Top Ten Worst Things About Fairly Odd Parents from Season 9 to the Present

Personally I believe that in season 9 to the present of The Fairly Odd Parents sucks.

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1 Sparky

This guy is brainless and doesn't deserve to exist. - Goatworlds

Poof I can handle but THIS... - KingFab

Guys I found out the best thing today. Sparky got written out of season ten. Hallelujah! (Poof's returning later on in season 10 by the way). - Anonymousxcxc

I want to punch this dog. - Brobusky

2 The plots are now dumb

She's nothing but an excuse to make the show more exciting. Poof is fine but Chloe, now one gives a damn about her. I don't hate her personally, I just don't think she's good enough to be on the show.

What is up with chloe?

She is a useless Mary sue I want Chester and aj.

3 Chloe (introduced in season 10)

I can't stand this character! I do admire Butch Hartman for taking a risk and adding in a new main character, but Chloe just gets on my nerves. Her character is annoying, and the fact that she only really exists to add a new dynamic to the show is disappointing. She could've been introduced as a new side character, or at least eased into her role as having to share the fairies with Timmy. She just comes off as dropped on us and a very forced way to try and save a dying show. It's sad, seeing how Fairly Odd Parents was so good in its earliest seasons. - Patty_C

Chloe is the worst character to ever exist

Just because she's nicer than Trixie doesn't make her a good character

Honestly my childhood was instantly crushed when I heard those heart shattering words - "now Timmy has to share" in the theme song. The whole point of the show is Timmy and his fairies and the villains and problems they face, not some obnoxious little goody two shoes who took the focus off the main characters. They took away Vickie, the main villain and a good one too - for this little brat? No. Just no.

4 Wanda and Timmy have become as dumb as Timmy's parents

Timmy has become selfish butthole, and Wanda has become a mean-spirited nagging shrew.

Yeah, that's true. -Anonymousxcxc.

They keep attacking Timmy just to sacrifice her baby!

5 It's repetitive
6 Depends on toilet humor

Oh, like EVERY OTHER SHOW ON T.V. NOW. There's reasons why I only watch Gravity Falls. - Brobusky

7 The only "villain" they have now is Crocker and he has become flat out retarded and even more obsessed

I KNOW! WHY DID THEY REMOVE VICKY? SHE WAS awesome! And in my opinion, I think she was WAY better thanow Crocker, since she has a dark heart! I mean REALLY DARK! - lunaloudsAMVchannel

8 Mark Chang isn't on anymore

Mark Chang actually had an authentic personality that added something different to the show. He didn't have to act stupid to be interesting or funny.

LIAR! He made cameos!

9 The messages are now bad
10 Vicky isn't even around anymore and originally she was supposed to be the main antagonist

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11 Animation has gotten lazy

When looking at the new Season, some of the animation looks like it was poorly done. One episode where it features a cliche camping trip, the movement feels tacky and repeats at a waterfall and the characters move poorly

Flash Animation in Season 10 definitely doesn't fit a show like this.

12 Foop is the only good character left despite being the only Anti-Fairy that ever appears now
13 Doug Dimmadome isn't around

We need the memes

14 Timmy has a completely different love interest now and she's only appeared in one episode

So? He moved on. Trixie was a more complex character, though.

Not to mention, she's pretty bland, and not interesting in the slightest.

Why am I not surprised that we'd never see Missy again? Oh, well. She was pretty pointless anyway.

15 Timmy's friends aren't around
16 Timmy is a selfish jerk

He's gotten unlikable to the point where shouldn't have fairies anymore. Why hasn't this jerk's memory been erased yet?

17 Poof is very annoying now

Even though he ruined it back in season 6 anyways - Goatworlds

Well it did go a bit downhill, but even back in seasons 6-8 it was actually watchable and still okay enough to like. The minute Sparky was introduced that's when I jumped the shark. - Anonymousxcxc

18 We can't move on

Seriously maybe it's time to move on, Fairly OddParents isn't the same as it was anymore when we grew up with it :(

19 The Crimson Chin and Crash Nebula aren't around anymore

Well the only thing is chin was voiced by adam west and well he's dead

20 Chet Ubetcha has become even more annoying

I agreed. Chet Ubetcha became more annoying than ever. He's not funny anymore tot ;-;

21 Poof and Sparky missing with addition of Chloe

I don't mind Sparky leaving but why did Poof have to leave? They say that it was because of animation issues but if they were able to animate Poof, Cosmo, Timmy, Sparky, and Wanda in the same room then why can't they animate Poof, Chloe, Timmy, Wanda, and Cosmo in the same room? - Anonymousxcxc

When Chloe made her appearance, Poof and Sparky disappeared.

Sparky was written out and Poof will be appearing later in season 10. - Anonymousxcxc

22 Cosmo's stupidity is just annoying now

He used to be dumb but there was some humor to the dynamic between him and Wanda. Now it's just her rolling eyes and nagging consistently and Cosmo just saying completely idiotic things with no comedic payoff. - GlassClaw

23 They always lose their wands.

Too easy what to create a "difficult situation"

24 New animation style
25 Chloe's appearance is a big mistake

The only thing we need in the Faily Oddparents is laughter (for me lol). Not a selfish jerk Timmy and ''kind'' but annoying Chloe

26 New intro

The new intro isn't as good as the old one.

27 No More Dinkleberg


28 Dinkleberg does not appear anymore

No dinkleberg on the fairly oddparents? DINKLEBERG!

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