, nobody wants to see your porn! It's disgusting and it makes you guys look like complete virgins. Take it somewhere else, post it on Pornhub or RedTube or whatever. I mean what's the point of posting it on Facebook when you know it's gonna be flagged and taken off anyway?

•Upside Down/Sideway Pictures.
I don't get this one at all. I mean what's the point? You gotta turn your phone around to make out what the picture is. Like, either you're gonna post a picture on Facebook or don't post it at all you moron!

•Grammar Nazis.
Grammar Nazis are so annoying and douchey. Now don't get me wrong, grammar is important but if you're gonna act like a complete d*ck about it then no one is going to listen to you. At least learn some tact before going to someone's Facebook post and criticizing them for making at least one grammatical error.

I of course am not talking about the subculture. I'm talking about people who would post statuses about how much their lives "suck". Now I have nothing against people who struggle with actual depression. I'm just saying that these people probably have it easier than people who are going through even worse things right now. If you really wanna get help, talk to a person in real life or try your best to make something better with your situation. Posting emo statuses on Facebook is not gonna get anyone to help you (especially people who don't even read them).

•Pictures and Statuses About God.
Look, I'm not anti-religion or anything but if you're gonna post about God or Jesus or whoever then you better think twice because I'll tell you right now that nobody is gonna be looking at it or liking it anyway. Seriously, no one cares about your beliefs. No one should bandwagon or anything. So please do other people a favor and keep your obsessive beliefs to yourself.

•Hypersensative People.
I swear hypersensitive people are one of the absolute worst types of people EVER! I cannot stand them at all. The reason why I deleted my Facebook is cause I wasn't allowed to post swear words because many of my friends and relatives get so offended by them. Like really?! You people don't live in the real world. This isn't kindergarten, this is real life! People swear all the goddamn time. And if you're gonna complain about so much then why are you even bothering looking at my sh*t anyway? It's not like I'm posting porn or anything graphic. And it's not like I turn swearing into a habit, I only use swearing whenever I'm p*ssed off. But even then you babies still get offended by them! Why would I wanna spend time socializing with selfish a**holes like you?

•Your Posts Hardly Getting Any Likes.
I remember posting Prince Ea's Why I Think This World Should End on my Facebook account cause I thought it was a really meaningful video and it only got one like. I'm not kidding. ONE F*CKING LIKE!!! I get that people need to live their lives and stuff but this just sucks on so many levels! Another reason to not have Facebook is that your posts are barely gonna get any likes or get no likes at all. So I really have no hope for the future if everyone's gonna skip a meaningful video or something else completely important. Like I said before, these people seriously don't live in the real world.

•People Hardly Responding to Your Messages.
I used to message people a lot on Faebook but most of the time some would hardly respond to me or not respond to me at all. Hell, even the people I've messaged at least a few times did not message me back (not even the first time I messaged them!). Is it really that hard to message someone? It literally takes about 5 seconds for you to message a person back (unless you were typing a really long message). Is there something you have against me? If so then why not do yourself a favor and unfriend me? Because I don't wanna friend a person who just ignores important things I have to share.

•Friending Irrelevant People in Your Life.
What do I mean by this? I mean that most of your Facebook friends are irrelevant. Is the person who had an English class with you 10 years ago really that necessary to your life? What if you barely knew that person? Why not move on with your life?

•People Friending Other People Just to Get More Friends.
This is beyond stupid. People try to friend other people they know (and even worse, some people they barely know or have never met) just to get more friends to be popular! Is there any person out there with that mindset of how popularity doesn't equal good? Who cares about popularity? Just cause something's popular doesn't mean it's good. You don't need to friend your brother's friend who you probably have never met before. Just be happy with the real friends you've got.

•People Posting Pictures of Food.
Let me say this. What would you rather do? Eat your favorite food or watch someone else eat it online instead of you? Yeah, I thought so.

•People Posting Constant Pictures of Their Kids.
I don't care if your child has a new toy or whatever. Focus on being a better parent instead of posting about your kid on Facebook.

•People Letting Their Kid Have a Facebook Account.
Cause as we all know, Facebook is the number 1 most appropriate social media site. Yep! There's absolutely no porn, gore or cussing on there at all (sarcasm).

•People Who Post About Their Personal Lives.
Like I said before, no one is gonna care about what's going on in your life right now. No one is gonna heed your problems or anything. You need to focus on that yourself. Or better yet, talk to someone in real life instead of communicating through a site filled with millions of people who most likely don't care.

•Bad Spellers.
If you don't know how to spell then there's absolutely no reason for you to even be on the internet if you're just gonna type grammatically incorrect sentences. Seriously, most of the time it looks like that these people who don't even know English! And it's not on Facebook, it's on the whole Internet as well. I'm sick of it. I don't wanna go to Google Translate every time I see people using this kind of grammar.

I don't really need to explain this one.

•People Who Use Fake Accounts.
Just as bad as stalkers. They probably might even be pedos or murderers.

•Overuse of Internet Memes.
These memes are so f*cking stupid that it's not even funny at all. But for whatever reason, the retarded online kids think they're funny so they have to keep repeating them on Facebook. Remember the meme Dat Boi (the same one with the CGI frog on a unicycle)? That was so random and pathetic. It literally looked like it was made by a guy who smoked a sh*t ton of weed just to come up with something funny. Well guess what? It wasn't! I just wanna say that 99% of Internet memes are not funny. They're just annoying, boring, and most of them don't even make any goddamn sense.

•People Using Phrases Like "Swag" and "Yolo".
Is this really still a thing? Come on people! It's almost gonna be 2018! It's not the early 2010s anymore. Get with the times already. How hard can that be? If you really believe you only live once then you would know that you gotta move on with your life because you know that this is your only shot at it. You don't wanna waste it by staying in the past do you? Cause mark my words you will rot in the ground (sorry that I'm sounding too serious right now. I'm just saying).

•Posts of Quotes By Bad Music Artists.
It's bad enough that the majority of today's mainstream artists are talentless hacks but when they try to act all philosophical by publishing deep quotes then it really shows how desparate for attention they are. I don't know if anyone else is bothered by this but I just think it sucks. No matter how deep, intelligent or philosophical you might be, it doesn't compare to the talent. Like, where's your talent? Talent is the number 1 thing that matters the most in the entertainment industry.

•Pictures and Statuses About People's New Stuff.
Like I said before with people posting pics of food, what's more better? Owning something you always wanted or seeing someone else with it in their hands?

•Statuses About Dumb Celebrities.
Like I really need to know about what name Kylie Jenner is gonna choose for her baby. Seriously, why not post about the brave men and women who are dying everyday in Afghanistan? Stop wasting your time by worshiping and glorifying no talent a**holes already!

•Online Fights.
If you don't wanna get into a fight with someone on Facebook then unfriend them! How hard can that be? Just don't talk to them or better yet block them! Simple as that.

•People Using It to Kill Time.
They should really rename this site Wasteoftimebook because that's what it is! Even Facebook never existed then we would have so much free time to be productive. We could've been finding the cure for cancer and AIDS but nope! We always have to sit on our a**es and let a mediocre networking site suck all the ambition and determination out of us. This site is unhealthy because of how distracting it really can be at times!

That's all the bad things that I've personally experienced from Facebook. To end this rant quickly, Facebook is an incredibly stupid piece of online trash that's really not worth your time at all. I don't have a Facebook, never have and never will. And I certainly don't encourage you to have one either.


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